30 September 2011

Poll Results...and a Confession

Thank you all for participating in this week’s poll regarding the age during which you experienced your first D/s or BDSM urges! I’m going to give you a breakdown of the results and, if you’re patient enough to make it through to the end, you may get a little reward apropos of this week’s theme (courtesy of yours truly).

26 people responded to the question and, interestingly enough, the results weren’t as lopsided as I expected them to be. I had assumed that the two age groups of 6-10 and 11-14 would garner a significant majority of the responses on account of childhood explorations of sexuality and puberty/hormone fluctuations. As it turns out, though, 30% of the respondents identified themselves in the 6-10 age group, 26% were over the age of 18, and 23% were between 15-18 when they had their first TTWD urges… Fascinating stuff!

Well, now that you’ve all been generous enough to offer your input into the poll (all in the interest of science, of course!), and you’ve made it through the dry, quantifiable data, I feel it’s only fair that I share with you my response and my earliest D/s urges… To up the ante, I should mention that not even Daddy has heard this story!

I was 7 or 8 years old when I had my first D/s longings. As I’m sure is true for most of you, I wasn’t able to define the feelings as such, but I knew that I liked it and that it probably would be best to keep it to myself. There was a group of about 4-5 kids that I would play with every day during recess at school. We would chase after each other, play tag, climb the monkey bars…pretty standard schoolyard fare. One day, one of the boys decided that he wanted to play a new game, one in which a couple of girls, at his command, would chase after me to capture me for him. Please keep in mind that, although I’m fairly athletic now, I loathe running. However, when I was 7 years old, I was the fastest girl in my class. This fact, coupled with the imagination of a mischievous young boy, made me quite the sought-after quarry.

One day, the two girls, both very fast in their own right, finally captured me and grabbed me by the arms to take me back to the leader of the group. They had never caught me before, so I didn’t know what the leader had in store for me. All I knew was that I was trapped and exhausted and that I wouldn’t be able to fight whatever was coming next… At that moment, I felt my clit throb in ecstasy and anticipation of the unknown submission that I would be subjected to.

The two minions (also submissives?) escorted me back to Him. I was terrified and turned on all at the same time. Part of me feared the consequences of being caught, part of me wanted to explore the powerful feeling that was stirring inside of me and that was refusing to subside…

And then the bell rang to call us back from recess.

None of us ever spoke of what we did or what we felt that day, but we never played that game again. Perhaps we were all experiencing feelings that we were trying to suppress. Feelings that would eventually surface again as adults, begging to be acknowledged and released…

29 September 2011

The Afterglow

Damn, do I love being collared! Since kneeling before him yesterday afternoon in order to receive the physical reminder of my submission to Him, Daddy and I have had some amazing fucking and sucking sessions, I’ve got bruises on my ass and breasts from when He was rough with me, and, truth be told, I just crave more!

I think my favorite part about being collared (at least so far) is the way that my pussy drools every time I have it on…Christ, I can’t believe how turned on I am by being owned in this way! Well, actually, I kinda, sorta can believe it… ;-) In a way, I’ve been waiting my whole life to be owned, to be collared, to be His.

While at work today (thanks for the advice about not wearing it to work, pepper!), all I could think about was getting home to Daddy so that He could put my collar on and let me curl up next to him…*sigh*

Collared bliss…

(Of course, I wonder if I’ll feel the same way about the collar when he has me tethered by its rings, tied up, gagged, and clamped while he canes me or while he assaults my tight back hole with a plug that’s a couple sizes too big… Hey, a girl can dream, right??)

28 September 2011


So, it’s getting late and I’d like to see if Daddy and I can get to bed a little early tonight for another deep fucking session (is dropping majorly unsubtle hints considered topping from the bottom??), but I have some wonderful news that I would like to share with you!

I’m assuming that you were able to figure out from the title of the post and the accompanying picture, but…Daddy finally collared me!

