04 March 2010

Making Daddy Feel Better

Daddy rarely gets sick, but he is really not doing so well now. After a trip to the doctor, he’s going to be taking it easy for the next few days. I’m sure that he’ll get well soon, and it’s times like these that make me think of the nature of our relationship and why D/s can be such a firm, yet fluid lifestyle.

Daddy and I have always accepted that we take care of each other, just in different fashions. He owns me, commands control over my body and my orgasms, lets me sleep in, writes me lovely notes and letters, cooks amazing meals, holds me close to him when we go to bed, satisfies my need to submit fully, puts me on my knees, indulges and helps me through my occasional mood swings, and always reminds me that, even at my most petulant, I am his – without question – and must never challenge his authority. He is, as he so often reminds me, my rock.

For my part, I take care of Daddy in a myriad of ways that are not quite so tangible on the large scale yet make the course of each day run so much sweeter for him. I fix his tea just the way he likes it, sneak little notes and treats into his suitcase before he leaves on business trips, keep the house tidy, wake up each morning with a smile on my face, make him laugh constantly, and remind him, by means of my submission and adoration, why he has chosen me to be his special little girl and slave for the rest of his life.

Yet when Daddy is sick, my role is slightly different… He needs more care, more relaxation, more sleep. I find myself fawning over him and slightly shaken by his rattling cough. Although he is my Master, he seems vulnerable now and this throws me off. I guess what I find most compelling is that even though he is somewhat vulnerable, he still holds the same amount of control and power over me. He puts me on my knees before him, he instructs me to suck his cock regularly (and even finds that he feels much better once he’s cum in his baby girl’s mouth – imagine that!), and always finds a way to reinforce my submission.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is this – for submissives, it can be difficult to see their Masters, Daddies, et.al. in weakened states, yet for me, seeing Daddy sick like he is now helps remind me why I submitted to him in the first place. As Daddy says, we will always take care of each other, just in our own special ways. Get well soon!

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  1. You've done a wonderful job of taking care of me, little one. I couldn't have asked for a better submissive, slave, partner, wife, and little girl.