12 September 2010

Sex as Communication

Any mature, responsible couple who has weathered a few storms (and perhaps a few failed relationships) knows that sex cannot be the crux of the partnership. As wonderful as sex can be (and boy, can it be wonderful!), there is simply no feasible way to shag 24 hours a day…I should know, I wrote the definitive work on the subject for my honor’s thesis at the John Holmes Academy of Deep Dicking. ;)

Ok, maybe not… But you get my point, right?? When it comes to D/s, we all need to establish a balance that works for our specific partnership – a formula of sorts that helps to ensure enduring happiness. In addition to mind-blowing, toe-curling sex sessions and Domination/submission scenes that would make the cast and crew over at kink.com sweat through their leather, we may also need nurturing, personal and professional fulfillment, alone time, family togetherness, travel and exploration…the list could go on. Yet at the bottom of all this, there needs to exist a solid base of communication and understanding. Yes, I know that I’ve railed against communication in the past, but, in my defense, I was taking issue with the use of “communication” (or the lack thereof) as a hackneyed, pseudo-psychoanalytical catch-all for relationship problems rather than with communication in and of itself. But I digress!

The main goal of this post is to look at sex as a non-verbal communication tool for couples. My inclination is to believe that D/s couples tend to use sex for communication more often and more effectively than vanilla couples. This conclusion is based on the assumption that, generally, D/s relationships evolve under stricter and more explicit sexual parameters. Regardless of when the D/s aspect of the partnership entered the picture – some start a new relationship with the full understanding that they are entering into a D/s partnership and yet others discover their dominant or submissive leanings later in life and attempt to adjust their relationships accordingly – sex and communicating one’s desires are never far from the picture. But, the question remains…can sex itself be used to communicate or is it a closely related by-product of successful verbal communication between partners? Let’s look at a couple examples…

We’ve all heard of (and have probably engaged in!) “make-up” sex. This is a big one in the vanilla world. The argument has died down, you’re willing to concede on a few points, both of you have made some comments that you wish you could take back, a couple sheepish “I’m sorries” are exchanged…and before you know it, you’re ripping each other’s clothes off and going for the ride of your life in the sack. Even rodeos and amusement parks don’t feature this much action! So what just happened there? Communication through sex. As a standard, it can be difficult for us to admit we were wrong and to face up to the awful things we’ve said or done. There are certain ineffable, intangible factors in a relationship that spoken communication cannot bridge. But when both partners hit the threshold of hurt and then push beyond it to find themselves once again, make-up sex can be the most effective way to close the gap between you and to move on together. Yes, there still may be some lingering hurt feelings, but the sex itself as a communication tool lets both partners know that they’re on the path to moving beyond the argument.

For my second example, I’d like to take a look at some sexual communication from a D/s perspective (and primarily from Daddy’s and my perspective, although I’m sure that many of you will have no trouble identifying!). We stir in the morning light. Before a word is spoken, he is on top of me, forcing his way inside of me. It hurts so deeply that the sensations border on acute pleasure. This is where we both need to be…this is where we belong. Sex as The Great Communicator has once again spoken loud and clear – “You are mine to do whatever I wish.” When one hand wraps around my throat and the other covers my nose and mouth, the message is even clearer – “Everything you have and everything you are belongs to me, even the air that you breathe. You will never know a time when you are not owned completely by me.” It’s hard to argue with that sort of communication…and I love “hearing” it.

Although, I fear that the question still remains… Is sex itself (in all of its manifestations) a communicative tool that we can depend upon? Or is it that we are able to share effective non-verbal communication through sex because we have previously verbalized our needs, wants, fears, and desires?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you right now…this was a sort of “food for thought” blog entry! Thanks for making it all the way through this somewhat unwieldy post - I’d love to hear any thoughts that you have!

08 September 2010

The Quickie

“Stroke my cock, baby girl. Stroke Daddy and make him nice and hard…”

We had just hopped into bed, indulging in one last quickie before Daddy had to leave on his two week business trip. Although I’m not sure that “quickie” captures all the wonderful nuances of what we shared that afternoon…what we’ll share for the rest of our lives. We both knew that two weeks apart would be difficult and that we would have a rough go of it, but Daddy helped me to refocus on the here and now…on us.

After he ordered me upstairs, we began to climb the stairs in unison, knowing that we would be heading directly for the bed. We undressed quickly and shimmied under the covers and Daddy ordered me to stroke his cock. Taking his thick shaft in my hand, I immediately felt him become firmer in my grasp. As I used soft touches and a light, but solid grip to caress and stroke my Daddy, he took my left nipple in his mouth and forcefully twisted my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Yet another twitch from Daddy’s cock as his baby girl moaned in ecstasy from his ministrations… Good little girls aren’t supposed to like getting touched by their Daddies that way…but after he commanded a couple orgasms from my body, I became aware that I couldn’t remember how I had ever cum before meeting my Daddy.

Continuing to suck on my nipple, his hand slid its way down my body and his fingers found their way to my slick pussy and swollen little clit. One more pussy-clenching orgasm for baby girl and then, in one swift movement, Daddy was on top of me with his cockhead at my opening. He looked deep into my eyes…looked through me…looked at the little girl that existed only for him… And then he was inside her, as deep as he could possibly get… Daddy pounded my pussy until he exploded in a roar of an orgasm.

Truth be told, there wasn’t any particular aspect about our sex session that made it vastly different from one of our “normal” sex sessions…but that’s precisely what made it so incredible. I was reminded that “normal” for us is a perpetually and infinitely fulfilling experience and that my life is intrinsically connected to one amazing man…a man who just happens to be my Daddy.

06 September 2010

It's Been Too Long...

Hello all! It’s nice to be back…and to see that find that our blog has continued to resonate with our amazing community of “pervy” folk (and, as we all know, the pervy folk are the most fun folk!).

In an egregious, unabashed use of the passive voice (so as to shift all blame for my absence toward external factors!), an outstanding two-week vacation, a return to work that had us reeling for a bit, followed by Daddy’s extended two-week business trip, and a visit by a couple of just plain awful out-of-town guests, all conspired to keep me away from the blog for an embarrassingly long period of time! Thank you for your patience and your continued interest!

