29 March 2010

My Rights

Baby girl has written here -- quite wonderfully -- about what she has given up and gained in this relationship. As the Dom, I think differently from this. I think in terms of my rights with baby girl. What can I do to her?

Baby girl has no hard limits. None. We established the very first time we chatted that neither of us was interested in what I came, while chatting with girls online, to call "SCAB": scatology, children, animals, and blood. None of them do anything for either of us. Baby girl doesn't have to worry about me suddenly wanting to see her with a German Shepherd. It's not going to happen. That said, there are no hard limits around these items since baby girl doesn't have any such limits. I could wake up one day, change my mind, tell baby girl I want to watch her have a hot scene with Rin Tin Tin, and she'd have to accept this. But for the sake of simplicity, in a discussion of rights, let's leave out things I'm not going to do simply because I have no interest at all in them.

Let's also leave out the things I already do to baby girl. If you read this blog, you know that I belt and cane her until she enters subspace or breaks (the choice is mine). You know that I strap baby girl to the bed, gag and blindfold her, and then fuck her as hard as I want. You know that I slap baby girl across the face and breasts. You know that I wrap my hand around her throat and cut off her air as I'm about to make her cum. You know that I take her whenever I want, and that her orgasms are gifts from me when it pleases me to give them. So in a discussion of rights, let's leave out the rights we already know I have.

In other words, what the things I might want to do to baby girl -- no matter how unlikely -- but haven't yet? Well, it's a long list; too long to actually write up. I'd be working on it for days. But I'm sure I can hit some highlights:
  • I could take up another partner, separately from baby girl or together as a threesome.
  • I could order baby girl to take up another partner, male or female.
  • I could take baby girl to a sex club or other similar environment and use her in front of people or share her with others.
  • I could order baby girl to wear a collar in public. I could add a leash to the collar.
  • I could have baby girl tattooed. I could have her pierced or branded.
  • I could take away baby girl's orgasms for a weekend, a month, a year, or even permanently.
  • I could tell baby girl she's no longer allowed to wear clothes inside the house.
  • I could post pictures and/or videos of baby girl having sex online.
  • I could tie baby girl's ankle to the bed at night so that she can't get up without my permission.
  • I could put a permanent collar on baby girl -- the kind that won't come off without a special tool or being destroyed.
  • I could torture baby girl in increasingly painful ways -- implements worse than the cane and belt I use now.
  • I could strap baby girl to the bed and leave her there all day, only coming in to use her when I felt like it.
  • I could have baby girl spend hours -- all day, if I so chose -- on her knees in front of me, my cock in her mouth, as I watch television.
  • I could order baby girl to wear a butt plug anytime I chose, including while she's around the house or when we go out.
As I said, I could work for days and days on this list. The above is just a sampling.

Now, which of these rights will I choose to exercise, and when? That's for me to know and baby girl to find out when I do so. But it's a good bet one or both of us will write about them here.

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  1. Very nice list! The possibilities are endless. Especially since she has no real limits and is willing to do whatever it is you ask or require of her. I look forward to hearing/reading about your continued adventures together and seeing where they lead next. :)