15 March 2010

Oral Fixation

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something so wonderfully appealing about a cock-shaped gag. Anybody? Anybody? I definitely don’t think that I’m the only one out there who feels this way, but I must say that my deep-seated affection for this particular gag has left me a bit, um, speechless(?). Before meeting Daddy, I had had very little experience with gags; they were of the ball variety and inevitably left a horrible taste and a sharp burning sensation in my mouth. Daddy and I discussed these lamentable issues, he conducted some research, and found the cock gag for me. Granted, if he had decided that he wished me to suffer through the use of a ball gag, it would be well within his rights, but I think his eye was on endurance and focus. In other words, I would best be able to endure long sessions of restraint and better focus on his pleasure if I weren’t struggling with a foul gag.

Now, as a woman who loves sucking cock (oh, I do, I do, I really do…) who belongs to a Master who demands to have his cock sucked daily, one would think that I would have my fill of having my mouth stuffed with dick. But alas, this is not the case. I routinely ask to have Daddy strap the cock gag on me and, on the occasions when I don’t ask for it, I feel a special warmth in my pussy when I see him reach for the gag after he’s tied me to the bed. In fact, when Daddy is being particularly severe in our sessions, I find that the rubber cock secured in my mouth is a tremendous comfort. I draw it deep into my mouth and suckle it like a child sucks her thumb (more on this later), closing my eyes and imagining that it’s Daddy’s cock that I’m pleasuring.

So what exactly am I getting at here? I guess I’m trying to make two points. First, thank you to Daddy for finding the ideal gag for his baby girl and intuitively knowing that a cock in my mouth would both comfort me and reinforce my submission to him. And second, yet another thank you to my Master for awakening his little one’s oral fixation. I’m thinking that this tendency is in both our best interests, wouldn’t you say?

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