Now, without further ado, back to the delightfully nasty sexy stuff that you all love and adore… ;)

Daddy’s been gone for about a week and a half now and my pussy is positively aching to feel him again…his warm body, his thick cock, his dominance. I would compare my pussy to a feral beast, salivating at the thought of sinking its teeth into freshly killed prey, but this metaphor seems far too Dom-like (and toothy!) to me and doesn’t capture the nature of my submission. And despite the somewhat obvious physical similarities, even the docile Venus Flytrap, patiently waiting for its feast to arrive, seems aggressive at this point. For now, solid metaphors escape me, so I’ll just leave it at Daddy’s baby girl can’t wait for him to come home and is desperate to feel him inside her again…

This is one of the longest periods that Daddy and I have been without sex since we’ve been married…and, as you might assume, neither of us is enjoying it…at all. There is really only one plus that I can take from this experience. It is the knowledge that when Daddy takes what is rightfully his upon his return it will hurt. This pain is unlike any other and I equate it to the first time that I ever felt him deep inside of me… Delicious. Nostalgic. All-consuming. Pain.

When this excruciatingly lovely pain is combined with Daddy’s words, reiterating his total dominance and ownership of me as he buries himself inside of me, it will take every last bit of will and strength that I have in order to not cum at that moment…

I mean, hell, I’m teetering on the edge as I type!!! Please come home soon, Daddy! :)

25 July 2010


Hello all! Well, Daddy and I are taking care of final preparations for our upcoming vacation…woohoo! Considering the fact that we’ve been planning this trip for over seven months and the fact that we’ll be gone for nearly two whole weeks, I am (at times, quite literally) bouncing with excitement!

Of course, the reason for this post isn’t to brag (ok, maybe that’s part of the reason!), but rather to let you all know that I may be out of touch for the next couple of weeks…and this time, there will be a good reason! ;)

Although, you never know… Sometimes vacations lend themselves to some sexcapades that even submissive little horny perverts like me could only dream of! And in that case, I’ll be sure to keep you informed!!!

Take care, all!

21 July 2010

Little Slut

“You like it when Daddy uses you this way. You need to be forced open every day by your Master’s cock. Take it…take it…”

Almost every time that Daddy pushes his way into me at the start of a sex session, he talks/whispers/growls to me… He always lets me know who and what I am to him at that moment – my use value according to him, a list of precious assets (pussy, mouth, ass, tits), my status as slave. But every once in a while, he’ll use a specific term that catches my attention more than usual and puts me in a place that I never see coming…

“You little slut.”

God, I love being called that… Part of my affinity for the term is that “slut” is such a wicked, debasing word and having it directed at me doesn’t form part of my normal, daily existence. The other part is the fact that when Daddy calls me that, there couldn’t be a more pure distillation of my essence at that moment. I’m pure slut, a nasty whore who craves a hard fucking more than anything in the world. I don’t want to be a slut, but it’s in my nature and I cannot and must not deny it. Daddy wouldn’t allow that.

And Daddy loves his little slut. He loves controlling her orgasms and making her cum while he hurts her with his cock, rapes her into submission, and degrades her with his epithets. He loves picking the precise moment when the pain has reached a boiling point and then commanding an orgasm from his baby girl’s ravaged body… “You see what a little slut you are? Cumming so hard while Daddy hurts you? God, that’s so wonderfully degrading, little one…”

Yes, it is degrading. And yes, I love it. I’m such a little slut…

19 July 2010

On Being Submissive - Interview

Hello all! My blogosphere friend turiya recently posted an interview with me on one of her blogs entitled “On Being Submissive” (nee “On Being Slave”). The interview can be found here. Please visit to learn a bit more about the relationship that Daddy and I have, and also to let turiya know how much you appreciate her dedication to our collective lifestyles! :) Thank you!

16 July 2010


Since Daddy has been traveling quite a bit lately, we’ve been spending a significant amount of our limited alone time when he’s home, um, “reconnecting” (“reconnecting” = thinly veiled euphemism for fucking…a lot!). We find ourselves falling into our familiar patterns of dominance and submission while we’re at our most intimate and there is much comfort in this… We’re both aware and in tune with each other’s needs and we have wasted no time in making sure that those needs are met!

That being said, there is a particular aspect of our love-making/fucking/sex sessions that has really caught my attention as of late – penetration. Yes, I know, most sexual acts involve some degree of penetration, but how often do we slow down enough to focus on the penetrative act in and of itself? Penetration is usually the means to the end and lends itself to a myriad of sexual delights...especially when the act of penetration is repeated over and over…and over again! Woohoo!

What I’m referring to as noteworthy is the initial entry into the body, and in this case, the initial entry into my pussy. Daddy is rather well-endowed and I’ve never had a child, so I’m nice and tight for him. Of course, this combination proves to be excruciatingly delightful time and time again. When Daddy climbs on top of me and rests the tip of his thick cock against my not-too-slick, waiting and wanting hole, the suspense is more than palpable. He forces, thrusts, and grinds his way into me, both hurting and pleasuring me, all the time reminding me of who I am and why I exist…

“You like this, baby girl. You like feeling your Daddy fight his way into you. You need me to hurt you with my cock. You can’t be complete without this…” And he’s right.

In a way, this penetrative ritual is our sexual mantra, reaffirming our respective domination and submission. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that said mantra also serves to make me crave his cock more than ever! ;)

So, all I’m saying is that the next time you’re with your partner, if you have the opportunity, take a moment to slow down and really focus on and savor that first penetration.

You won’t regret it!

10 July 2010


As a disclaimer, for some reason, I thought that I had posted this entry months ago...but I can't seem to find it in our archive! If, by chance, this is a repeat, I sincerely apologize and promise to follow up with a new post very soon! :) Thanks for reading...

