30 April 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Well, Daddy is back home again, I have a couple of loads of his cum inside of me, and we're gearing up for a great weekend....ahhhh, all is right with the world! :) I'm always amazed at how a good fucking/sucking session can reset my submission and put me in my place, ready to serve my Daddy/Master...and again, all is right with the world!

I don't have much to post about right now, but I'm thinking about starting a regular Friday poll feature...not too original, but fun nonetheless!

This Friday's poll (found to the right ---> ) has to do with your favorite playtime toys. I know that they all sound tempting in their own way, so please feel free to select more than one, but try to limit yourself to your absolute faves!!! ;)

Above all, enjoy! I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to your responses! :)

29 April 2010


“Hush.” There’s no other word quite like it, is there? It’s subtle yet more resolute than “shhh”, but not rough or abusive like “shut up”. It’s firm, unyielding, and unequivocal, just like the wonderful man who says it to me. I’ve never told Daddy this (although chances are he already knows!), but when he says “hush” to me, it sends lightning through my body and turns me on in the most squirmy, delectable way.

Daddy doesn’t generally like to silence me, and when you’re married to a woman as witty and charming as I am, why would you want to?? ;) Ok, ok, all goofiness aside, Daddy and I share a perfect partnership and enjoy each other’s company to the utmost. We go on hiking and driving adventures together, watch movies together, tease and play with each other, laugh constantly while we’re together, and talk about how we long to be together when we’re apart. We are very lucky to have each other! :)

That being said, it is always understood that Daddy is in charge at all times – that understanding is part of what makes our dynamic work as well as it does. He does not choose to exercise explicitly his authority much of the time, but we both know that he may do so whenever he chooses. “Hush” forms a part of this authority…

When I’m trying to make excuses for being mouthy or ill-mannered…hush. More words will not remedy the situation. It is time to listen and learn.

When I apologize effusively over and over again about something I’ve done…hush. One sincere apology is all that is necessary. Once Daddy has accepted the apology, we move on. It is over.

When he wishes to use me or rape me as his little whore…hush. He does not want to hear how much it hurts when he pushes his way into my unprepared pussy or when he pounds into my cervix. I am his to use and he’ll use me as he wishes, without any protest.

When he places the cock gag in my mouth, strapping it around my head, his mouth so close to my ear…a whispered hush. I couldn’t say anything even if I wanted to, but that one little word, uttered by the man who is my Master and my everything, centers and calms me. It is time to focus on my Daddy.

I’ve mentioned some other hot-button words before, words that trigger a deep-seated need to submit. Yet when Daddy and I started out on this journey together, I never figured that “hush” would be one of them. Now I don’t know what I would ever do without it…

28 April 2010

Poll Results and a Question

A little over a week ago, I posted a poll in which I asked what subs prefer to call their Doms or what Doms preferred their subs to call them. Voters were asked to choose the name that they used the most or most preferred, although it was possible to choose more than one answer. I would like to thank everyone for their participation - the results are now in and a post is due from yours truly!

The responses were as follows (from most to least popular): Master (54%), Sir (40%), Daddy (36%), a term of endearment such as Dear or Sweetie (6%), or another name altogether (4%). Of the 44 people who voted, no one responded under the “Proper Name” category (I expected as much. I mean, even vanilla couples rarely use proper names to address one another, but I thought there might be one or two of us who preferred it).

Now, more importantly, why would I have conducted this poll in the first place? Great question! ;) Well, it’s like this, see… I follow quite a few blogs and enjoy each of them for different reasons. I read about the exploits of role players, M/s couples, D/s couples, polyamorous folks, spankos, newbies, atheists and agnostics, Christians, veteran and/or searching Doms, confident, bitchy, intelligent, feminist, and/or insecure subs, moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, and an enormous host of other wonderful people engaging in a kinkster lifestyle that the majority of society would simply not understand or would view as a spectacle or perversion. I enjoy reading these blogs because I love the idea of sharing ideas, thoughts, and feelings with an understanding crowd. I’m not a blogger because I like staring at my own navel; I’m a blogger because, at heart, I’m a student of human nature, constantly searching for more information about how we engage with and love one another.

This being said, and part of what I enjoy about the blogosphere, is that there is a strong tendency within our web of communities to respect each others’ kinks, provided that they are consensual, safe, sane, and don’t involve minors (I have yet to discover a single blog that does not have an age disclaimer, advising those under the age of 18 to look elsewhere for their kicks/kinks). Yet in the past couple of months, I have read a number of blog posts and comments on other blogs from people within the community that react negatively to the Daddy/little girl D/s dynamic. This got me to thinking… Are the people who use “Daddy” to refer to their Masters/Owners, etc. really that few in number? Is there something that makes Daddy/little girl inherently wrong beyond the mere taboo? Is the Daddy/little girl dynamic more problematic than, say, the Master/slave dynamic? *

As a little girl and a slave to my Daddy/Master, I obviously have no problem with any of these terms, but there is definitely something about Daddy/little girl that has people in a huff. (By the way, and as a side note, I love Daddy’s very first post in which he describes perfectly the nature of our relationship…I would never be able to say it any better! But I digress…). I’m convinced that people have passed by our blog solely because of the title (although, of course, I respect everyone’s right to choose!). I have engaged in e-mail exchanges with other kinksters who have registered their disapproval with our dynamic. Ok, ok, I understand that the even the implication of pedophilia can be an extremely sensitive subject, but when those involved are clearly and openly over the age of consent (and then some!), where does the problem lie? I would love to know.

So, according to the poll and from my intensive blog reading, I have proof that Daddy and I are not alone! In fact, “Sir” only outscored “Daddy” by two votes in the poll. Yes, I understand that this “proof” is rather skewed (yeah, it’s like giving the scientific method the middle finger!), considering that those who voted are likely followers of our blog and are perhaps engaging in a similar dynamic to ours, but the question still remains… Why, when there are many of us out there, does the Daddy/little girl lifestyle continue to piss people off?

Any comments, suggestions, and ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

* I’m aware of the ongoing ideological and terminological struggle within the M/s community about the use of the terms “Master” and “slave”. To my knowledge, “Daddy” and “little girl” haven’t received quite as much attention in recent blog history.

