23 March 2010

Worked Down

I walked in to the dining room to find baby girl working at her computer. I brushed my hand across her face.

"Remember that when you ask for something, you always get more than you bargained for," I said.

"I know, Daddy."

I ordered her to the bedroom, telling her to be waiting for me naked, on her knees, with her hair pulled back. After she left, I grabbed her iPod to look for something suitably loud. A quick search and I knew that Guns N' Roses would do the trick. I put the iPod and headphones in my pocket and headed for the bedroom.

Finding baby girl there, I pulled the straps out from between the mattress and box springs -- not just the wrist straps, but the ankle straps that we had yet to use. I ordered her onto the bed, face down, and strapped her down. I put her blindfold on her. Knowing that she was almost certainly expecting the cock gag, I told her that I wouldn't be giving it to her, because I wanted to hear every cry of pain in perfect detail. "You won't be mute," I said, "but you will be deaf." I put the headphones on her and left her like that.

When I returned a few minutes later, I could hear music loudly enough that I knew she couldn't hear much of anything else. With her naked before me, strapped down in place, blindfolded, and deaf, I paused, then brought the cane down hard on her ass, completely without warning. She cried out and thrashed as much as she could given the straps. I saw the little bit of play in them and stopped just long enough to tighten them all, then resumed the caning.

With each stroke, baby girl would cry out. Sometimes she'd just scream. Other times I'd hear "It hurts," "Fuck," or "Fuck it" mixed in with the pain.

I'd pause a bit between strokes, long enough to ensure she wouldn't enter subspace -- if she did, there'd be no breaking her today. After five or ten strokes of the cane, I switched to the belt for a different sensation. After five or ten strokes of that, I would take her egg vibrator and hold it against her clit for a minute or so. Baby girl knows better than to cum without permission; this was about veering back and forth between extreme pain and extreme (but non-orgasmic) pleasure.

It continued like that for a while: cane, belt, vibrator. Cane, belt, vibrator. Cane, belt, vibrator.

At one point I stopped and caressed her face to reassure her. Another time I stopped and let her suck on my finger with the same goal. Each time, it was then back to the cane, belt, vibrator cycle.

I had switched sides of the bed to more evenly distribute the welts when finally it came: not cries of pain, not curses, but sobbing. Tears were flowing. I had broken her.

Quickly, I turned off the music, took the vibrator and pushed it against her clit, shoved two fingers deeply into her cunt, and as she gasped, I ordered her to cum hard. She did, screaming. I didn't let the orgasms cease. "Don't stop cumming!" I commanded, and she didn't. Over and over, in waves crashing atop one another, the screaming nearly constant, until I knew she was as spent as she needed to be. The vibrator came off, the fingers came out, the straps came undone, and we cuddled on the bed as she shivered, holding onto me for dear life.

I'm going to call that a success.


  1. Very nice! I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as she did. One thing came across to me as most important through this whole scenario, and I'm glad you touched on it...aftercare! Cuddling and reassuring her after the fact is important. Showing her you are there for her emotionally and mentally as well, and not just to be used. I was happy to see you mention that at the end. Very nice indeed!


  2. DV,

    Thanks for the kind words. Aftercare is important; you're absolutely right about that. The harsher the treatment, the more important it becomes -- and this was as harsh as I've ever been with her.

    Thanks again!

    -- Daddy