In a world plagued by Dr. Phil-istines, there is quite an abundance of advocacy in favor of “open, honest communication”. Yes, I think there is something to be said for solid communication, but “communication” has now become a trite, annoying buzzword for solving any and all relationship troubles. What strikes me most is that a majority of couples who follow a vanilla lifestyle don’t seem to be able to broach sensitive topics and yes, communicate, with the ease that D/s couples do. This holds even truer for any discussions about sex. For example, I have never been able to talk about sex as freely as I would have liked…up until now, that is. In my relatively vanilla past, partners have come and gone (yes, I hope you caught the double entendre…), but none were willing to discuss our sexual exploits in any sort of detail. It’s as if, once the act was completed (and even if said act constituted previously unexplored territory for us), it was over, buried, and never to be spoken of again. This always struck me as odd. Granted, I had no desire to get into the minutiae (ins-and-outs? blow-by-blow? Nah, too easy…) of our sex, but rather wished to know how our sex, love-making, fucking, or any of the shades in between made them react. Did they want more of that particular act? Were they revolted by it? Would they like to try it again, but with our respective roles reversed? How did that sex fit into their sex echelon (sexchelon?)? Somewhere between a quickie and a finger up the butt? How was I to know? Needless to say, this sex secrecy pact did not bode well for any of my former partners and I was left questioning and unfulfilled.

Now, knowing what I know now as I bask in the first budding of my submission to Daddy, I should have seen that what I really wanted was a sort of feedback system with which I could tailor-make sex to fit my partners. I wasn’t aware of how deep my submission ran back then and it never occurred to me that my desire to talk about sex sessions had nothing to do with any insecurity on my part but rather a thirst for personalized sex education. Of course, as anyone even remotely interested in D/s can tell you, submitting to someone who is unable or unwilling to dom, or vice versa, is an exercise in futility and frustration. If he is not interested in crafting her to fit his deepest desires, no matter how submissive she is or how much she wishes it to be, there can be no true domination, no mastery, no ownership. And, for people like me, no fulfillment.

Which brings me back to Daddy… From the very beginning, even before we met, Daddy has been very generous with his detailed descriptions of what he enjoys, what he would like to do to me, and how I can improve sexually in order to better serve him. Nirvana. Valhalla. Bingo. While he’s fucking me, after fucking me, while my mouth is wrapped around his thick cock, during the morning and afternoon as we go about our day-to-day work and tasks, before curling up in bed and falling asleep together – he never fails to let me know how much he cherishes and adores me as his slave or to remind me of why I exist. I exist to give him pleasure. And what’s more, he encourages, no, commands me to tell him how it feels to be fucked, to be used, to be enslaved, to be his property for the rest of my life, to be loved, to be adored, to be denied orgasm, to be allowed to suck his cock, and to be the little one that, deep down, I’ve always longed to be.

I tell Daddy everything. I tell him how wonderful it feels when he uses me and hurts me with his big cock as he rams it into my pussy. How much I love…need…our daily cock-sucking sessions. How I look forward to the day when I can feel his cum dripping out of my mouth, my pussy, and my ass after a long day of being used like the slut I can be. How the thought of being gagged, blindfolded, and tied down while my nipples are clamped and a plug is pushed into my tight little ass makes me so wet I can hardly stand it. How hard it is, and yet how necessary, for Daddy to control my orgasms. How much I want to endure his beatings and whippings because I know how much it pleases him to have a good little obedient girl…

I could go on, but the point is this: Despite those who may view the act of talking about scenes such as those that I’ve described as a way of committing that seemingly unforgiveable sin of topping from the bottom, I beg to differ. In no way am I telling Daddy how to dominate me, how to control me, how to make me submit. He is extremely adept in all of these fields and thankfully does not need or require any assistance from me. By voicing my desires and verbalizing my submission to him, I am allowing Daddy to penetrate ever deeper into my psyche in order to further dominate me and push my limits. We navigate the strong and powerful, yet delicate balance of D/s, the crux of which is, in its essence, communication.

So yes, I now find myself trafficking in the clich├ęd parlance of our times, yet I hope that as you read these lines you’ll find that I’ve entered a sort of meta-rhetorical gray area that helps to further explain the nature and fulfillment found in D/s relationships. Or maybe you just like reading about sex… Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed!

07 July 2010


As we go through life, it becomes increasingly apparent that we are always being measured…and that the results of said measurements are generally pretty displeasing. Are you tall enough to get on that ride at the fair? Are you too old to jump in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese’s? Are you sure that that bra size will offer you enough support? Are you too fat to get on the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios?? Does your cock stack up against that porn star’s ridiculously huge crank?

And even when we’re not being measured by others, we seem to insist upon measuring ourselves in every conceivable fashion. How many pounds did I put on after that cruise? Could that moron at work actually be smarter than me?? Is she prettier than me?

Evidently, to measure is to be human…and there is one measurement that I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. One measurement that will further bind me to my Daddy and Master (as if it were possible). One measurement that won’t displease me in the least. Just one little measurement.

Daddy is going to measure me for my collar.

Yes, I am his wife, his partner, his baby girl, his best friend, and his slave, but we just never got around to getting me a collar. And Daddy has decided that it is time.

Time for him to collar his little one. Time to put me on my knees before him, naked except for the collar and the taut leash that he’ll use to guide me to his throbbing cock. Time to bind me to the bed for hours on end, forcing me to contemplate my life as his slave, as the snug collar reminds me of my eternal subservience. Time to give his wonderful little whore a tangible reminder of her status as property to be used.

So, at the very moment that Daddy wraps the tape measure around my soft neck, I’ll know that we’re taking yet another step together on our path through life and through D/s. And I guarantee that I’ll be positively beaming when Daddy’s takes this measurement… :)

05 July 2010

New Routines

Hello all! Please forgive my extended absence – I feel like I bailed on you without any forewarning, and for that I apologize! There is, however, a reasonable explanation for this recent dearth of postings from yours truly…and it begins with a riddle! :) What do Dolly Parton, Sheena Easton, and I have in common? No, it’s not vocal talent or disproportionate breast size…it’s that I am officially a part of the “9-to-5” gang! Baby Girl got herself a job (and I’m really enjoying it so far…woohoo!) Friendly, helpful coworkers, easy public transportation to and from work, a fun, challenging job…and the paycheck isn’t too shabby either! And I repeat…woohoo!