27 April 2010

On Blowing Daddy, Both Cock and Mind

Although both Daddy and I have each dedicated individual postings entirely to the pleasure of receiving or the art of giving head (for example, here and here), Sunday’s cock-sucking adventure (as I alluded to in yesterday’s post) deserves a post all its own. I hope you enjoy…although probably not as much as we did! ;)

Daddy had just let me up from underneath him. He had me pinned to the bed, my wrists bound in his hand above my head, his cock pistoning in and out of me…I moaned out orgasm after intense orgasm until Daddy decided that it was time for his little girl to take him in her mouth. As per usual, I complied eagerly and rushed to tie my hair back.

Now, for a little background about our oral sex life, hardly a day goes by that I don’t take a load of Daddy’s cum in my mouth. On most days, Daddy relishes in the fact that he has left his seed in both my tummy and my pussy. On Sunday, he had already cum in my pussy twice by the time we got around to our oral escapades. Under these conditions, the timing was perfect to conduct our experiment.


Well, for some time now, Daddy and I have been working on giving him more prolonged orgasms when I go down on him. The goal is to stretch out his pleasure as long as possible, intensifying each excruciating moment as I do so. I generally can’t prolong the session if he hasn’t cum much during the day because he is too stimulated to hold back. But if he has cum a few times already and is still craving more, then it’s an ideal situation for me to work my cock-sucking magic (not to be mistaken with snake charming!) Daddy has already admitted that I give him the best blowjobs that he has ever had in his entire life (I can’t begin to explain how that fills me with pride!), so now it’s a matter of making the best even better…and his little girl is definitely up to the challenge.

And back to business….

Daddy’s cock was slick with my juices and I proceeded to bathe his shaft and head with my tongue, licking myself off of him…sooooo good and sooooo incredibly erotic! I began pulling his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, allowing the head to enter my throat. Daddy held me there for a while, making me cum as I choked on his thick cock, a clear sign of his ownership.

My head bobbed and twisted around his member as I used my tongue to caress the extremely sensitive underside of his shaft. The rhythm was swift and purposeful. My hand eventually gripped his cock and got in on the action, twisting, and massaging his entire length along with my mouth and tongue. The friction was perfect and I could feel Daddy tensing up underneath me. It was time to slow things down.

I slowed my pace substantially and began to moan around his cock as I sucked him, subtly vibrating his rock hard dick and upping the pleasure accordingly. Looking up at Daddy’s face, his eyes locked on mine, I could see that he was enjoying every second of the blowjob. His soft grunts implored me to continue…and continue I did.

I slowed the pace even more, bobbing and twisting on his over-stimulated shaft deliberately and with measured precision. The moaning got a bit louder, yet I was still able to hear Daddy groan, “I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m….gonna….cum.” I focused on the task at hand, trying to draw the torturous pleasure out even further…

Yet when Daddy roared out his orgasm (one of the loudest that he’s had to date!), I stopped still on his cock, massaging the underside with my tongue and feeling his cum fill my mouth. It’s amazing how much you feel with your hand and mouth wrapped around a spasming coital cock…somehow I don’t remember that lesson from high school biology class. ;) But, based on the reaction I got from Daddy in the minutes, hours, and days since the big event, I’m going to call our experiment a success!

26 April 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Daddy and I had less than 24 hours of “us” time between when our relatives left town yesterday and when he had to leave on a business trip this morning… Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway!), each moment of that time was spent enjoying our company and our special dynamic. Like two travelers in the desert, we were drawn as if by instinct to the oasis of each other and then clung on for dear life. Even when insignificant tasks pulled our attention elsewhere, we were constantly aware of each other and made sure that the kisses and affection rained down throughout the day. I know, it sounds too sappy for words, but when you haven’t had alone time for a couple weeks, you realize how much you miss out on the displays of affection that you’re accustomed to. Oh, and of course, there was also the wild fucking…

Truth be told, we haven’t missed a day of sex over the past couple weeks (and, if memory serves, we’ve only missed one day of sex during the tenure of our time together and that was because Daddy was very sick at the time). Most days we had sex more than once, sneaking away from our visitors so that Daddy could use me as he wished…fucking, sucking, pinching, pulling, kneeling. But the quiet, inhibited fucking was getting to us. Yesterday we were finally able to enjoy our intimacy as we have always done…loud, unapologetic, intense, forceful, deep fucking. And the heavenly choirs sang down from above… ;)

Even before our visitors left, Daddy used me twice – once before getting out of bed early in the morning and once again at mid-morning when he pulled my pants and panties down, bent me over the bed, and forced his thick cock into my unprepared, tight pussy. God, it felt good to be hurt and used in this way…but still, so very quiet and restrained (and not in the wonderful gagged/tied up way!)…

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for Daddy to break me as he wished to do, but we did have one more amazing sex session in the afternoon, so amazing in fact that I ended up losing track of how many orgasms Daddy ripped from me and later had to take a nap in order to recover.

To start off, he made me ride him like the wanton whore that I can be, sliding his gorgeous shaft into my already cum-filled pussy, while he pinched and teased my nipples in an excruciating pleasurable torture session. He wouldn’t let go of my sensitive buds the entire time I rode him and commanded numerous orgasms from my ravaged body. He later flipped me onto my back, put my ankles on his shoulders, and pounded my insides so incredibly deep that the ache rocked through my entire body. While my body cried for mercy, I begged him for more, more of the hard fucking that we both needed. He looked deep into my eyes while he thrust, a look of determination and complete ownership on his face. Orgasm after orgasm forced my pussy to clench around his cock, causing me to get a bit too wet for Daddy’s liking. After taking two loads of Daddy’s cum in my pussy earlier in the day, Daddy informed me that I would have the privilege of swallowing his seed…

(I’m going to leave that description for tomorrow’s post because this particular cock-sucking session warrants an entry of its own! ;) )

This less than 24 hour period represents a typical situation of need versus want. Both Daddy and I wanted a good pain session and breaking, for completely different reasons, before he left. But the fact of the matter is that what we needed (as determined by Daddy, the only one with any say in these matters) was to get back to our roots. We needed to feel each other completely in the way that only Dominant/submissive sex sessions can afford. I guarantee that the postponed pain session will become a reality in the near future…now, the only option that I have is to contemplate my fate and squirm at the thought of his hand, the belt, and/or the cane across my ass. It’s actually worse than had it already come to pass, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day…

22 April 2010


Right about now, I would do anything for an entire day of Daddy/baby girl alone time – just one whole day in which Daddy and I could focus on each other and be our unchecked, unfiltered selves. We are connecting in so many small, barely tangible ways that it makes my heart swell with desire and pride in the love that we share. Yet we need some time to reconnect in private and reinforce the D/s dynamic of our relationship.