This is something that He has been discussing with me even before I willingly gave myself over to Him…and it finally happened! I couldn’t be more thrilled, and I’ve been wearing my new accessory ever since he put it on me! Unfortunately, I’m thinking they may frown upon the whole leather/D-ring look at work tomorrow, so I’m going to have to take it off eventually… ;-)

I’ll be sure to post more details about the collaring and the session that came afterwards, but for the time being, I’m proud to say that I’m a happily collared slave!

Thank you, Daddy…

27 September 2011

A Good Spanking

“Don’t move.”

Daddy grips my neck tightly with his left hand, holding me face down on the bed. I’m barely awake and the sun is just starting to rise.


The first strike lands firmly in the center of my ripe, round ass. In my groggy state, the suddenness of the blow nearly takes my breath away, but I know that this is just the beginning.


Daddy takes turns with each of my ass cheeks, thoroughly spanking them into submission. My ass, like the rest of me, is His…


The more I fidget, the tighter his hand clamps around the back of my neck, keeping me immobile and completely submissive to his assault.


I hear the growl building up in Daddy’s throat, the telltale sound that lets me know that Daddy is at his most dominant and can’t wait to fuck his baby girl.

“Jesus, my cock is rock-hard…you’re about to get fucked, little one.”

The same hand that was beating my ass now trails down the crack of my ass, nearing my slit. Daddy slips his middle finger inside my pussy and, when he feels how wet I am, comes to a realization.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who enjoyed that. Well, whether you enjoyed that or not, I think somebody is going to be getting spankings more often.”

My ass clenches instinctively and my stomach flutters…

I absolutely adore being His!

25 September 2011


It’s official! We have reached our 100th blog post since starting “A Daddy and His Baby Girl” in February of 2010. Granted, we may have gotten to triple digit posts a little while sooner had I maintained my presence in the blogosphere over the past year, but that’s neither here nor there! ;-)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for reading and sharing your experiences with us. It is because of our interwoven stories and explorations that we make the D/s and BDSM communities better, safer, more informed, and richer places for everyone.

It is a privilege to call myself a submissive and to share my experiences with you.

Thanks again to all of you!

23 September 2011

Lazy Weekend Poll

First of all, please take a moment to register your opinion/experience in the poll over to the right… →

Thank you, maui girl, for giving me the idea for this poll… After reading some of the responses to your post about your first experience with BDSM, including a couple from my very own Daddy, I thought I’d open the question up in more general terms.

I’m curious to see what the responses are and I’ll be sure to post the results!

And please note, lest I be accused of repeating myself, this is a topic that I’ve mentioned and polled before…but as it is topic that is near and dear to my heart, I thought it could bear some repeating!

Baby Girl Strips for Daddy

“No. Not yet.”

This is what I heard as I unbuttoned my suit jacket and made my first attempts to get comfortable after returning home from work. Daddy stopped me cold.

“Come with me.”

He escorted me to our bedroom, lowered the blinds, and settled into our overstuffed loveseat.

“I want my Baby Girl to strip for me. I’ve been thinking about this for quite awhile.”

Daddy had never asked this of me, but I had no intention of disappointing him. Plus, he had just come home from a long business trip and it made me feel incredibly sexy to know that what he most wanted at that moment was to see me disrobe for him. He wanted full access to his Baby Girl’s body…and he wanted to start by soaking in the sight of her.

“Play with yourself for me.”

My hands instinctively sought out my clit as I touched myself for him.

I stood before him, a wanton little girl slut playing with herself…desperate to be near him, desperate to feel his body, desperate to nuzzle up against his straining cock.

And I soon got what I most craved. Daddy pushed the ottoman away, making room for me to kneel on the floor before him and to wrap my mouth around his thick shaft.

I lavished his cock with attention…suckling, kissing, nibbling… And all I wanted was more of him in my needy, greedy little mouth. Before I knew it, though, Daddy pulled me from my knees and forced me on to the bed. I knew that my tight little pussy would have trouble accommodating his large member, especially after a prolonged period without any penetration. And I was right.

“I want you to know that this is going to hurt you. Good. I want it to hurt… Take it…TAKE IT!!”