Unfortunately, though, getting into the routine of a full-time work schedule has left me exhausted and somewhat out of sorts. Over the past few weeks, it seems as though my workout habits, my eating habits, and my blogging habits have been on hiatus…and I’m thinking that it’s about time for me to get back on track! Now, I’m not promising a post every day, but I’m definitely going to try and post as often as possible, considering that the one routine that hasn’t suffered is our sex schedule! (Currently over the course of this long weekend, we’ve already hit 9 times…and counting!)

Although, truth be told, the daily sex schedule has had to shift somewhat…no more random afternoon blow jobs or wild sex…no more Daddy waking me up in the morning by mercilessly pounding into my tight little pussy…I suppose that’s what weekends and vacations are for! But we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to make time for ourselves, time for Baby Girl to meet all of her Daddy’s needs, time to consciously reflect upon the power dynamic that we have, and time to remember that no matter what my role is outside of the house, I am always owned…I am always a slave…I am always His.

It’s nice to be back…and I think I’m going to enjoy getting into this routine! ;)

09 June 2010

Back to Basics

Ahhh…it’s nice to be back! Back to the daily routine after having a lovely visit with an out-of-town guest. Back to the job hunt. Back to the order of our life together. And, most importantly, back to the way that Daddy and I relate to one another best…in the context of our special brand of 24-7 D/s life.

After a couple days of sexual inactivity or limited activity, Daddy surprised me this morning as I came out of our bathroom. He was already naked and his massive cock was rock-hard, waiting for me. He ordered me back to the bed and, as I got on my back, he pounced on top of me. The passion and need that had been seething under the surface for the past few days finally came out and manifested themselves in the most pleasurable and painful way… Pushing into my unprepared pussy, Daddy ordered me to cum a number of times as he punished my insides with his cock.

Did it hurt? Yes.

Did I feel used? Yes.

Did I feel submissive? Yes.

Did it feel wonderful to serve Daddy in this way? YES!

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics…

04 June 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! We’ve made it to the end of yet another glorious week in the Blogosphere, so it’s time for the much-awaited (drum roll please) Fun Friday Poll! This week’s poll was actually Daddy’s idea and sprouted from a conversation we were having about how we met. It is difficult to find people who enjoy what we enjoy through conventional means (e.g. a chance encounter at a grocery store or coffee shop, a blind date a friend set you up on, vanilla dating sites, etc.). Is it impossible? Of course not! But we have to admit that it is much easier to find people who are into our kinks (whatever they may be) since the advent of the Intertubes. But where exactly have we (and I mean the collective “we” here) looked for and/or found our previous or current partners for TTWD (however you define that)? Please let us know by voting in our poll and, by next week, I’ll be sure to have some feedback for you! Thanks for sharing!

As far as last week’s poll about the longest time you’ve ever gone without an orgasm (after reaching the age of sexual maturity, that is), the results are in! The most common answer, with 25% of the vote, was 1 day to 1 week – not too shabby, people! Unfortunately, the second most common response (16%) was people who had gone more than a year without an orgasm…ouch. This was followed by 1-2 weeks and 2-4 weeks with 14% of the vote each. 1-3 months had 10%, 3-6 months had 8%, and 6 months to 1 year had 7%. Now, there is a special group in this poll that gets A Daddy and His Baby Girl salute – there were two very special people who, since reaching the age of sexual maturity, have not gone more than 24 hours without having an orgasm. To the two of you, and you know who you are, I tip my cap to you and wish you all the orgasms you can handle!

Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll – have a wonderful weekend! :)

P.S. Because of a visitor coming from out of town, we will most likely not be posting anything for the next few days. We look forward to coming back to you all with a vengeance, though! :) Take care and see you soon!

03 June 2010

On My Knees...

Where is my favorite place to worship you?
On my knees…

How can I let you know that I’m feeling small and in need of your warmth?
On my knees…

Where do I feel safe and protected by you?
On my knees…

How can I fully contemplate the majesty of your domination?
On my knees…

How can I give you pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever known?
On my knees…

How can I show my complete devotion to you?
On my knees…

Where will I happily spend the rest of my life?
On my knees…

I love you, Daddy…

02 June 2010

Bummersville, USA?

Well, welcome to Bummersville, USA. The weather around here has been perfectly gloomy for the past week. Along with this, I’ve been dealing with The Monthly Grief and hence feeling in a groggy fog for a few days now (although it’s better than feeling in a foggy grog!)… Daddy is nursing a minor injury from running. The house is in need of a major cleaning before our out-of-town guest arrives, who is presumably only coming here in order to squelch our sexual antics. *sigh* But wait…

One would think this combination of malevolent factors would spell doom for our marital bliss, but alas, no! We are indubitably more in love than ever! How maddening! Try as we may, we simply cannot manage to stop loving one another… ;) We wake up smiling, we touch, kiss, hug, and caress each other throughout the day, the “I love yous” are plentiful and sincere, and we are connecting and communicating like a team. My submission is as absolute as his dominance. Each day is better than the last and each challenge is a new way for us to work together and come up with solid solutions. Ain’t life grand??

So, I know that I’m losing some of you with this saccharine-sweet stuff, but my point is a simple one: There isn’t only one person out there for each of us and many of us could find happiness with a host of different folks. But when you find one of the special people who loves you unconditionally, completes your sentences, tells the bad joke before you get a chance to, wakes you up with kisses, touches you in the most perfect, tingly way, and who understands both your beautiful and your ugly sides, you need to hold on to them and love them with everything you’ve got.

You owe to them.

You owe it to yourself.

01 June 2010

A Session to Remember

“The next 45 minutes are yours, baby girl, but at 3:15 I want you in bed, naked, on top of the sheets, and ready for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” And cue the mental tornado…

Daddy had been home for about a week and a half by this point and we had been taking full advantage of our time together. It had been over a month since we’d had this much alone time and we were enjoying falling back into our rhythm. Daddy making love to his little girl, Daddy using his little girl, Daddy fucking and playing with his little girl, Daddy getting his cock sucked daily by his little girl…but there was one thing missing, one thing that we both knew had to take place. A serious bondage and pain session was in order and had been for some time…

Generally, if we only have a few days together, we focus on reconnecting sexually. And although there is always a D/s dynamic to everything we do (even making love), we don’t generally get into major pain sessions if time doesn’t allow for it. Daddy doesn’t want to be rushed or to have external factors force his hand. And, seeing as though he’s an excellent Dom and Master, I can see his point!

