15 March 2010

An Open Love Letter

With all our D/s writings here -- postings on everything from canes to cock gags, from beatings to blindfolds -- it would be easy for a reader to wonder about the emotional component of the relationship baby girl and I have.

It's spectacular.

It's hard to explain, even to other D/s types, but while she is my submissive, my slave, and my little girl, baby girl is also my partner, my companion, and my best friend. I'm amazed every day at how much in love we are, at how perfectly suited for each other we are. We talk for hours every day -- on the couch, in the car, in bed between bouts of sex, you name it. We make each other laugh nearly constantly. She'll take a swat at me and then I'll chase her through the house until she invariably follows a dead end (she'd be easy pickings in a horror film) and I catch up to her. I'll swat her three or five or ten times over compared to what she did to me, and then we'll both laugh until our stomachs hurt.

When I was sick recently, baby girl couldn't stop taking care of me. Whatever I wanted, whatever I needed, she was there -- not just when I asked, but coming over to me every few minutes to see if she could help. She ran countless errands for me and was there every step of the way.

When I leave on a trip, I always find notes and gifts in my luggage. When I come back, baby girl is always there to pick me up -- not at the curb, waiting in the car, but inside the terminal, waiting for me to come through security, waiting to hold me tightly and be kissed for as long as I want it.

As we're living our daily lives, at home or out and about, we're best friends... and yet the D/s is always there, just under the surface. Baby girl knows I can put her on her knees anytime, and she welcomes it. She knows that I could order her to go down on her knees in public (I thought about it in a parking lot recently) and she wouldn't hesitate for a fraction of a second. She can't conceive of disobeying me.

The funniest girl I've ever known, the sweetest, kindest mate I've ever seen, also happens to be my slave. My wife, who will forever be by my side, is a submissive who can never serve me enough, can never be used enough, and her greatest pleasure comes from making me feel good.

Honestly, I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Baby girl, I love you with everything I am. And I always will.


  1. I came home from running errands to find this beautiful letter waiting for me...wow! :) I guess this just confirms it for me (even though I already knew it!) - I have the most wonderful Daddy, Master, husband, partner, and best friend in the whole wide world! :)

    You are loved...

  2. Congrats on your relationship. You are a model for all couples. May your relationship continue to thrive and your love grow deeper. Keep it up. And the D/s part just adds to it.


  3. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, FD! :)

    Baby Girl :)

    P.S. And, by the way, I love your stories!