28 February 2010

Back on Track

For the last three months or so, our sex life has been a little different than normal. First we were apart for a few weeks, and then we were celebrating the holidays with family. After that, we were apart on and off again, and then we both were sick at different times. We've never let up on the amount of sex when we've been together, but the D in D/s has been more psychological than physical. That changed yesterday.

We had already had sex two or three times in the morning (we start early and then go back to sleep), and it was about time to head upstairs, clean up, and go out on errands for the day. I followed baby girl up to our bedroom, took off her clothes, and told her to lie down on the bed. Reaching beneath the mattress, I pulled out the straps and cuffed her wrists down, her arms wide apart. I grabbed some toys from the closet and was about to put in her cock gag when she reminded me of her lingering cold and that she might not be able to breathe through her nose. I went instead for the blindfold. With her cuffs and blindfold in place, I grabbed two clothespins from the nightstand and attached them to her nipples, drawing a cry each time.

I didn't enter baby girl right away. I didn't immediately start hurting her with my cock deep in her pussy or by alternating the clothespins off and on her nipples, or with my hands slapping her breasts (though those were soon to follow). I paused for a moment and looked at her beneath me, utterly helpless, absolutely desirable, and wondered to myself why I had gone so long without doing this. And I knew I wouldn't let this much time pass between bondage sessions ever again.

27 February 2010

Sucking Daddy's Cock

Daddy has accurately gauged my deep love of giving him head… I crave his cock, I need his cock, and can never feel truly complete unless his cock is filling my mouth (or perhaps elsewhere…more to come later!). There is so much intimacy, power, and control involved in sucking cock that it many times seems the ideal sexual outlet for a D/s relationship. Master, always from above, gripping his submissive’s hair or giving instructions in order to control the stroking in and out of her mouth. Submissive, on her knees before him or between his legs, straining through her tears to take every inch of what her Master gives her. Their eyes meet. They are united in purpose – his pleasure.

Daddy reminds me constantly how much he enjoys my cocksucking and it makes me so proud to please him on such a deep level. And yes, I pay close attention to his guidance when he offers it because I wish to please him even further. How better to reinforce my submission and to show Daddy how much I adore and desire to serve him than by giving him incredible head? As my Master and my wonderful husband, he deserves nothing less than everything I have to give.

As I take my place between his legs, gazing up at Daddy’s propped-up torso, I know that our ritual has begun. He has commanded me to suck his cock and I have eagerly complied (as any proper submissive can tell you, eagerness can be a true indicator of submission to his will). Daddy’s substantial cock is nearly always rock-hard by this point, yet I don’t approach it in the same manner every time. Sometimes I plant a few delicate kisses on the head before popping the tip into my mouth playfully and swirling my tongue. At other times, I hungrily try to take his entire shaft into my mouth at once, drawing the head down my throat and gagging myself to tears so that Daddy can see how much I want all of his cock inside me.

If you’ve read Daddy’s post, he gives a very accurate (and flattering!) description of my technique, so I feel no need to repeat myself here. Yet what Daddy necessarily can’t describe is what it feels like to take his entire cock into my mouth and then to get a nice big load of his cum in my mouth and/or down my throat. Bliss? Euphoria? Sluttiness? Pride? Debasement? Fulfillment? From where I kneel, it’s a lovely blend of all of these sensations. I get to be the whore that Daddy knows that I can be for him while giving him some of the most intense pleasure that he’s ever felt. The glow that I feel once Daddy has given me permission to swallow the load of cum in my mouth is an unparalleled sensation. I am his property, he uses me as he sees fit, I have just served my purpose. I am truly Daddy’s good little girl. It is hard to argue with that sort of satisfaction.


Baby girl gives the best blowjobs I've ever received. They're uniformly spectacular and cause me to roar so loudly that we give thanks for the fact that we live in a house and so don't share a wall with anyone.

I've given it quite a bit of thought, and I think there are four reasons that her cocksucking is so amazing: technique, learning, desire, and satisfaction.

Her technique is incredible. She takes her time, because she savors giving me head, but when it's time to make me cum, she wraps her hand around the shaft of my cock and moves it up and down with her mouth, twisting as she does so, as if she's tracing the stripes on a barbershop's pole. It's literally the best thing I've ever felt. I can be sure I can't cum, that I'm done for the day after two, three, or four orgasms, and yet she never fails to rip another one out of me. It's like a Sybian for my cock -- stimulation that I can't resist.

Baby girl always wants to learn how to suck my cock better. She listens intently to every bit of direction I give her and always remembers it for the next time. The hand on my cock? The twisting motion she makes with it? Slowing down just as I'm about to cum? Stopping and holding still the moment I touch her? All of this and more she learned from listening to me.