Now, back to that mental tornado…

As I lay back on the bed (half an hour earlier than scheduled), I had a pretty good idea that Daddy was going to hurt me…but how would he hurt me? Intense anal training? A rape session? Caning and whipping my ass and legs? Nipple clamps? I would soon find out.

Daddy blindfolded, gagged me, and bound me to the bed face-up by my wrists, and then he went about getting cleaned up and prepared for what he was going to do to me. I could barely hear him approach, but when I felt the first clamp on my nipple, I knew that we had officially begun our session. The terror mixed with excitement heightened every last sensation that he gave me. The second tight clamp was on and I heard the Hitachi come to life. As the deep ache coursed through my nipples, the wand kept me on the edge of orgasm. “Do you like this, baby girl?” he asked. I nodded and moaned in the affirmative. “Yeah, I thought you might,” as he ground the wand into my straining clit and ripped the clamps off, commanding me to cum. But he was just getting started…

The next thing I knew, as I could barely perceive his movements from audible clues, the cane came down on my left breast and then my right. The pain was as shocking as it was excruciating. Daddy has slapped and tortured my breasts and nipples with his hands and with clamps before, but he had never used the cane on them. The pain was almost unimaginable as he brought the vile instrument down again hard on each nipple. I cried out in pain behind the gag, almost screaming, as tears began to well up behind the blindfold. “Yes, I know that hurts you, little one, I want it to hurt.” He brushed my cheek with his hand and brought the wand back to my pussy. Painpleasurepainpleasurepainpleasure…that’s what Daddy likes to give his little girl. He wants me to crave the pain, and to never fear it as punishment.

With the wand pulled away (and after a couple of forced orgasms), I assumed that the caning would resume again…I was wrong. If I thought the cane was bad, the belt was worse. Daddy whipped my breasts and nipples with the belt to the point where I thought I might pass out from the pain. He landed a few direct strikes to my right nipple that I figured had most likely flayed it right off my breast. As the screams subsided, he climbed on top of me and shoved his throbbing cock into his little girl, forcing her open as he got deeper and deeper. When he reached his deepest thrusting point – right up against my cervix – he grabbed on to my right nipple, twisted hard, and commanded me to cum.

The pain was indescribably intense, the pleasure was perfect. The orgasm went straight past the catatonic white light orgasms that he will sometimes get out of me… The scream that emanated from my lungs at that moment was unlike anything he or I had ever heard before, even with the gag in… I wailed, I cried, I thrashed, I came…harder than I ever have before. I went limp.

As Daddy curled up beside me, releasing me from my bonds, and removing the gag and blindfold, he pulled me close to him and told me what a good girl I was. “You took so much pain from your Daddy, little girl. So much pain…but you liked it, didn’t you? We both know you need that, little one, and that I’m the only one who can give it to you…” I closed my eyes, buried my head in his chest, registered the still-searing pain in my breasts, and shook, knowing that I was safe, sound, and centered….and, above all, happy.

I won’t be forgetting this session any time soon…

28 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! We’ve made it to yet another Friday and yes, yet another poll awaits us! This week’s poll has to do with orgasms, which is a topic that I’m assuming we all think very highly of! ;) Now, Heather B is running a poll about frequency of orgasms on her blog Satisfaction Through Calefaction (which I highly recommend you check out, if you haven’t done so already!), but our poll is a bit different. This week, I’d like you to think about the longest period of time that you’ve ever gone without an orgasm. Have you been denied by your Master/Mistress for days, weeks, or months at a time? Have you been unable to achieve orgasm for a variety of health or hormonal concerns? Are you a masturbatory fiend who can barely make it 24 hours without popping one off? You get the point! :) I’m looking forward to your responses (and am rather curious to see where the majority sits on this one…).

As far as last week’s poll about sexual practices that we were curious about but had yet to try, it was a tight race from the very beginning. You were allowed to provide multiple responses, so the possibilities were endless and, at least in this case, the end results were pretty even. Bondage/rope play and multiple partner sex edged out the field with 31% of the vote each. These were closely followed by filming your sessions (30%), fisting (28%), figging (27%), D/s or M/s experience (27%), tattooing, piercing, or branding (25%), and spanking, caning, or paddling (25%). A few brave souls – 6 of you, to be exact – selected “all of the above” and 2 of you hadn’t tried and weren’t curious about any of the options listed.

It seems as though some of us have some lofty sexual goals for the coming year, don’t we? :) Let’s have some fun, folks! Thanks for your participation!

27 May 2010

On Having My Ass Licked

As some of you may remember from another post, I wasn’t always a big fan of having my pussy licked…but Daddy turned me into a believer! Yet today’s post has a completely different tone altogether because it revolves around having my ass licked…and I’ve always been a big fan of that!!

Before meeting Daddy, nobody had ever licked my ass and I wasn’t sure what the fuss was all about. I mean, rimming? Tossing the salad? Why would I be interested in that at all? But then he did it…and I mean he really did it. On one of our first meetings, Daddy turned me over on my tummy, propped me up on a pillow, and went to town on my tight little hole with his adept and darting tongue. Oh sweet mercy… After forcing me to cum a few times like that, I was more than sold on having my ass licked! More please???

Last night, as we were getting ready to go out for dinner, Daddy decided that he wanted an appetizer…(*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*) Although he had just gotten out of the shower, I had already put my dress on, so Daddy helped me take it off, along with my panties. He escorted me over to his side of the bed, handed me the magic wand, and instructed me to hold it against my clit as he gently bent me over the bed, face-down. Bent over, ass exposed, feeling oh-so-vulnerable, and with the wand’s intense vibrations coursing through my clit…ahhhh. And just when I thought Daddy was going to thrust his cock into me from behind, I felt him spread my cheeks apart and his wet little tongue began to explore my hole.

