10 March 2010

Orgasm Control

I mentioned before that I control baby girl's orgasms and that I can make her cum on command. I thought I'd write a little bit more about this, because I think it's an important thing.

The first time we slept together, I didn't attempt to control her orgasms; she just came when she wanted to. But over the course of that first long weekend -- four and a half days, nineteen orgasms for me, and upwards of eighty for her (we didn't count as we went along) -- I gradually introduced the concept. I wish I could say this was part of a master plan (so to speak), but it wasn't. It just felt natural.

I had known one girl with whom I had had phone sex who could cum on command. She had been trained by a former lover, and she was trained to a specific trigger word ("Now!"). I didn't ask her a whole lot about how she was trained, but assumed it was elaborate and lengthy. But in baby girl's case, it all just sort of... happened.

The second or third time we had sex, which was that first night, I told her not to cum without asking me. She complied and it seemed to increase the intensity of her orgasms -- and of course it was erotic for me to control them. At first, I let her cum immediately, but then began making her wait longer and longer. She learned how to hold back the inevitable until I released her.

From there, it was an easy step to me telling her to cum on command when I wanted it -- so easy that I don't remember when this started. And once this was in place, it was an easy step to tell her that I only wanted her to cum on command when we were having sex. But again, this was all much less deliberate and planned than it might appear from my account. We woke up one day and all of her orgasms during sex were at my command.

Later on in our relationship, I let baby girl know that when we were together in person -- we were in a long-distance relationship then and saw each other only every few weeks -- I wanted complete control over her orgasms. She readily agreed; in fact, it was nothing more than a codification of what we were already practicing. I let her know that at some point I would demand control of all her orgasms, and she knew this was coming. When I told her that she would never again cum without my explicit permission, whether we were together in person or not, it wasn't a surprise.

You might ask yourself why someone would agree to this? First, baby girl is my slave, so she doesn't have a choice in the matter. (I'm sure we'll get into the depths of her slavery here at some point.) Second, even if she weren't my slave, it would still be in her interest to agree to this. Now that her orgasms are under my control, they're consistently much more intense than those she had before she knew me. I know that whenever I want, I have the power to make her cum repeatedly and far more intensely than any man before me ever made her cum. During one session yesterday, I made her cum four times, and if she had cum like that before meeting me, she would have described them as the best four orgasms of her life. Now they're a regular occurrence. So it's very much in her self-interest to want this.

But again, she's a slave. Her orgasms (along with the rest of her) belong to me. They're mine to give out when and how I choose.


  1. Daddy - I had never experienced orgasm control (obviously) until I realized and released my submissive true self. However, I do have to agree.....when Master denies me release, then ultimately allows me to cum, the intensity is off the scale. But it also makes me feel so much more submissive to know that Master controls even my orgasms.


  2. SBG,

    The more time that baby girl and I spend together, the more I realize how important orgasm control is to the dynamic of our relationship.

    By stripping away a right that 99 percent of women regard as fundamental, it reinforces for baby girl her status in the relationship -- a slave without rights.

    By making her dependent upon me for her own physical pleasure, it reinforces for baby girl the fact that she no longer can exist on her own.

    And by taking away her ability to gratify herself whenever she wants and reserving it to myself to decide when and how she should feel pleasure, it makes that pleasure much more intense.

    To avoid taking myself too seriously here, I'll paraphrase Tina Fey. Baby girl's orgasms aren't the basket of french fries, each of which blurs into the other; they're the found fries at the bottom of the bag, the fries that taste better than all the others.

    By the way, baby girl and I both like your blog and are looking forward to seeing how it develops. We both wish you and your Master the best!

    -- Daddy