Her desire to give me head is never-ending. When I tell her that it's time to suck Daddy's cock and make him cum -- whether we're in the middle of a fuck or I've just pulled her away from her reading -- she always reacts with a look as if I've just given her a piece of her favorite candy. She moans constantly while she's sucking, letting me know how much she loves it. And there is never, ever any discussion of what's going to happen to my cum; she wants and needs to swallow it (and I always let her, though she obediently waits for permission).

I think, though, that the biggest reason that baby girl's blowjobs are so amazing is the amount of satisfaction she derives from them. I control all of her orgasms (more on that another time), and can make her cum on verbal command (more on that another time as well). Sometimes I'll make her cum five, six, or seven times in a session, but she knows it's not about her, it's about me and what I want. So sometimes I don't make her cum at all -- never as punishment, which she never needs and I wouldn't want to dole out any way, but simply because it feels right to make my pleasure her entire focus. I occasionally command her to cum during a blowjob, but not usually, and yet I can tell from the muffled sounds of satisfaction she makes around my softening cock and from the look on her face as she crawls up my chest to cuddle with me afterwards how happy it has made her. We both know that I would well be within my rights (which are absolute) to tell her she was never going to cum again, that she was going to spend the rest of her life focused solely on my orgasms, and that I would always be cumming in her mouth from now on, and I know she'd be satisfied with that. Truly.

I've always thought that the most erotic thing is to be desired for exactly who you are by someone you yourself desire. I've never been desired as much as I am by baby girl.

26 February 2010

Meeting My Daddy

Daddy and I had been talking for about a month before we actually met. We knew enough about each other to know that we would be a good fit for one another, but, as he always says, there is no substitute for actually being with somebody to know if you’ll work as a couple. He was so very right.

Backing up a bit, I had never been in a true D/s relationship, but had known for quite some time that I craved submission. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I realized that I could no longer deny the gnawing ache inside of me. I needed to find a Dom…and I found Daddy.

On the night we met online, we established a pleasant, easy-going and humorous rapport from the very beginning, which is something that we continue to share and which I value implicitly. Yet, even through the light conversation about screen name choices and the “how are you doing tonights,” Daddy found a way to steer the conversation toward the sexual proclivities that had drawn us to each other. As he began a long string of questions (“Do you like to be spanked?” “Would you be able to be my princess, my partner and my little whore, baby girl?”…), I realized that I was revealing my all to this extremely intelligent stranger…and I wasn’t concerned in the least. Nobody had ever called me “baby girl” or “little girl” and I had certainly never called any of my previous partners “Daddy.” And yet again, my disarming Dom had me teetering on the edge of my comfort zone. Filling the role of his submissive baby girl felt amazingly right…as it still does and always will.

On Being a Daddy

Baby girl and I met online when she sent a message to me on an erotic chat site. She liked my screen name and then read my profile. It was necessarily short, but I managed to work the word "Daddy" into it. I don't know if she would have contacted me without that word. I suspect she would have, but we'll never know. In any case, within a week of having met online, she was calling me Daddy in our conversations. It felt natural and right.

In one of our earliest conversations, we talked about the word "Daddy" and what it meant for each of us. Did she fantasize about having sex with her actual father? Did I fantasize about having sex with my actual daughter? No, absolutely not. The thought repulsed each of us. We talked about roleplaying and I said it wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want elaborate sessions in which she pretended to be my daughter. Roleplaying doesn't interest me; I'd rather be with baby girl as herself, not as anyone else. She had a similar viewpoint and I think this was one of the important early moments in the blossoming of our relationship.

You can see the inherent contradiction here. Baby girl isn't my daughter. We refer to one another as if she is, but don't consider ourselves to be playing roles. I can imagine that this wouldn't make much sense to anyone else, but it works for us. I think this is because at some level we really do consider ourselves to be Daddy and baby girl, just as we consider ourselves to be Master and slave.

We've pushed and made this already fuzzy line between reality and fantasy even fuzzier. When I'm fucking her, baby girl will beg me to breed her. She doesn't literally mean this: we don't want kids and I had a vasectomy long ago in any case. Sometimes she'll ask me if I want to make a baby inside her, and I'll say that I do. Is this roleplaying? I suppose that it is, but we don't think of it that way. It feels like a natural extension of our personas in the relationship. If I'm her Master and her Daddy, and she's my slave and baby girl, the decision to impregnate her would be up to me, and it's a very erotic thought.

The word Daddy is a huge part of our relationship. Like most couples, we use each others' first names rarely, and our favored pet names for each other -- in private, anyway -- are Daddy and baby girl. Daddy is how she greets me every time she wakes up, how she answers the phone when she knows it's me calling, and how she signs every e-mail to me. And I wouldn't have it any other way.