That being said, I can’t believe I’m writing this. I can’t believe I’m sharing this. I can’t believe I’m going to beg for this. But I am.

And what exactly is this uncomfortable truth? This embarrassing “this”?

I need pain. I am Daddy’s little painslut and I need him to break me. If I got my wish of an entire day with Daddy, I would beg him to use me, to hurt me, to abuse me, to bring me to tears, to push my limits beyond anything that I may have anticipated, and to force me to submit by means of the deep hurt that only one of his pain sessions can provide. I need him to use my body, to spank and cane my ass, to fuck all my holes into oblivion, to put me into subspace, bring me out, and then beat me again, to break me and remind me that I am his little whore and that I exist only to serve him.

The good little girl in me wants to delete every last word of what I have just written…a good little girl would never beg her Daddy to hurt her. A good little girl would never want pain.

But I am a good little girl…Daddy tells me so all the time. I’m a girl who does as she’s told, who obeys her Master, who takes what she is given (both pleasure and pain), who doesn’t refuse her Daddy anything. And part of being my Daddy’s good little girl is taking, needing, and begging for that wretched, yet desired pain.

Please hurt me, Daddy, please…

21 April 2010

On Getting Blown in a Hotel

A quick road trip. Stolen moments away from the relatives. A hotel room on a completely different floor from everyone we know. Oh yeah...we're gonna take advantage of this opportunity! :)

"On your knees, little one."

I assumed my rightful position on the floor before my Daddy and hugged him tightly, wanting to feel his warmth and power.

"Can I taste it, Daddy? Can I please taste it? I need it in my mouth, Daddy."

I am blessed with a kind, generous, loving, and firm Daddy/Master, so when I begged for his cock in my mouth, he willingly obliged me. Granted, he loves it when I suck his cock so it may sound like I'm being slightly tongue-in-cheek (or cock-in-mouth?) with my praise...but I'm very serious. Daddy never has to acquiesce. He never has to give in to my petitions. He expects and deserves total submission and hence reserves the right to deny me anything that I may crave, including his cock. But this time, and lucky for this little one, he did not.

With a spectacular view from our hotel window, I greedily pulled Daddy's cock into my mouth after he freed it from his jeans. It sprung to life in my mouth and I sucked his gorgeous cock deep into the back of my throat, holding him there and knowing that he adores being buried in his baby girl's throat.

"Now use your hand, baby girl."

I wasted no time. I wrapped my hand around his slick shaft and blew him like my life depended on it. God, I wanted his spunk in me...coating my tongue...dripping down my throat...filling me up...

As I felt him start to tense up, I slowed down and milked the ending (pun very much intended!)...drawing out his pleasure as much as I possibly could.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. Daddy's gonna cum."

And cum he did. A loud, roaring, tensing, seething orgasm. The first part of his load shot straight down my throat, the rest of it filled my mouth and sated (at least temporarily) my appetite for Daddy's seed in my mouth.

And just to be clear, this is the second time Daddy has cum in my mouth today...the mind reels at what might happen later this evening with our alone time! ;)

19 April 2010

A Hard Fucking

I don't have much time to post, but I will say that Daddy gave me a nice, hard fucking this morning...a much needed fucking for both of us.

He gagged me, he silenced me, he used me, he fucked me, he clamped me, he hurt me, he made me orgasm through the pain...and he promised that this was only the beginning of my submission to him. I was assured that we've only just begun our journey together and that, in our future, he would push every limit or boundary that I thought I knew. He would hurt me in ways that I couldn't even conceive of in order to give me greater pleasure. And worst (or perhaps best?) of all, he would make me beg him to do it...

There are times when I wonder about what I have gotten myself into... Funny enough, now is not one of those times.

Thank you, Daddy.

18 April 2010

A Quick Poll

Hello all!

I've put up a little poll for our readers here (please look to the right!) that I'm hoping will help me to compose a post that I've been grappling with for a good week or so. Your feedback would be much appreciated! Once I've gathered some data, reached some semblance of a conclusion, and composed the post, I'm looking forward to a great discussion (hopefully)...

For us subs, I would like to know how we usually address our Doms. Although you are more than welcome to choose more than one answer, please select the answer(s) that best reflects your form of address.

For you Doms, I'd love to know how you prefer to be addressed by your subs. Again, your feedback would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation!

17 April 2010

An Afternoon Drive

After ditching the afternoon portion of our conference, Daddy and I found ourselves driving aimlessly about town, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. Daddy's hand also found its way to my pussy...

Through my pants and while driving, he insistently, intently, and firmly stroked my clit until I could feel my juices begin to run down my slit toward my ass. I began to beg...

"Please, Daddy, please let your baby girl cum."

"Not yet."

"Please, Daddy, please! I need it so bad, Daddy!"

"Not yet!"

I whimpered through the pleasure and the ecstasy denied, knowing that Daddy was on the verge of making me cum and preparing myself for his command.

"Wait for it, baby girl, wait for it..." Another painful pause. "And....CUM!!! Now!!!"

That was all I needed to hear. The orgasm poured out of me in one long moan as Daddy continued to stroke my throbbing clit. As it subsided, he took turns alternating between rubbing my clit and sniffing his fingers.

"You're not finished, baby girl. Stroke your clit for Daddy."

Daddy returned both hands to the wheel and I put my feet up on the dashboard, dropped my pants, and slid my panties to the side so I could feel my wetness and smell the intense hormonal release of my most recent orgasm.

I rubbed my little bud and dipped my fingers into my dripping pussy, offering Daddy taste after taste of my juices and occasionally taking a taste for myself. I stroked my clit a bit harder and faster and Daddy forced me to cum twice more like this, reminding me how happy he was with me...with his nasty little girl.

I'm thinking that we may have to let the car air out a bit before our guests arrive today...there's no way of hiding what happened in that car yesterday!

16 April 2010

And Let the Craziness Ensue!