I moaned in ecstasy, craving release as he licked, circled, flicked, and probed my tight hole with that wicked tongue of his. He ordered me to cum just as he pressed into my ass, opening me up and making me cry out with lust…damn, he’s good*! (*And by “good”, I mean $%^&*# amazing!!)

Now, I’ve never been one to beg for sex. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it (oh, boy, do I love it!), but rather it’s that Daddy and I have an extremely active and fulfilling sex life and he never leaves me wanting for satisfaction (in whatever form that may take). But having my ass licked by my Master? My Master who loves teasing my back entrance as much as I love being teased?? Yeah, I’m more than willing to beg for that… :)

26 May 2010

A Little Advice

Yesterday, one of our readers commented on an early post of ours. She is new to D/s and was asking for advice about how to safely approach a new relationship. After both Daddy and I responded to her question, we realized that we had never written a “what to watch for” post before. I suppose that this is due to the fact that neither of us regards our blog as an advice column, yet if we think about those in our special corner of the Blogosphere who may be new to the lifestyle, then perhaps there are times when some sound advice is warranted. So, in the spirit of sharing and of creating a better, safer community for all of us, here is part of the advice/exchange that we shared with our reader. We hope you enjoy it!

“Hello Babygirl! I am currently speaking with a Dom online and on the phone and I am new to the D/s lifestyle. Is there any advice you could give me to assure that I move into this lifestyle safely?”

To which Daddy responded as follows: “I'll be interested to see what baby girl has to say on this topic.

From my standpoint, I'd say that after talking with a number of submissive girls online, and meeting a few in person, there are many men out there who are... well, pretend Doms is what I'd say. Wannabe Doms. And you want to avoid them for all sorts of reasons. The obvious question is, how do you tell them? A few clues come to mind:

- Talking to you like you're a doormat. You're not. Being submissive -- even being a slave -- doesn't take away your humanity. Any decent Dom wants to understand at a profound level what his sub's or slave's wants and needs are before he can possibly think about denying them. To do otherwise is to put the cart before the horse.

- Disrespecting you in any way. I think baby girl would tell you that while I may slap her, beat her, and otherwise do as I wish with her, I never disrespect her. There's a difference and a Dom who doesn't know it is bad news.

- Expecting you to submit immediately. Any good Dom knows that a submissive or slave worth having is worth working for. We expect the best subs to move cautiously with us and test us to see if we're worthy of commanding or owning them. If a prospective Dom is saying things like, "Call me Sir, slut!" on, say, the first phone call, just hang up and never call back.

Those are some thoughts from my side. As noted, I'll be curious to read what baby girl has to say.

Good luck, and keep us posted, okay? -- Daddy”

And to this I added: “I’m so glad that you’ve found our site and thank you for your question! :) First and foremost, I would like to echo what Daddy has already said – any sort of disrespect or desire to move too quickly into an intense D/s relationship are warning signs and are definitely to be avoided!

From my perspective, there are two fundamental ideas to always keep in mind – safety and honesty.

Safety – Regardless of whether you have found a prospective Dom on a D/s themed website or chat forum or you found him on something as innocuous as match.com or the like, you should always keep your safety securely in mind. Are you giving away personal information that you are uncomfortable giving? Is this person asking you to do things that you are uncomfortable with? (Of course, part of many D/s relationships is engaging in activities that may be difficult for us, as submissives, to grapple with, yet they are always safe, sane, and consensual!) Do you feel that the Dom in question is too eager to control every aspect of your life, without asking for your input or your limits? If so, you may be in dangerous territory! Please use your instincts and protect yourself at all costs. As Daddy said, any Dom worth having is also one who will work with you in order to achieve a solid D/s balance that both of you are happy with.

Honesty – First of all, you need to be honest with yourself about your needs and desires when entering into a D/s relationship. What are your hard limits (things you would never be able to do)? Your soft limits (things that you may not like the sound of, but would be willing to try)? Are you looking for a 24/7 sort of relationship in which all aspects of your life, from wardrobe choices and household chores to sex and submission, are controlled by your Dom? Are you looking for a D/s relationship only in the bedroom? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or what you’re interested in, please do a bit of research! There are plenty of great blogs out there with a wide variety of interests and D/s dynamics – there are no two D/s relationships that are the same! Once you are aware of what you are looking for, it will be much easier for you to find a Dom who fits your needs.

Also, as far as honesty goes, if you feel that your Dom is not being truthful in all matters or you’ve found that part of his story does not match up with the facts, please go back to my first point about safety. If he’s not being honest with you, he is most likely hiding something and he doesn’t deserve your honesty. You should keep looking.

I hope that our advice has been helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and we’ll do our best to help out! Best of luck in your search!”

Of course, Daddy and I don’t consider ourselves the foremost experts on this subject, but We met online, we have always taken a straightforward, honest approach to our relationship, and it has brought us nothing but happiness! :)

25 May 2010

The Great Outdoors

For all you Americans out there, you’re no doubt aware that next Monday is Memorial Day (insert enormous “WOOHOO” here!). For those of you who may not be familiar with the holiday, it is observed the last Monday of May and is widely considered to be the official beginning of summer (insert yet another humongous “WOOHOO” here!)... The Memorial Day holiday tends to inspire many to pursue outdoor activities such as baseball games, barbeques, swimming (when/where it’s warm enough), camping, picnicking, public drunkenness, bonfires, hiking, etc. You get the idea!

Of course, all this outdoorsiness got me to thinking… Can we legitimately include fornication al fresco (a.k.a. scaring the living hell out of Mother Nature with our shameless displays of depravity) among the activities that we enjoy? In all honesty, I have attempted it before, but have never been overly impressed with the results… Sandy bottoms, skinned knees, oddly positioned chafing, over-curious Schnauzers, splinters in the worst possible places…and the list could go on! Am I missing something? Is it possible that fucking in the Great Outdoors is a beautiful thing but that I’ve been doing it all wrong?

Long story short, I would love to hear your opinions about having sex out of doors! :) Do you enjoy it? Is it a novelty fuck? Is it something that you’re planning on doing in the near future? Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, all!

24 May 2010

A Beautiful Blur

I’m still not sure exactly what Daddy did to me yesterday morning…it’s all a blur…but it’s a beautiful blur, to be sure.

