12 March 2010


As we drove home from the theater last night, baby girl and I were talking about her lack of rights.

I've already written here about taking away baby girl's right to cum without permission while in my presence, and then taking away her right to cum without permission at any time. Those were rights I simply stripped from her. Her recourse -- had she decided that she didn't want a relationship in which she gave up orgasm control -- would have been to request to be released. But of course she didn't.

Baby girl doesn't have a safe word. This was a right that I felt she had to affirmatively give up, as opposed to me stripping it from her. We talked about it extensively before she said that yes, she wanted to give it up, she didn't want to have a safe word. And so she doesn't. She can't say no to me.

Baby girl doesn't have hard limits. Again, this was something I needed for her to give up on her own if it were to be true. We talked and talked about this early on in the relationship, and she realized that she trusted me enough to give up any hard limits, and that given this trust, she'd be happier without them. I believe that she is.

The only right baby girl retains is the right to request to be released from her slavery. As she says from time to time, this is a right she'll never exercise. And we've discussed her giving up even this one last right. It's something I'm considering. I think I'll consider it for a long time to come before making a decision. It's an erotic thought -- not superficially, physically erotic, but erotic as a profound, emotional level -- but I just don't know. I'm not yet sure that it's the right thing to do.

I was once in a relationship with someone who said that she wanted a committed relationship. (It turned out that she really didn't, but that's another story.) When I asked her what she meant by "committed," she defined it as neither of us leaving except in case of "the three As." The three As were adultery, abuse, and addiction. It's not a bad working definition for most people. I was thinking about this recently and realized how different what baby girl and I have is from this. There's no concept of adultery in our relationship; if I wanted to fuck another girl, or to have her fuck another girl, or another man, in private or at a club, she would do so without question. (I'm not interested in this, so it seems unlikely, but I always retain the right.) There's no concept of abuse in our relationship. If I want to cane her until she cries, and then keep going until she enters subspace, and then keep going until I've had my fill, I can do this, and she would never question me. (And in fact I did this just a couple of days ago.) And as for addiction; well, I'm not the addictive type, nor is baby girl, but again, I have complete control over how I choose to live my life, and it's not baby girl's place to question it. As I've said, for the time being, if she were so unhappy with my choices that she couldn't stand it, she could request release. But she never will, and we both know it.


  1. No rights (save one), no limits, no safeword... Reading your post, Daddy, has given me a sort of out-of-body sensation..."He couldn't possibly be writing about me, could he?" But you are. That little one/slave is me. There is no avoiding or denying this fact. I will always be yours.
    Thank you, Daddy...

  2. I've just stumbled on your blog and love it! But I do have a question: if Babygirl can't leave you because of abuse, addiction or adultery, what can she request being released for? I'm most thinking of abuse here. It seems to me like the only reason to be asked to no longer be your slave any more would be deep unhappiness and abuse of the trust slaves put in their masters. Or maybe you meant physical abuse...? xx Bunny

  3. Hi, Bunny. Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog, and for taking the time to comment.

    This subject is a little tricky to explain just right. I'll do my best.

    Babygirl can't unilaterally leave me because of any reason. Under no circumstance can she simply say goodbye and walk out the door -- including abuse, addiction, and adultery. She's completely enslaved and she wanted it that way.

    Now, can she ask to be released? Yes, she still has that right. It's the one right she retains. Would I grant that release? In theory, it's a request, and she has no rights, so I wouldn't have to. In practice, I would want to understand what was happening and why, but in the end, I would almost certainly grant the request -- I don't want someone around me who doesn't want to be there.

    I realize that babygirl and I have a relationship that violates all sorts of standard D/s practices. She doesn't have hard limits. She doesn't have a safeword. She can't terminate our relationship. I don't expect or want anyone else to follow our lead. We're doing what works for us. We'll see where it leads.


    -- Daddy