05 March 2010

More Than She Bargains For

After months of experience, baby girl knows that when she makes a sexual request of Daddy, he may or may not grant it, but if he does, she's going to get more than she bargained for. That happened again this morning.

I'm still fighting off sickness, which makes vigorous sex somewhat difficult. Baby girl is on her period, and though we're perfectly willing to get out the big towel and clean up afterwards, it's in the back of our minds that sex without intercourse will be less of a hassle. So the last couple of days have been me ordering baby girl to cum while I play with and torture her breasts, and then me ordering her to suck me until I cum in her mouth (which, as noted here earlier, she's always delighted to do).

We followed this pattern this morning. I was curled up behind her and making her cum, first while caressing and teasing her nipples, then while pinching them harder and harder. After her fourth orgasm, I told her it was time to make Daddy cum with her mouth. As she was pulling her hair back and out of the way, she asked if she could have the clothespins (I keep a supply on my nightstand) on while she sucked me. I said yes and put them on her, one at a time. She winced and cried out but took the pain well.

She gave me one of her typically brilliant blowjobs, slowing down and using a very light touch as I got close, in order to draw out my pleasure. I roared as I came, spurting a large load of hot seed into her willing mouth. She opened up to show me my cum, which she always holds until I tell her what to do with it. Normally at that point I would allow her to swallow it, but not this time. I told her to get down on her knees beside the bed and to keep my spunk in her mouth. She crawled out of bed with me following after her, standing before her. I told her to look up at me and explained that I was going to make her cum incredibly hard. She knew what was coming (or cumming, as the case may be). Our eyes locked together, hers full of dread and desire. I ordered her to cum and within a few seconds her orgasm was starting. I told her to swallow and then ripped the clothespins off her nipples. The longer they've been on, the more they hurt coming off, and the pain was excruciating for her. She screamed. I crouched down to reach around and support her. Her body convulsed in my arms and she managed to whisper out the words, "White light, Daddy... white light." (More on that another time.)

After it was all over, when she could speak normally once again, she said, "Baby girl always gets more than she bargains for when she asks Daddy for something." Yes, she does.

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