The pace is already starting to quicken around here and Daddy and I are about to rush off to our all-day conference. Then dinner with some friends. Then some preliminary cleaning of the house before the family gets here. Then some more cleaning...and grocery shopping...and sexing (I hope!)...phew! Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this bit of craziness, but I also enjoy the rhythm that Daddy and I share...(i.e. sometimes a little girl needs a good, hard fucking to get her focused and back on track!) *sigh*

Well, just in case I don't get to post or comment on other bloggers' posts for a little while, I want to wish you all well and we'll "talk" soon!

P.S. Because I wasn't able to comment on yesterday's comments, I would like to thank Storey, Florida Dom, Little Butterfly, turiya, and, of course, Daddy for taking the time to write such kind words! :)

15 April 2010

One Person

Daddy is officially home again and we’re on our way to reconnecting, although we have limited time until our family arrives! Either way, I’m not complaining…I’ve missed him so much over the past couple weeks and found myself talking to myself (or the cat) more than usual. And any way you slice it, the cat just doesn’t have the same scintillating, scathing wit that Daddy does – not even close! ;)

This will be a shorter post than normal because I want to enjoy basking in Daddy’s presence and savor every minute that he’s home with me. But I did want to share one thing, something that’s made me smile and I hope it will make you smile too!

After I picked Daddy up from the airport last night and we got back to the house (I surprised him with some new houseplants to add some color to our wonderful home), he found a card waiting for him on his pillow. I wonder who could have put that there?? ;) I won’t go into the details of what I wrote on the inside (that part is just for Daddy and me), but the outside of the card had a lovely saying that read:

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

This is an absolutely beautiful sentiment and one that takes on a deeper meaning when read in a D/s context. Daddy is my world. Period. No matter how much I would like to take on burden after burden and not share with him, in the end, I belong to him and those burdens are his to share and to ultimately deal with. When he’s gone, I long for him. When he is with me, I drink in his presence like the sweetest wine. When I cry, he wipes my tears away. When he makes me cry, he holds me and calls me his good little girl. How could I ever deny him anything? How could I ever live without him?

Yup, for this one person, Daddy is my world…

So, for all of you out there who have that one person in your life, please be sure to share that feeling with them! Sorry to get all sappy on you, but when you’re smiling as much as I am, sometimes you have to share those smiles with those around you… :) Take care!

13 April 2010

Is Bond a Dom?

(All the pics featured are not my own, so if you would like me to take them down, please let me know and I will do so!)

In a slight (and rather fun!) change of pace, I thought that I’d write about a hypothetical question that Daddy and I have been grappling with for a while now.

To begin with, Daddy and I are big James Bond fans. We regularly quote the films and each have our favorite Bond (well, Connery is obviously our favorite, so that’s not much of a newsflash!), our favorite film (mine is Thunderball or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Daddy’s is You Only Live Twice), our favorite Bond song (mine is “The Living Daylights” and Daddy’s is “Live and Let Die”), our favorite Bond girl (this one requires some qualification, as you’ll see in the ensuing text!), etc. One of the first conversations we had after we met was about our Bond preferences (which, as I’m sure we all recognize, can make or break a relationship) and we’ve had countless chats and movie screenings ever since. But there’s one question that has left us a bit stumped, and it’s the question that inspired the title of this post: Is James Bond a kinkster? Could he be a Dom?

Even if you’re not a fan of the films or the character, chances are you have a working knowledge of exactly who James Bond is and you can name at least a few of the movies or some of the actors who have played the role. You are no doubt aware that bond is an ├╝berman, a man who oozes sexual prowess and command of every situation. Even when staring death in the face, he can always take a moment for a quick quip or a sexual rendezvous. Men respect and fear him and women adore and lust after him. But I repeat, does all this raw sexual power translate into a penchant for domination?

Let’s look at the evidence we have from the films… Bond has taken virginity (Solitaire in Live and Let Die). He has bedded fellow spies (Agent XXX in The Spy Who Loved Me and Holly Goodhead in Moonraker). Bond has sexually tamed some seemingly indomitable women (Pussy Galore in Goldfinger and Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever). Single or married? Black? White? Asian? It makes no difference to him – if you’re hot, Bond is going to sex you up! But, to our knowledge, Bond has never tied up any woman nor spanked/slapped a woman in a sexual scenario (and no, smacking Dink on the ass in Goldfinger doesn’t count!).

Bond might be a lothario, but he hardly seems interested in the D/s lifestyle. Yes, he sleeps with a lot of women, and yes, he is very manly and in charge of his sexuality, but he shows no predilection for taking on a submissive. In fact, there are more scenes with Bond being tied up and tortured in somewhat exotic/erotic fashions than scenes of any of the Bond girls being tortured. Although there are many, I’m reminded of three torture/bondage scenes in particular: the rack in Thunderball, the medieval garrote/iron collar chair in The World Is Not Enough, and the seatless chair in Casino Royale. Obviously Bond was able to escape these scenes intact...that's what makes him Bond! Yet, unless he's the most closeted switch in literary/film history, it's hard for us to imagine Bond embracing a Domly approach to life.

So, based on our lengthy hypothetical conversations, and a careful analysis of the films, we’ve come to the conclusion that, although we very much respect Bond, he is not one of us and wouldn’t want any part of the D/s lifestyle that we enjoy. Pity… ;)

Any thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear what you think!

A Challenging Couple of Weeks

Daddy is on the road again this week and thankfully will be back late Wednesday evening. I miss him terribly when he’s away and there is a definite interruption in our normal routine, our Rhythm (as Daddy wrote about a couple days ago). Yet this return home is a bit different and I am slightly nervous to see how it will play out. He is going to be extremely busy with work matters on Thursday, we have an all-day conference and evening obligations on Friday, and then we have relatives visiting us the whole following week (which covers two entire weekends…gasp!).

We haven’t had a visit like this since we’ve been married and, although we’re both looking forward to it, I’m anxious about not being able to find enough alone time for us. First of all, we won’t be able to spend hours in bed, reconnecting and talking as we like to do on a regular basis (especially after he comes back from a business trip). Then there is the additional fact that whether Daddy is using me or making love to me, when he cums the walls shake from the roar. Not really something you want to share with unsuspecting relatives. I can hear the questions now… “Has he been shot? Should we call an ambulance?? Do you need me to tourniquet anything???” Yikes. The point is, when he can’t cum loudly, which we’ve dealt with in limited doses on prior occasions, it feels ok, but it’s not as fulfilling an experience as it could be. Having family in the house sort of precludes any D/s play that we like to engage in, that is unless of course they might wish to join in on the fun (ok, I’m suppressing a scream of absolute horror after that last comment!).