As usual, I woke up a while after he did and went downstairs to see what he was up to. He was on a business call, so I let him be and set about catching up on blog reading and enjoying the beginning of a lazy Sunday. In about 15 minutes, Daddy came from the office and I got up to meet him in the kitchen for a big “good morning” kiss…how was I to know how big it would be? He grabbed a handful of my long hair and pulled me to him for a deep, long kiss. I could feel his cock begin to harden through his boxers and knew that I would be taking a load of Daddy’s cum in the very near future… Passionately kissing me, he grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it until I cried out in pain, at which point he forced the first of many orgasms out of me.

“Mmm…I can’t wait to fuck my little girl. Upstairs.” He didn’t have to tell me twice, although here is where things start to get a little fuzzy for me…the details have gotten lost among the deep impressions that a hard fucking from Daddy leave on my body and soul.

Forced to my knees. His cock in my mouth. Hard slaps to my breasts and face. Tears in my eyes. “Don’t you dare let my cock out of your mouth, little one.” Face fucked. Gagging but wanting more. More slaps and pinching. Forced to cum. “Up on the bed, baby girl. It’s time for you to get fucked hard by your Daddy.” Daddy on top of me, pinning me down with his body. Knees pulled back as he roughly shoved his cock into my unprepared pussy. Forced to cum. Slapping, pinching, pulling, biting…screaming. Over and over again, in a whirlwind of pheromones and raw sexual energy, he used me to the point of tears only to then hold me tight against his chest and tell me “Daddy’s here…it’s ok, little one.” The juxtaposition kept me off-balance and reeling, which only served to heighten every last sensation of pain and pleasure…

I’m not sure of all the details or even of the things that Daddy said to me as I teetered on the edge of subspace, but I do know that he fucked me harder than he has ever fucked me before. He slammed into me as if he were hell-bent on pushing straight past my cervix and into my womb. Throughout the fucking, he continued to slap and punish my body in the most frenetic yet surprisingly controlled manner I’ve ever experienced. He knew that he wanted to rape me. He knew how he was going to hurt me with his cock. He knew that he would be feverish with lust yet measured in his approach to his baby girl.

I love and need to see this side of my Daddy – need to be reminded of my servitude and rightful place. I evidently also need to be reminded of the fact that pain sessions don’t always necessarily involve a belt, a cane, a gag, or restraints. All Daddy really needs are his hands, his cock, and his words in order to turn his little girl – his property – into a quivering wreck, completely submissive, and content with her place in the world…

21 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! This week’s poll is somewhat unwieldy in that there are SO many options for you to choose from (and feel free to pick more than one!)… We’re taking a look at sexual practices that you’ve yet to explore but that you are definitely curious about, so the possibilities are, in theory, endless! I’ve been reading a number of blog entries that deal with the realm of fantasy and dreams, which got me to thinking about a poll that might allow people to express those fantasies. Yes, I know that it’s simplistic and anonymous, but still! Expressing our deep wants and desires, even in a forum as innocuous as an online poll, can be cathartic…and fun! Thank you for your help and participation and have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

As far as last week’s poll about multiple partner experiences, we broke a participation record! 66 people participated in the poll, which is 16 more than the previous record of 50 voters (not to wax technical, but that’s an increase of 32%!). Way to go, folks! :)

31 people, nearly half of all voters, had no experience with multiple partners, although 21 of those people would definitely be interested in trying! 20 of you (30%) have tried a multiple partner experience and would gladly do so again and 7 of you (10%) are currently involved in a multiple partner/polyamorous relationship. The least votes came in for those who have tried it but did not enjoy it (5 votes – 7%) or who ultimately did it to please their partner (3 votes – 4%). Although I have my own opinion about our responses to the poll, I’d be interested to hear your comments, if any, about this poll’s results! :) And I wonder if you can guess which option I voted for…*wink* ;)

20 May 2010

Checking In

Daddy’s home! He actually was able to come home a day earlier than we expected and, believe you-me, we haven’t let those extra 24 hours go to waste…whew! Between working out (and I mean literally working out, you pervs!), getting some work done, watching movies, cuddling, and fucking like maniacs (there it is…), it’s been a non-stop whirlwind of goodness around our household! Woohoo!

Other than enjoying our time together, I don’t really have all that much to report today…just thought I’d check in with you all! And, now that I think of it, you know, over the past months, I’ve been feeling a sense of contentment unlike anything I’ve ever known. Yes, I am a happy person and have always been so. Although, as Daddy and I like to remind ourselves, we were happy people before we met one another…but we’re so much happier together. :) When two people mesh together perfectly on so many levels – emotionally, comically, and of course sexually – it’s amazing how life can be sweeter than you could ever imagine…

So to make a long story even longer, we’re doing great! Wow, I sound like the proverbial ray of sunshine here, huh? Well, in the interest of keeping in touch with one another in the Blogosphere, I hope to hear from some of you to let me know how you’re doing as well…take care!

19 May 2010

R.I.P. Silver Bullet

Well, it finally happened. The silver bullet vibrator that I have had for years finally bit the dust. *mournful sigh* What started off as a little skip or blip in the normally constant vibration quickly turned into a death rattle and was succeeded by a rigor mortis of plastic nothingness. *wiping away a tear* Granted, I don’t use the bullet to bring me to climax anymore because Daddy won’t allow me to do so, but I have been using it regularly in order to exercise my pussy to keep it tight (the vibrations cause my pussy to tighten and clench). Yet this particular toy has been with me longer than any of them and deserves a special farewell.

As a sort of eulogy, I wish to submit the following:

My dear Silver Bullet, you have been with me for so long, it’s almost as if I’ve never been without you. You’ve seen me through countless relationships and breakups. You survived at least five moves and countless hormonal fluctuations. When I couldn’t depend on anyone or anything else, I knew that I could always look to you for support and comfort. You were so tiny, yet so reliable and steadfast – always ready to go at a moment’s notice. You gave me hours and – dare I say – weeks and months of pleasure, and for that I salute you, Silver Bullet. I hope that the introduction of the Hitachi Magic Wand into the bedroom didn’t dampen your spirits or cause you to give up the ghost, my friend, for you are irreplaceable!

