09 March 2010

On Using

To my delight -- I always love her posts -- baby girl just wrote about the experience of being used. I thought I'd write about it from my viewpoint.

First, you have to understand that when I use baby girl, it's neither intended or interpreted as punishment. We don't "do" punishment. I understand couples who do, but it's not our thing. If baby girl let me down in some way -- whether she realized it on her own or I had to tell her -- she would punish herself with remorse more than I ever could. Neither of us wants that, so she simply doesn't misbehave in any way. If I order to do something, she does it without question.

I may not punish baby girl, but I do need to remind her of her place. I don't mean that in the "...or she'll get uppity on me" sense, but rather that in a D/s relationship, it's important for the Dom to reinforce the sub's purpose on a regular basis. In my experience, subs are submissive because it provides them with a deep sense of fulfillment they can't find any other way. And it's all too easy for people to get lazy in relationships, and this includes us D/s types. If I didn't regularly do things to reinforce baby girl's sense of her place, then we could drift away from D/s and lose the very thing that brings us both the most pleasure.

So, when I use baby girl, sometimes it's to reinforce her sense of her place (beneath me), her rights (essentially none), and her purpose in life (to give me pleasure). And when I do this, it fulfills her and keeps us both on track.

Other times when I use baby girl, it's more for my pleasure. Being a Dom can be a lot of work at times. Those of you who are Doms -- or who are subs who have been with the right kind of Dom -- know what I mean. I'm not referring to the physical and logistical requirements, but to the mental requirements. I'm baby girl's rock, plain and simple. I don't get upset about things. I don't bitch and whine about things. I don't allow myself to slip into anything that could ever be construed as submissive. Now, partly I do this because I enjoy being her rock. But also I do it because there are compensations, and one of them is getting what I want, when I want it.

I can and do spend lots of time focused on baby girl's pleasure when it suits me, and that's fairly often. But sometimes I don't feel like it. Sometimes I feel like just taking what I want. So I'll wake up turned on and think that it's a good time to use her. As she describes, I roll her on her back, force her legs apart, and force my cock into her tight, barely-wet pussy. I'll fuck her deeply knowing that it hurts her when my cock head hits her cervix. I'll thrust away however I see fit until I cum hard inside her. In short, I take her and use her for my pleasure. I agree with baby girl that it's akin to a rape -- though she long ago knowingly and willingly gave up the right to ever object to anything I do to her, still, I don't have her consent each time, and to someone not versed in D/s, it might look like a form of rape. So be it.

In any case, I get what I want. Which is how it always is. And how it always will be.

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