Daddy won’t be able to bend me over any counters and fuck me. He won’t be able to put me on my knees wherever and whenever he wishes. He won’t be able to cane and/or belt me until I break. He won’t be able to tie me to the bed and leave me there, attending to me when he feels like it. *sigh* Without wishing to be too punny, our hands are tied on this one!

In moments such as these, I come to appreciate (even moreso than I already do) the amazing connection that Daddy and I share. When we’re unwilling to share the nature of our relationship with others (which is usually the case) or are simply in a place that would frown upon any outward expression of Daddy’s ownership of me, there are small ways that he expresses his domination. I crave these small demonstrations of affection and control more than I could ever express.

Sometimes, he’ll take hold of my long hair and use this hand-fashioned pony tail to guide me or direct my attention. At other times, he’ll place his hand around the back my neck and squeeze softly, just enough for me to know that he is in control and that I am owned, whether we are in public or not. But most of the time, Daddy will place his hand on my back, using it to reinforce my submission to him. If there were any doubt that he was in charge (which there never is), somehow that hand and his sense of presence at those moments seem to dispel any concerns.

If you were in the room with us while Daddy was performing one of these rituals, you might never even notice it. And, even if you were to notice, to vanilla eyes (i.e. to the eyes of our visiting family) these expressions would seem affectionate but nothing more. Because of our special relationship and the need for a D/s dynamic, these demonstrations take on a whole new meaning, especially when we are unable to engage in the customary activities that we enjoy.

I guess we’re going to have to ample time to discover new, creative, and subtle expressions of our domination and submission over the next couple of weeks…wish us luck!

12 April 2010

More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes the extent to which my private and public lives do not correlate shocks the living hell out of me…

I’m the one at the party who has already met everyone there within 15 minutes and has gone about making every single person belly-laugh (preferably until they cry) at least once during the evening. To describe my personality as “gregarious” is the understatement of the millennium. If you’re not sure of yourself, I can blow through you like a tornado, touching down without warning and leaving you wondering what hit you. I have little to no concept of an “inside voice.” I’m perpetually boisterous, mischievous, and fun-loving. During my college days (and even beyond), I was widely regarded among my friends as a sort of “man eater”. I’ve been called “larger-than-life” on more than one occasion and have yet to deny the claim. Damn, it’s fun being me!

Now, that being said…

I am a submissive. I am my Daddy/Master’s property. I have no say in our relationship and never will. Being put on my knees to contemplate an impending pain session or to suck Daddy’s cock makes my pussy ache with need. My favorite sexual position is any position that my Master puts me in, any position that enhances his pleasure. I plead, I whimper, I beg, I cry…all in whispered tones. The only time my voice has any volume at all is when I scream out in pain during a belting or caning. When Daddy comes up behind me, puts his hands on my shoulders, and speaks to me about how I am his and how I will be his for the rest of my life, I can barely breathe on account of the arousal…he melts my core. Damn, it’s fun being me…

11 April 2010


Last week, I was supposed to be away from home for three nights, but bad weather and a missed connnection made it four. That gave us only three nights together before I had to head out again, and now those three nights are gone. Baby girl is upstairs asleep in her bed while I prepare to leave on another trip.

When I travel two or more weeks in a row like this, which happens reasonably often, it's difficult for us. Being apart interferes with our normal relationship rhythms. When I'm away, I tend to work long hours, and then I don't sleep well on the road, so by the time I come back home, I'm sorely in need of recuperation.

Being a Master and a Dom is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. It's also a fair amount of work. (That makes sense; after all, which truly worthwhile pursuits are easy?) So when I have been on the road for three or four nights, working ten to twelve hours a day and sleeping two to three hours, by the time I return, honestly, strapping baby girl down to the bed for a caning -- as fulfilling as that is for both of us in different ways -- isn't the first thing on my mind. What's first on my mind is getting into bed and curling up behind baby girl, her back against my chest, our naked bodies touching from our necks down to our feet, my arms wrapped around her... and going to sleep. That's it.

In other words, when I say that my travel disrupts our relationship rhythms, what I mean is that we have less sex and the sex we do have is more vanilla. When we're in our groove -- when we've been together for a week or two and feeling good -- then we have sex two, three, or four times a day. A typical day like that might consist of:
  • 6:00 or 6:30 AM. Roll baby girl onto her back and force my cock into her as she groggily wakes up. Use her for my pleasure, pounding her deeply. Force her to focus on me by not allowing her to cum. Make her look up at me to see the man who owns her and uses her. Listen to her beg to be bred, beg her Master and Daddy for his cum. Roar as I spurt a load of cream into her.
  • 10:00 or 11:00 AM. Pull baby girl from her chair at the breakfast nook table, drag her to the kitchen, bend her over the granite countertop, and tell her to wait there. Close the blinds that offer a line of sight into the kitchen. Come back and pull down her pants and panties. Force my cock into her and revel in how different it feels in this position. Grab the back of her neck with one hand and hold her head down. Grab her wrists in the other hand and hold them behind her back. Slam into her with everything I have as I shoot my second load of the day into her pussy.
  • 3:30 or 4:00 PM. Lead baby girl upstairs to the bedroom. Undress her and have her wait on the bed for me. Get into bed and kiss her, play with her nipples, feel her moistening clit. Pull the vibrator from the nightstand and push it against her mound. Force her to cum, then rest, then again. Climb on top of her. As I fuck her, rip another orgasm out of her. Another. Another. Pull out (kissing her as I do to ease her pain of losing me) and tell her she's going to get to swallow Daddy's cum. Relax on the bed, baby girl between my legs, her hair pulled back and tied, and watch her begin to suck my cock -- first with just her mouth, then adding her hand; harder and faster at first, then slowing down and going more gently to draw out the pleasure. The moment she feels the first taste of cum hit her mouth, she stops and holds her mouth still while flicking her tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock. When I'm spent, I reach down and draw my hand up from the base up to the tip, squeezing any last drops of semen out for her to lap up.
So that, more or less, is a typical "in the groove" day for us. When I'm just back from the road, we might fuck only once and that's it. And there wouldn't be any obvious D/s aspects -- no cock gag, no restraints, no belt, no cane. And that's not how we like it. So, out of self-interest, and wanting to be the best Dom I can be, I'm working on making my on-the-road schedule a little more sane, so that I'll be more my normal self when I come home.

