17 March 2010

Waking Up

When I wake up, if I'm in a mood for taking, I'll just roll baby girl over on her back, force apart her legs, and push my cock up inside her while she's still half-asleep. I love the feeling as her pussy involuntarily lubricates for me, becoming wetter as I work my way into her, but still very tight.

Sometimes I wake up in a more generous mood and, as we spoon together, I'll wrap my arms around baby girl and play with her -- stroke her nipples, insert a finger into her mouth, play with her clit, and so on. That's how I woke up yesterday. In fact, I was feeling especially generous, and so as I played with her, I whispered in her ear, "What do you want? You can have anything you like, little one." I expected her to ask me to go down on her, or make love to her, or just order her to cum while I teased her nipples. No.

"I want you to use me, Daddy."

And so I did just that.

Damn, I'm a lucky man.

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