03 March 2010

A Sharp Awakening

Daddy and I recently started this blog, but I have been writing about our experiences from very early on in our relationship. With this in mind, some of the posts I will share - such as this one - are from our first explorations together. Re-reading them now, knowing that I have the wonderful privilege of spending the rest of my life with Daddy, reminds me why I have chosen to submit fully to my Master... I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Daddy had told me that he would do it to me at some point, but I guess I didn’t figure that he would get around to it so soon after we had started our relationship. I quickly found out that my submission to Daddy made it so that I could not question his commands and that I was at his complete mercy for whatever pain or pleasure he saw fit to mete out. My lack of experience as a sub and naivety were painfully obvious…

The first slap to my cheek was light, not enough to hurt or even shock me, yet I instinctively knew what Daddy was doing to his little girl. He was beginning to train her for the slapping that she would need to endure as his property. I had never felt more submissive or owned than I did at that moment. The one light slap turned into a couple more, but I lost focus on what Daddy was doing as my brain started spinning out of control. Question after question flooded my over-stimulated mind - Why didn’t I give him this as a hard limit? What the hell was I thinking? Could I really be owned by this man? He won’t hurt me, will he? How could I be so scared and turned on at the same time? Did I really want this? Oh God….

My focus returned as I felt a sharper blow to my face. I met Daddy’s gaze with my own and within the strength of his powerful stare, I found what I was looking for… I found the inner peace and calm that come with turning yourself over to another. At that point, I stopped dreading the successive blows and focused on my Daddy and what he was doing to me. I fully gave myself to him, knowing that he would take care of me the way that only he could. As he knocked my face to the side time and again with his powerful hand, I made sure to quickly meet his gaze, knowing that looking into his eyes would be the only way that I could bear the slapping and the pain.

As I melted under Daddy’s warming blows, I was shocked to feel my clit throbbing in ecstasy. But wait. How was this possible? Suffering through a face-slapping was just a sign of my submission, right? Wasn’t I just indulging Daddy? No, baby girl…it was as if Daddy were reading my mind and ripping the truth out of my very soul. I was enjoying it. Daddy’s baby girl discovered that she loved having her face slapped by him. The jagged pieces of the puzzle finally fit together and Dom and sub were united in a common purpose, with him showing her the pleasure to be found in pain and trust and her crossing the threshold into a new world of submissive experience.

The next day, while looking in the mirror, I discovered some light bruises from the prior evening’s activities. They weren’t completely obvious, but were definitely visible. I showed them to Daddy and was thrilled to hear, as he flashed his all-knowing smile, that he wasn’t sorry about giving me those marks. He caressed my bruised cheek and gently kissed me. I felt so perfectly owned and have now been wearing those bruises as a mark of pride for the entire week.

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