25 March 2010


Before I had ever experienced a D/s relationship, before I had ever felt a belt across my exposed ass, before I became a slave to my Master, I had read plenty of stories about what this kind of life would entail…and I knew that I wanted it. I knew that, one day, I hoped to find a loving, patient and yet firm and demanding master who was worthy of my complete submission. To find the one who could own, command, abuse, restrain, collar, adore, and love me...to be able to turn myself over fully to another. When the women/slaves in the stories that I read wrote about finding their respective masters, I knew that this was a possibility for me, albeit a remote one. Yet there was often a part of their stories that gave me cause to question their genuineness – the mention of subspace.

I had always regarded subspace as a myth, something that clever submissives used to end a torture session or to top from the bottom in a rather surreptitious manner. How could it be possible to stop feeling the pain of a belt, cane or hand on your already tender ass? How could you not feel the stinging slaps on your bruised and clamped breasts? How could you make the pain go away and, even better, feel like you were floating in a pleasant, safe medium in which everything else disappears yet your submission remains in sharp focus? Impossible. Simply impossible. Until I went there. Well, until we went there, I should say.

I have been to subspace four times so far (no passport necessary). The very first thing that I realized about subspace was that I could never go there alone. I needed Daddy to take me there, to take me to the place that I could not get to by myself. The first time that Daddy took me there, he did so with his bare hand across my ass. I had never endured a spanking like this one before, and even though he had whipped me with a belt on a prior occasion, nothing could prepare me for the burning sting that his hand would inflict.

I twisted, I screamed out, I pulled away, I got terribly wet, I cried…and then I stopped. I knew that Daddy was still beating me, but my body let go under the successive blows. What had initially hurt me so terribly was now just a dull thudding. My body relaxed, I stopped squirming, my eyes glazed over and stopped darting around the room. For the first few seconds, I thought that I had somehow passed out but yet had remained semi-conscious. It was then that I realized that Daddy had taken me to subspace. So…it really did exist. By the time I had figured out where I was and what was happening, Daddy was in front of me, holding my head in his hands and bringing me back to him.

Coming back from subspace is almost as pleasurable as being in subspace itself because the connection between Master and slave is at its strongest point in that moment. Daddy had me tethered to him and never let me go the entire time…and when he pulled me back, all I could do was cry… Tears of fear from what I had just experienced and from the intensity of what we had done, tears of physical and mental exhaustion, tears of happiness and joy at finally being able to let go. I let go at the hands of my Master, my Daddy, my owner, and my partner. By letting go, it felt as though I occupied a (sub)space between the conscious and the unconscious, the present and the future, the living and the dead. Although unsettling, I doubt there is any experience that is more rewarding or fulfilling than that.

Daddy has taken me to subspace three more times since then and he’s beginning to experiment with the power of suggestion while I’m there. I had always assumed that subspace (even when I wasn’t sure of its existence) was an end in and of itself, yet Daddy is showing me that subspace can be the means to some very powerful and desirable ends. Intense pain. Writhing. Screaming. Heat. I’m so close, Daddy. More belting. Harder. Rhythmic. Floating. Peace. Whispers in my ear… “Baby girl, your Daddy just put you in subspace. Now Daddy is going to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum in your entire life. Focus on my voice… Get ready for your orgasm, baby girl… NOW!!!” The orgasm, in all of its pain, ecstasy, pleasure, and release washes over me… I am unable to stop it, even if I wished to do so. My Master has me right where he wants me; he has never owned me more completely than he does at this moment. As the orgasm continues to rip through me, Daddy starts to bring me back. I am instantly turned into a quivering wreck of a slave, sobbing on his chest and unable to control myself. He holds me close, never letting go, reminding me that I belong to him and that he will always take care of me… The tears slow as I drift into a necessary and extremely pleasant sleep – being reborn is an exhausting process. It is also one that has just begun…


  1. Your last two posts on subspace and being broken were really powerful and captured the essence of your submission to him. You must be thrilled to have found the man who could open up your submissive side.


  2. Hi FD!

    You're absolutely right...I'm thrilled! Yet I also recognize that I'm extremely lucky as well. This is my first true D/s relationship and it also happens to be my last! From the impression that I get, I don't think many submissives meet their lifelong Doms their first time out.

    In a way, you're very right - he has completely opened up my submissive side. In other ways, he has not only taught me the nature of submission but he has also introduced me to my true self. And I repeat, I'm a very lucky little girl!

    Thanks for writing!
    Baby Girl :)

  3. I have yet to experience subspace and really want to feel it for myself. Your post has given me more insight into it than any other I've read. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I, too, feel it a remote possibility that I will be fortunate to have a Dom in my life to take me to this place, but hey - a girl/submissive can always dream.

    What a peaceful place this must be. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. Hi SBG!

    You're very welcome - thanks for the great comments! :)

    It is a most unexpected and, yes, very peaceful place...and I can very nearly guarantee that you will find the perfect Master who will guide you there in the way that only He can.

    Although you're relatively new to submission, you already know what you're looking for, which puts you ahead of most submissives who can't or won't admit their desires to themselves. I wish you the best of luck in your search and know that subspace will be a reality for you!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  5. SBG,

    Having read through your blog, I honestly feel that you're going to find the right Master.

    It's like that saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." If I had met the baby girl of today ten years ago, I wouldn't have appreciated her the way I do now. If I had met the baby girl of ten years ago today, she wouldn't have appreciated me the way she does now. For the two of us, this was the right time.

    When you and the right Master find one another, you'll know it. You'll know it because neither of you will want to imagine life without the other. (Yes, we Doms love and cherish our beautiful subs as much as or more so than our vanilla counterparts.)

    Good luck, and let us know how the search goes!

    -- Daddy