27 March 2010

This Morning

I've had to rise early most of this past week, so it was nice to not have an alarm waiting for me this morning. I woke up, catnapped for a while, and when I was finally ready, I curled up behind baby girl, spooning her in the manner we both love.

One of the best things about spooning is that it leaves both my hands free. If I want to arouse baby girl, I'll play with her nipples or put a finger or two in her mouth. If I want to reinforce her place for her -- which also has the effect of arousing her, unsurprisingly -- I'll wrap my hand around her throat or grasp her wrists in my hands.

I opted for the latter this morning. She moaned as she felt me restrain her that way. "Go ahead and struggle," I said, and she did, straining against my hands over and over again. Each time she would sigh and moan. When she calmed, I whispered in her ear, "You're never going anywhere, little one. You're never escaping." That elicited the loudest moan of all.

We usually sleep with our window open, but we're both loud in bed, so I ordered baby girl to get up, close the window, and come back to me. When she did, nestling in once again with her back against my chest, I positioned myself so that my cock was pushing against her pussy. I reached down with my finger to open her up a little and guide my cock in. She was so tight that, in that position, I couldn't force my way in as I so often do. I reached down again, thrust two fingers inside her, and spread her lips apart as much as I could -- which wasn't much. This time I was able to shove my cock in. She was tight, but I could feel the wetness coming.

I thrusted into her for a few moments, then rolled us so that she was on her tummy. When we're in that position, I fuck her differently than I've ever seen in porn. Normally you see the girl's legs spread wide, with the man's legs in between. I don't like that. It feels like I don't have the leverage I like. So I have her keep legs together, with my legs around them, and my feet press down against hers. I can thrust as hard as I like without having to grab onto the sheets or anything else.

One of the things I like about this position is how easy it is to wrap my hand around her throat from below. I did so and held it there for a moment. I told her I was going to let her cum soon, and as I said it, I tightened my grip. I held her like that for a few seconds and then ordered her to cum. She did so, crying out as much as she could with me choking her like that. As she finished orgasming, I released my grip. A minute later, I repeated the process, but this time I reached around with both hands. I had my right hand around her throat, tightened it, made her wait, and then just before I allowed her to cum, I used my left hand to cover her mouth and pinch her nose shut. She came in a closed-mouth scream.

Sometimes this would be more than enough raw dominance for me. Not this morning.

I told her to stay where she was. Lifting myself off her, I grabbed her cock gag from the nightstand, put it in her mouth, and told her to strap it around her neck. While she did so, I went to the walk-in closet and grabbed my favorite belt. Bringing it back to the bed, I looped it around her neck. I like the belt because it's so easy to make it as tight as I want: all I have to do is ensure the buckle is in the right place and then pull off to the side. I leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"You've given up everything," I said. "All of it belongs to me. There's nothing I can't take away from you."

"Yes, sir," baby girl replied. And with that I tightened the belt hard and ripped another orgasm out of her, bigger than the last.

A few minutes later, when I had made her cum another time or two, I announced from above that baby girl was going to get to swallow my cum this morning. She always moans with anticipation when she hears this. I pulled off the belt and released the cock gag strap. I lifted myself off her so that she could tie her hair back as she does whenever she sucks my cock. She moved into position, me on my back, her kneeling between my legs, about to lean over to begin the process that we both know will end with me roaring as I spurt all over her tongue and the roof of her mouth. But as she was about to start, she looked up at me plaintively.

"Daddy, can I have the belt around my neck while I suck your cock?"

I love my little slave.


  1. What a way to begin the day. And great technique the way you fuck her on her tummy and can really thrust into her.

    So what happened the rest of the day. Are you both so sated that you didn't do any more playing or did it just whet your appetite for more later. And do you know the most orgasms you've given her in one session?


  2. FD,

    On a weekday, that might (or might not) have been enough, but I'd say it's very rare for us to have sex only once on a weekend day. In the early afternoon, in the kitchen, I stripped off her clothes, ordered her to show her breasts out the back window (there's a road about 100 yards from our back door), then bent her over the countertop and fucked her until I came. Later in the afternoon, we were getting ready to go on a walk. Baby girl was in a feisty mood and teasing me. She smacked me on the ass and I knew I had to put her in her place, though in a fun manner. I had her pinned down on the bed and was alternating between tickling her and giving her a pink belly (yes, we're that dorky) when I suddenly decided that I needed to fuck her. So three times.

    As for the most orgasms in a session, it depends on how you define "session". Is it...?

    * I come once: probably seven or eight times, though I'd say three to five is much more typical.

    * We don't get out of bed: probably something north of ten orgasms to my three.

    * A day of on and off fucking: somewhere in the range of twenty to thirty, though that's not typical.

    * A long weekend together: we've gone over a hundred on a four- or five-day weekend.

    When we were first together, I liked to keep track of her orgasms and prided myself on how often I could make baby girl cum. But things are different now. I know I can make her cum whenever I want. I know that I could walk in the other room and make her cum within fifteen or twenty seconds. I know that I could take her upstairs and in half an hour have her cumming as hard as she has ever cum in her life. But that's not our focus. Our focus is on me and my pleasure. I please her when it pleases me to do so. Her only concern should be (and is) making me feel as good as she possibly can. That should be (and is) enough for her.

  3. I had a hunch that on a weekend day you wouldn't stop at just one "session'' or whatever you want to call it. And isn't it great that you can make her orgrasm as often as you like, so many times that you can no longer count them.

    I was going to suggest you have an orgasm meter on your site to keep track of how many times you get her off but I guess it's so many that you don't even know.

    You certainly have a wonderful relationship and I can't wait to read what you have planned for her in the future. I'm sure you keep her wet most of the weekend. How inconvenient that going to work during the week cuts down on your playtime.


  4. I too love the position you speak of. From behind is nice, but I agree that there is something about on top of her from behind with her legs together. I love that one myself. It is easier, but also gives a totally different feeling and sensation to you both, as opposed to standard doggie or behind. It is nice to be able thrust harder, claiming what is yours to use, and be able to do it with less effort.