I did use baby girl this morning. We had both woken up early, me for good, her briefly. I pulled the cock gag out and inserted it in her mouth. She moaned. As I climbed atop her, I looked down in her eyes and said, "I'm sure you have feelings you'd like to share with me. Like, how my cock is hurting your insides. It's just that I don't care right now. All I care about is using you." I fucked her for a while like that and then stopped for a moment. "You're not cumming this morning. This is about me. So I want you to know that when I wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze, it's not to make your orgasm more intense. You're not cumming. It's to make my orgasm more intense." I paused, then continued. "This isn't a game. There's nothing I can't take from you. Nothing. And you're never going anywhere." As it turned out, the gag and the talk made baby girl wet enough that I couldn't cum easily that way, so I told her she was going to be taking a load of cum in her mouth. "But before I do, to remind you of your place..." I trailed off, then reached down, wrapped a hand around her throat, and squeezed. With the other hand, I slapped her across the face, hard, once per cheek. She didn't try to stop me, but she thrashed briefly, as if to escape. "Don't you fucking forget your place," I hissed. "Hold your hands out to your sides." She obeyed and I brought my hand down hard across her face again, this time, twice per side. That done, I reached down and wrapped both hands around her throat. I squeezed hard. Her eyes went dull and rolled back slightly. She accepted her place. Accepted her fate. Accepted that everything she is belongs to her Master. Accepted that there's nothing I can't take from her.

We both needed that.

09 April 2010


As we ease into Friday, I can’t help but be caught up in the delightful frenzy of the weekend and of spring fever (sorry to all those who may be south of the Equator!)… Daddy is home with me again and I got a nice, hard fucking this morning. I’m relaxing with a nice, hot cup of tea and our blog. Our weekly errands and duties are nearing completion and Daddy and I are planning on an evening out tonight (although plans may change…we’ll see!). Also, there is something else that’s been on my mind that has been causing me to smile at random moments…and that something else is the notion of community.

I follow quite a few blogs (46 and counting, to be exact!) and would like to encourage all visitors to follow ours in turn. In this way, we establish interconnectivity and a web of kindred spirits that, although we may not share exactly the same kinks, at the very least can understand and empathize with how we’re wired. And hey, you never know…you might just find something incredibly hot out there that you had never even considered!

As I commented on someone else’s blog recently, my family knows nothing about my submissive proclivities and has no idea that my wonderful husband is also my Daddy, my Master, and my mentor in a D/s context. There is no need for them to know, as it would only upset them. And, if I must be frank, I have no desire to know about the inner workings of their bedroom/lifestyle choices either! As far as other friends, nobody close to us knows how our relationship functions and, although it is within his rights to do so, Daddy has not brought me to any clubs nor has shared me with any other Doms. His interests lie elsewhere and for the time being he chooses not to share me. Although I am extremely content and fulfilled with our life together, this arrangement can leave me feeling rather isolated at times…

That being said, my Blogosphere friends are my family. We bounce ideas off each other, share our insecurities and our triumphs, and lean on each other if we need advice. Although I will most likely never meet any of my fellow bloggers, it’s nice to know that they’re out there! I’d like to point out five blogs/bloggers (although there are countless more, to be sure!) that seem to inspire and encourage others to write and to indulge in their fantasies:

Sexual Dynamics: Memoirs of a Discerning Dom by Discerning Dom
DD posits many intriguing questions and ideas, questions and ideas that in turn drive other bloggers to cogitate and post their own reflections. He motivates his readers to ponder the nature of D/s while delighting them with devious, well thought out, and delicious sexual scenarios.

Spirited Meanderings and On Being Submissive by spirited
Spirited writes a multitude of blogs (please refer to one of the blogs I’ve posted here for links to the others), and runs the gamut from cooking to D/s and everything in between! Her newest addition/revamped blog is a series of interviews with different submissives as to how they approach their submission and how they live their lives. It is an invaluable resource for anyone involved with or even curious about a D/s or M/s lifestyle.

My Bottom Smarts by Bonnie
Bonnie has an enormous readership and is highly regarded in the spanking community. Her wonderful quizzes and fun brunches (please see her blog for more details!) keep readers coming back for more and she also actively encourages new bloggers out there by posting links to their sites.

jaynes submissive diary and femaleslavesandsubmissivewomen by jayne
Jayne recently started a new blog (the second one listed here) in the hopes of gathering together an index of sorts for D/s and M/s blogs (among others!). By doing so, she embraces the notion of community and allows all of us out there to communicate among ourselves. Plus, she has a penchant for posting some rather naughty photos of herself that are always a joy to look at!

And last, but not least, Florida Dom's Corner by Florida Dom
Florida Dom posts great questions and wonderful D/s themed stories that always get a rousing response from his large reader base. Of course, it is easy to see why he has so many readers, considering the fact that he follows so many blogs and posts kind, helpful comments on all of them! Over the past few days, I have seen at least three posts on different blogs that relate to suggestions and advice that Florida Dom has offered.

So, for all of you out there in our community, I want to thank you for reading, writing, and posting comments and suggestions! In your own unique ways, you each make it easier to embrace lifestyles that mainstream society would deem “unacceptable.”

Don’t you just love a good, old-fashioned love-in?? ;) Happy blogging and have a wonderful weekend!

08 April 2010

A Sweet Memory

There was a major flight delay and now, when Daddy should already be home with his baby girl, we’re still thousands of miles apart…and I miss him.

I miss the feel of his hands on my body… I miss being tied up, teased, and tortured… I miss his playful (and his sometimes not-so-playful) spankings… I miss goofing around and laughing until we cry… I miss being put on my knees and forced to take his cock in my mouth… I miss the intimate discussions in bed about the nature of our relationship… I miss being reminded of my submission and who I belong to…

So until my Daddy comes home, I’ll have to conjure up some sweet memories of all the wickedly delightful things that he’s done to me…and of course I’ll share one of them with you! :)

Daddy came into the kitchen where I was working on our blog and catching up on e-mail. He stood next to me, then bent down to kiss me and whispered in my ear…

“Come with me, little one.” He took me to the middle of the kitchen. “Now, get on your knees and wait for me. Don’t move.”

