17 March 2010

Anal Fixation

Early on in our relationship, Daddy remarked upon how tight his baby girl’s ass was (and still is)…he would need to spend quite a bit of time working, stretching, and training his little one in order to take his cock (which, as I’ve mentioned on other occasions, is rather substantial). The thought of anal sex with Daddy, much as the rest of our D/s experiences, leaves me scared, wet, intimidated, and wholly submissive. I want to feel Daddy in my ass and crave the idea of pleasing him in this way, but fear the pain, the complete relinquishing of control, and the lack of any say whatsoever in the worst moments of panic. Until yesterday, anal sex with Daddy was only a mental struggle. It has since turned into a physical struggle as well…

After ordering me to shower and to get into bed, Daddy took his shower and then proceeded to assemble all the toys and lube that he planned on using. At this point, I still was unsure as to what he had in store for me. He commanded me to my knees, put his cock in my mouth, and as I sucked him lovingly, he informed me that he was going to play with my ass. If I was a good little girl, he whispered, I might even get Daddy’s cock in my butt. I immediately tensed up. Daddy sensed that he had gotten my full attention and decided to start in on me.

As I lay there, stretched out on my tummy, Daddy began to lick my tight hole with his devilish tongue. He knows how much I love this (and how he’s the only man to have ever done this to me), and yesterday he upped the ante by ordering me to use my vibrator on my clit as he licked and prodded at my back entrance. Pushing his tongue into me, he commanded a number of orgasms that left me in a somewhat ethereal, pliable state.

After lubing up a small plug, he pushed it into me in order to prepare me for much larger intrusions, as I was soon to find out. Daddy fucked me with the small plug until he felt I was sufficiently warm, then switched to a larger, well-lubed plug. We’ve tried using this one before, but were unable to fully insert it. This time was no different, except for the fact that Daddy took more time with the plug, holding it in place, letting me get used to it, and telling me what a good girl I was. The end result was a swift removal of the plug and a big surprise.

Daddy’s cock was pushed up against my asshole. As Daddy’s weight pressed down on my back, fear gripped me and I couldn’t think straight. Before I knew it, his arms were wrapped around me and the head of his dick was inside of me. It hurt, but wasn’t as agonizing as I thought it was going to be. This made it easier as he slid inch by inch of his slick cock into my too-tight asshole. Before I knew it, I had Daddy’s entire cock in my ass and the feeling of fullness and submission at that moment was truly incredible. Putting me on my knees, he pulled out and started to fill me again. Aaaah, true bliss…

Until he started thrusting. Although I was able to take all of Daddy’s cock (no small feat!), the searing pain of his thick shaft sawing in and out of me was too much to handle and I begged for an end to the pain. Daddy acquiesced, knowing that we had jumped a huge hurdle and that, with time, he would be able to train me to endure the deep anal fucking that we both need.

I can hardly wait to feel Daddy in my ass again…


  1. Hi to you both, great posting....liked this line best..."Daddy began to lick my tight hole with his devilish tongue."
    Take care,

  2. Hi Paolo!
    Thanks for your comments and we're so glad you enjoyed the post! And yes, Daddy has a very devilish tongue indeed... ;)
    Baby Girl :)

  3. So amazing ...wish I could talk my wife into letting me fuck her ass