As I cried out in delicious agony and submissive freedom, he took his index and middle fingers and stuffed them in my mouth as a makeshift gag… It was all I could do to keep from cumming at that moment – after all, good little girls do not cum until they are given permission to do so. But, Christ, was that hot!

But Daddy wasn’t finished with his little one yet…

He seized my legs and put my ankles on his shoulders, allowing him deeper access to my slick, wanting pussy. Daddy knows how much this position hurts me, but he also knows how much we both love it for that very reason. He fucked me into oblivion, pounding my pussy mercilessly, and gagging me on and off with his fingers.

When he finally filled me with his seed, he looked down at me on the bed and let his thumb rest in the corner of my mouth. At that moment, I don’t know if it was the feeling of being sexually overwhelmed in the best possible way or if it was the feeling of complete vulnerability, but all I wanted to do was suck Daddy’s thumb…

And that’s exactly what I did.

21 September 2011

A Deep Need

There is something that I've been wanting for a long time... Something from Daddy... It's not something that we've discussed before, so he has no idea what this want might be...

He's been traveling the past week and I've had plenty of time to reflect upon this want... Plenty of time to realize that this want is turning into a need...

Until I've discussed it with Daddy, I won't share this need with you (I'm an absolutely terrible tease!), but I'd love to hear your thoughts about my minor dilemma...

I've never voiced a need to Daddy before and I would never want to ruin the beautiful dynamic that we share... That being said, how do I let him know of my secret, deep-seated need without "topping from the bottom"? On one hand, he is my Daddy and has every right to know what I'm thinking and feeling. Yet on the other, I'm afraid that if I tell him exactly what I need, it may disrupt our D/s balance...

I feel that this problem is an "oldie but a goodie" in our community, but can any of you offer some words of advice?

Let me sweeten the deal, shall I?

I promise that when I am able to voice my need to Daddy, I'll write every sordid, delicious detail down in this blog for you to enjoy...sound good??

19 September 2011

The Same Old Routine

While sheepishly lurking around some of my favorite blogs and attempting to reconnect with some of my old blogosphere friends, it occurred to me that publishing a quick post might not be the worst idea in the world! Hello all!

Although I'm sure you're not all that interested in why I fell off the face of our cozy little planet, perhaps my reasons might provide some fodder for discussion!

While commenting on Florida Dom's blog, I cited a new, time-consuming job as my main reason for lapsing on the blog. After leaving my comment, though, I gave it some more thought and realized that there may be more to it than just employment...

Daddy and I have been together for a couple of years now and we couldn't be happier, and we're still just as Dominant and submissive as we've always been (phew!)...and I will be His for the rest of our lives. Period.

That being said, with challenging jobs, social engagements, working out, and the myriad of little things that make up our lives, it's easy to fall into routines. Yes, even D/s relationships can become routine... And no, routine is not the end of the D/s road. But, and let's be honest here, nobody wants to read about routine...can I get an "amen"?? I mean, the word itself - "routine" - conjures up visions of cranky, middle-aged, combed-over, muumuu wearing, bickering, sexless losers. (Now do you understand my use of the Ropers as my Pic of the Post??)

Does it mean that we don't love each other? Does it mean that we're not as committed to D/s as we once were?? Does it mean that all the really steamy, pervy posts are a thing of the past??? No, no...a million times no!

Well, then, what does it mean, Baby Girl?

Great question!

From my perspective, it means that we're venturing into a new phase in our D/s experience, one that is perhaps deeper and, if possible, more fulfilling than even we expected it to be. The routine of submission, in its own way, is indicative of the level of commitment and trust that we've established. We're firmly established in our patterns of Daddy and Baby Girl and would never have it any other way. It's the patterns and the normalcy of D/s in our lives that allow routine to be acceptable and not something to be feared.

I would love to hear from anyone who has felt routine in D/s as impending doom... I challenge you, as I challenge myself each day, to rethink your perspective and take stock in what you have. Is it that the wildfire of submissiveness (or Dominance) has fizzled out? Or is it that you're gradually stoking the flames of a love, lifestyle, and experience that will continue to flare up and smolder throughout the years to come?

It's your call to make.