As I knelt there, trembling and wondering what he had in store for me, he set about closing the blinds in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Once he had completely shut out the “real world”, he stood in front of me and dropped his pants. His cock was already throbbing and rock-hard when I took it into my mouth, savoring the flavor of my Master’s thick shaft. Although he loves it when I suck his cock, Daddy had other plans in mind for me…

Grabbing me by the arm, he pulled me up, spun me around, and bent me forcefully over the granite countertop. Without any ceremony or delicacy, he grabbed on to the waist of my pants and yanked them down to the floor. My full, thonged ass was ripe for the taking, but it wasn’t my ass he was after. He pulled down my panties and thrust a finger into my pussy in order to open me up a bit. Although I was unprepared and dry, being used by Daddy to fulfill his desires has a curious way of making me wet!

As I began to lubricate, Daddy filled me with his cock and immediately started pounding into me. Moaning and crying out, my hips slammed into the cold granite with each thrust. Finding his rhythm, Master began to slap my ass, alternating sides and gradually intensifying the blows. As he spanked me through the fucking, I heard his breathing change and I knew he was nearing climax. He left my pink ass and grabbed onto my hips, ramming his cock deep inside of me and keeping me pinned in place on the counter.

Starting from deep in his chest, I could hear the tell-tale roar that accompanies Daddy’s orgasms. He filled me with his seed and I felt his cock spasm in my tight pussy. As he leaned over me, coming down from his climax, he caressed my back with his hands and kissed me gently…

“We both needed that, didn’t we, little one?”

07 April 2010

Wax On, Wax Off

(Photo from www.upthedownstair.net)

In a recent e-mail exchange with one of our followers, the topic of waxing and shaving came up. Daddy likes to me to keep my pussy completely smooth for him and I choose to wax rather than shave because the results last so much longer (weeks as opposed to days). It occurred to me, though, that there are many of you out there, both men and women, who have yet to experience (or never will!) a pussy waxing. I thought it might be fun to describe how a waxing session goes down, so to speak.

I’m often surprised at how D/s situations can crop up in the “real world”…getting your woman bits waxed is just one of these moments…enjoy!

“Please take off your pants and panties, but leave your top on.”

I always feel silly when I’m not wearing anything on my bottom half and yet I still have my socks on, so I decide to take those off too.

“Get up on the table and lie down on your back. Hmmm, you have quite a bit of growth, so I’m going to have to trim you with the clippers.”

This part is actually quite pleasant. The vibrations of the clippers, along with the knowledge that I’ll soon be as smooth as the day I was born make for a soothing experience.

“Good, all done with the trim job…now we’re going to start with the worst part first.”

And she’s not lying. The front part of the pussy (or as I like to call it, the Bermuda Triangle) is the most painful part of the wax job. There is a multitude of nerve endings right there that make it extremely sensitive. (An interesting fun fact for you, though – if you’re ever in danger of losing your hands to extreme cold temperatures, place them on that area of your body because it’s the warmest!)

And back to business…

Using what looks to be a tongue depressor, she smears a strip of liquid wax on my hair…a warm, velvety feel to it… She applies a strip of fabric-like paper on top of the wax, presses down firmly, gets a good angle for some leverage, and then….RIP!!

Damn, that hurts!!! And she’s only just begun… After about four or five more strips, the front area of the pussy is done (and slightly red and swollen). She moves down to the area between my legs.

“Please bend your knee up and lean it out to the side for me.”

My pussy is now completely exposed as she begins to spread wax on my outer labia with me helping her to keep the skin taut…application of the paper…and RIP! She moves methodically over my entire pussy, making sure that nary a hair escapes her. She pays special attention to my inner folds and the area around my clit because they are the trickiest to get at. Once every last pussy hair is attended to, there is still more work to be done.

“Can you flip over for me? Stay on your knees please. Can you spread your cheeks for me?”

As if I wasn’t feeling vulnerable enough before! This, for me, is by far the most embarrassing part. There I am, on my knees with my ass spread in front of a complete stranger, asking her to wax my nether hair (and did I mention that she’s being paid handsomely to perform this service?!)…sweet mercy. More warm wax, strips of paper and…RIP!

All told, she has used between 35 and 40 strips of wax and paper in order to render my pussy and ass hairless. The entire area is tender, puffy, and there are even small droplets of blood in some places where the hair has been ripped out by the follicle. It’s a gruesome process that takes about 20 minutes…but the end result is more than worth it! I’m left with a completely smooth pussy that will stay that way for weeks.

Waxing is definitely not for the faint of heart, but when I see the look on Daddy’s face after I’ve had it done and he gets to play with his sweet, bare little one, I know that all the pain was well worth it…

06 April 2010

Simple, Not Easy

I’ve been seeing the word “just” thrown around quite a bit lately. And I am not referring to “just” in the sense of fair, equitable, or upright, but rather as merely or simply.

If I could just figure out how to submit to my Master properly… If I could just stop trying to fight Him… How can I learn to just give up control… A proper submissive just needs to obey and accept the lot that she has willingly taken on… The list could go on and on…

“Just” is such a small, seemingly innocent word, yet it connotes so much, especially for those of us who engage in a D/s or M/s lifestyle. Have you ever sat back to contemplate “just”? It is not a minor filler in a sentence, but rather influences the entire statement that surrounds it. What exactly does “just” mean? Why do we use it so pointlessly and carelessly?

When we use “just” (and I say “we” because I, too, am guilty of its usage), what we imply is that the activity in question is an easy task to accomplish or that the statement on the table is an easy fact to comprehend. As Daddy and I have discussed on many occasions, D/s and M/s relationships are simple, but not easy. For example, we understand, as a couple, what our respective roles are (Daddy is my Master and I am his submissive…simple). We live a life that is governed by power, control, internal struggles, outside pressures and prejudices, and conflicts…not easy.

By using “just” to preface our beliefs and assumptions, we are positing them as givens in our worldview. But if you look at some of the “just” examples that I listed at the beginning, these are hardly givens but rather constant struggles in which we engage in order to be at peace with who we really are. There is nothing truly easy about the lives that we lead, although "just" would have us believe otherwise.

I guess the point I’m trying to get at is that we should aim to be judicious in our usage of the word “just”. After all, what we do is not just a curiosity, not just an urge that we can turn on and off, and it’s definitely not just something that freaks and/or perverts do. “Just” negates the beauty to be found in true submission and domination. It nullifies the strength that each Dom/me and submissive finds in themselves to commit to a higher purpose than mere physical pleasure.

