09 March 2010

On Being Used

Daddy stirs in the pre-dawn darkness that envelops our room. This is the only warning that I will get of what is to come. He is about to use me for his pleasure. Although I am equally thrilled and terrified at the prospect, it makes no difference how I feel about this as Daddy will use me all the same, in any way he wishes. This delicious cycle of use, pain, pleasure, fulfillment is how most of our days start out and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

He climbs on top of me, fully waking me from my deep sleep as he pries my legs apart with his knee. It is extremely jarring to be woken up in this fashion and Daddy knows this. He knows and takes pleasure in the fact that the first conscious memory that I’ll have every day is of the sweet pain of being forced to take his cock into my unprepared, tight pussy.

His rock-hard cock is at my entrance as he grabs a handful of my long hair, pulling my head back and forcing me to look into his eyes. He wants to see the pain reflected in my eyes as he pushes into me…he wants to see how bad his submissive baby girl craves her Daddy’s cock even while he hurts her. He begins to fight his way into my dry, still-sleepy pussy and it is at this moment that I am most acutely aware of the size of his member…he is positively enormous and the pain that courses through my body is a testament to this fact. Funny enough, it is precisely this pain that starts to get my pussy a bit wetter so as to fully take all of Daddy’s cock inside of me.

With my legs pulled back, Daddy stares down into my eyes as he pounds my cervix. I love the deep hurt of having my cervix pummeled by his cock, but I know that I will not be allowed to cum because Daddy’s pleasure is the only priority while I am being used. And although I must always focus on his pleasure, being used is more akin to being raped. I am an object, a piece of property that will be filled with Daddy’s spunk and then left to contemplate her complete servitude.

I beg him to fuck me ever harder. To remind me that the only reason I exist is to give him pleasure. To impale me with his cock and render me a slave for the rest of my life. To breed me. To rape me. To use me.

As Daddy shoots his load into my tight pussy, he lets out a deafening roar and then gently lies on top of me. He kisses me, tells me how much he loves me, and how he will never, ever get tired of using his little girl. With my arms and legs wrapped around him and his softening cock still inside me, I kiss him back and know, more than ever, that I want to be used by him for the rest of my life.

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