03 March 2010

Long-Distance Sub

One of the blogs on our list is Long-Distance Sub. The author, sub lyn, is in a long-distance relationship with her Master. This is a permanent state for them -- they have no plans to be together full-time.

Obviously the relationship baby girl and I have is fairly different than that of lyn and her Master. We're married and live together. And from what I've read, orgasms work differently for us than for them -- in our case, not only do I exercise control over all of baby girl's orgasms, but I have trained her to cum on verbal command. And sub lyn and her Master share a shoe fetish, which we don't have (though holding on to a girl's high heels while spreading her legs apart and fucking her is amazing).

That said, I greatly enjoy reading lyn's perspective, and from time to time, she writes something that truly speaks to me, as in this post:
Throwing my legs up over His shoulders He ordered me to pull my panties aside and then He thrust His cock into me. i winced a little at the sudden entry, and He smiled. “I love seeing you grimace when I fuck you. And then the lubrication comes…” Just as it did in that moment and He trailed off, concentrating on fucking my now slippery cunt. Legs spread wide, He leaned over me. “Beg me to fuck You,” he commanded. i begged, begged Him to use His slavegirl, begged Him to fuck His sextoy, begged Him to use my body. “Tell me You love me.” And i poured out my love for Him – forever, always, more than anything, in every way – grunts and moans punctuating my statements as He drove into me. i looked straight into His eyes as He fucked me and it was like there was no skin between us. Just pure unadulterated connection. His come hit my cervix, and it was like it always is – like an electric current between us, whenever He comes in me. i don’t come, but i am transported, and my cunt goes crazy, thrilling and quivering with the feeling of Him in me. Spent, he fell forward on to me, and we clutched each other like a lifeboat in a storm, holding on for dear life, falling into each other, trying to become one.
The way she describes how he uses her, the way she begs him to fuck her, the deep satisfaction she gets from his pleasure... those all sound wonderfully familiar.

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