So, the next time you find yourself typing the word “just,” take a moment and consider what you mean to say… I know, it’s a change that is so very simple, but not easy…

05 April 2010

Missing You...

Yes, I know that you’ll only be gone for a few days…
Yes, I’m aware that you’re with me always, yet I feel your absence so acutely…
Yes, I try to fill the days with a thousand and more different tasks so as to keep my mind occupied…
Yes, I recognize that I’ve been spoiled over the past month by your constant presence…
Yes, I can barely wait for you to come home…to come back to your baby girl…

I miss you, Daddy…

04 April 2010

A Different Kind of Focus

As you may have seen in Daddy’s comment on my previous post, our evening didn’t transpire as we thought it would… Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew (or thought I did) that Daddy was going to center me with a pain session of some sort. Although I can’t speak for him, I’m pretty sure that Daddy had a very good idea of what he wanted to do to me before he left on his business trip. But after spending an evening on the couch, enjoying a nice dinner and a heartwarming movie, plans changed…

After taking some time to talk about and savor our special relationship (and then a little more time to make out on the couch!), Daddy took me upstairs, not to hurt me but rather to make love to me. As he stood next to the bed, I took care to get his thick cock nice and hard with my mouth. He turned me over onto my back and got on the bed, occupying the space between my thighs. Rather than plunge directly into my pussy, he decided to first claim what was his with his oh-so-talented tongue. Before meeting Daddy, I was never all that into having oral performed on me (although I love giving it!). In the past, whenever oral was on the table, I had to contend with partners who were bumbling idiots, disinterested, and even biters (!)…needless to say, I could take it or leave it, but most of the time I preferred to leave it. Daddy never gave me the option to refuse oral sex from him, and he was convinced that he would be able to change my opinion… Why must he always be right?? ;) I love it when my Master eats my pussy and commands me to cum while his tongue grazes and strokes my sensitive little bud…mmm… I’m getting wet just thinking about it, but I digress!

As I came down from my second orgasm and with my pussy still clenching from the pleasure, Daddy buried his cock in my tight little pussy. We kissed, we talked, we stared into each other’s eyes, I smelled and tasted my cunt juices smeared in his facial hair, we made love, and we came together in a simultaneous surge of ecstasy…

And yet again, Daddy was right… He had centered and focused me, as he had promised to do all along. He also reminded me that pleasure, pain, love, sex, and desire all wind together to reinforce my submission and to strengthen my devotion to Him, to my Daddy. I eagerly await his return from his trip…a very content, obedient, centered, devoted, and loving little girl will be waiting for him upon his arrival.

03 April 2010


I know it’s coming…

My body is both tingling with eagerness and trembling with nerves…

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the blogs that I follow, and hence a mere coincidence, but there seems to be a disproportionate amount of posts about spanking over the past 48 hours… Or perhaps, for you intellectual types out there, this represents something more akin to the animistic fallacy (i.e. There’s a spanking coming my way because everyone in the Blogosphere is conspiring against my ass.). Hmmm…maybe not. But regardless of the why, there is indeed a pain session scheduled for me in the near future. All I know is that I will have welts and bruises on me by the time Daddy leaves on his business trip tomorrow morning. The anticipation is killing me…

I feel that I am leaving this entry half-finished and would love to write more on the subject, but I find that my fingers and mind do not wish to cooperate with my efforts. My focus is on what is to come, whatever that may be…

This is the sort of centering and focus that only my Daddy can provide me.

02 April 2010

A Minor Blip

As Daddy often says, we’re the happiest couple that we know. We laugh all the time, we truly enjoy each other’s company, we’re madly in love, we communicate effectively, we like to do the day-to-day things together, we operate as a team, our sex life is off the charts… What more could we ask for?? Well, when you have a marriage and D/s relationship that is so utterly seamless and perfect, when there is even a small disturbance, it exposes itself instantly. For any other couple, it wouldn’t even register, but we’re both hypersensitive about our happiness and make it a daily priority to work on our relationship and to maintain our high standard of bliss! This week seems to be haunted by just one little disturbance that we can’t quite put our finger on, but it’s there… Maybe it’s a host of even smaller disturbances, but still, I know that we’re both ready to move out of this funk and get back to being “us”.

For my part, I’ve been struggling with the hormonal ebb and flow of my time of the month, which never bodes well for my sanity (or for Daddy’s either, I might add!). Although I suck Daddy’s cock daily during this time, we’re used to having sex/fucking at least once a day. This week puts the kibosh on really aggressive sex and/or play because of the ensuing cleanup efforts. We know that we could have sex (and have done so in the past), we just choose to avoid it if at all possible. Of course, we both find this lack of sex to be less than optimal and are getting antsy about getting back to business as usual. This is a small, identifiable, and easily fixable disturbance that we should be able to take care of very soon…and hopefully I mean very soon!

The other slight disturbance comes back to me as well… It’s not that Daddy is never at fault for anything, it’s just that, in this case, I recognize that my mental attitude is setting up a block between us. It has to do with the idea of Daddy with another woman. In his post from a few days ago (My Rights), he alluded to the fact that, if he so wished, he could be with another woman and that this would be entirely within his rights. This is a difficult notion for me to wrap my head around. Although I know that the likelihood of him doing so is incredibly slim, I must come to terms with the fact that he is my Master and he is able to do as he sees fit. He knows that I don’t like the idea of him with another woman, but he is helping me to see that it really doesn’t matter whether I like it or not. I am his property and have no say as to what he does. He is right. My role is to accept and obey.

Acceptance and obedience… I think I’ve found my new mantra for the week…and for the rest of my life…

01 April 2010

What's Your Poison?

Hello all! As I’m feeling slightly feisty this April Fool’s Day, I thought it might be fun to conduct a small poll of our readers as to what their favorite “playtime” toy is…and I’m assuming that we all understand that I am not referring to Legos! ;)

This post has a twofold objective (wow, that sounds so official!): 1) to allow people to weigh in on their favorite implements of fun and/or pain and/or amazing, spine-tingling, delicious torture and to perhaps give our readers (and writers!) some new ideas and 2) to allow our casual readers (i.e. those who may not normally comment on blogs) an opportunity to have their voices heard and to come out of the blogosphere shadows! And feel free to post anonymously if you wish!

So, with these ends in mind, I invite all of you to post a comment here on this April Fool’s Day! Here, I’ll start… :)