So, as you head up to that vibrating heaven in the sky, let me offer up one more sincere and hearty thank you for all that you’ve done for me over the years. You will be missed.

(Oh, and as a side note, please be sure to vote in this week’s poll-->! The Silver Bullet would have wanted you to…hehe!)

18 May 2010

On Having My Pussy Licked

You know, I’ve never been too excited about having my pussy licked. (And, by the way, I LOVE starting out a blog post with a sentence like that! But I digress…). There a number of factors that have contributed to this lamentable situation. First of all, I like and need a lot of stimulation of my clit and pussy area in order to have a rip-roaring orgasm. And, frankly, on most occasions a slippery little tongue just won’t cut the mustard. Next, I’ve had to contend with a string of orally-challenged partners…one guy couldn’t find my clit if he had a roadmap and a compass, another thought that any sort of oral sex that lasted more than a minute called for hazard pay, and yet another guy who, despite my urgings to the contrary, had a nasty (and I mean real nasty, and not in the good way) habit of biting my clit almost as hard as he could. Yikes!

So, as you might imagine, getting eaten out has always left me a bit nonplussed, to say the least.

But Daddy, yet again, has managed to work his domly magic and has turned me into a true believer in the power of effective oral pussy pleasuring. The man deserves a medal! Let me give you a little glimpse into what I’m talking about…

With my knees pulled back and my pussy spread wide open, Daddy kneels between my legs and gets right to work…his firm, insistent tongue darting into my tight slit and flicking my sensitive little bud. It’s like he’s starving and the only thing that will satisfy his deep hunger is a mouthful of my juices…and he won’t stop until he’s had his fill. Grabbing the vibrating wand, he’ll push it against my wet little hole and hold it there while he continues to assail my clit with his needy tongue. The combination is divine…but he doesn’t stop there! Pulling the wand away for a moment (and this is my favorite part, by the way), he’ll take a finger or two and slowly push into me while continuing to savor every last lick of my pussy. As he finger-fucks my tight cunt and overwhelms my clit with stimulation, he knows that I’m on the edge and he’ll keep me there until he’s good and ready to make me cum.

When he finally orders me to cum, the release is nearly perfect…and I am reminded, once again, of the fact that Daddy knows exactly what he wants from my body and knows exactly how to get it…

16 May 2010

36 Hours Later

Well, Daddy is gone once again, and in the wake of his short time at home, he left his little girl fucked, pleasured, sore, and always, always wanting more. I miss him terribly so and wish that I could have had at least one more day alone with him… But on a brighter note, when he gets home later this week, he’ll be here for at least a week and most likely more!

The final orgasm total for our 36 hours together came to 4 for Daddy and 20 for baby girl…and it probably would have been more had Daddy not been feeling under the weather last night. Whew! We certainly enjoyed ourselves, didn’t we? ;)

I suppose my favorite part of the weekend (although it’s always hard to pick!) was when he took me from behind…god, it felt amazing to get used like that! Daddy usually likes to be on top of me when he fucks me, but on this occasion, he ordered me to get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. I knew what he wanted to do and I was thrilled!! Although my preferred position (although it’s never up to me!) is when Daddy is on top of me, looking down on me, and owning me with his stare, I’ve always had a soft spot for getting impaled while on all fours. The way Daddy’s cock slams against my cervix while in this position is as painful as it is pleasurable…and I can’t get enough of it once he starts pounding me!

Right before he put me on my knees, he had been playing with our Hitachi Magic Wand (damn, that thing is good…) and pushing me to orgasm for him over and over again…this, of course, makes my pussy almost impossibly tight and Daddy knows it…and loves it…a lot.

As I waited on the edge of the bed, ass thrust in the air, face pushed down into the comforter, and with the wand pushed against my throbbing, over-stimulated clit, Daddy assumed his position behind me. It was hard for him to enter me at first because my pussy was clenched like a closed fist, but he eventually prevailed and forced his way deep inside of me… He gradually increased pressure and speed, making me moan the way that only a nasty little whore getting fucked from behind can… At one point, he grabbed onto my hips and slammed into me as hard and fast as he ever had. Between screams of “fuckmefuckmefuckme” and “yesssssssss” and with the vibe pushed hard against me, Daddy ordered me to cum…the release was exquisite… Once that orgasm had subsided and he had switched to a more methodical pace, the spanking began. He let loose on my nice, round ass with a battery of spanks and slaps that served to up the sexual ante and to push me, yet again, to the edge of climax. Amazing how Daddy knows exactly what he’s doing, isn’t it?? ;)

He brought my legs out from underneath me and made me stand for him, face buried even further into the bed. The angle was different, but still glorious… I got more and more slick with my juices as he pummeled my insides. I got so wet, in fact, that there wasn’t much friction and that meant that Daddy wouldn’t be able to cum inside me. After a couple last, hard thrusts, my Master grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to the floor, and commanded me to suck his cock until I got a nice load of his cum in my mouth, down my throat, and in my tummy.

After all the fucking and the stimulation, it didn’t take long for Daddy to cum in a roaring climax… We were both sated (for the time being) – Daddy had fucked his little girl into oblivion and had used her the way that she needed to be used.

In 36 short hours, he reminded baby girl of why she had submitted to him in the first place and why she would be his possession for the rest of her life…

14 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! Yup, you got it! It's another Fun Friday Poll for you to weigh in on!

This week's poll has to do with multiple partner experiences...where do you fall on the spectrum of interest/experience? From what I've read, there are a number of subs out there who are currently grappling with the idea that their Dom may invite someone into the relationship or ask her to participate in a sexual encounter with someone else (whether it be same-sex or heterosexual). Even yours truly may have dealt with this issue at some point (*nervous throat clearing*)... ;) Of course, this poll isn't a reflection of your opinion about multiple partners, but rather your actual, literal hands-on experience!

So, in honor of all those people who have struggled with the idea of multiple partner sex...and also for those who have embraced it wholeheatedly - this poll's for you! :)

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

(Last week's poll about when you knew you first realized that you were Dom or sub yielded the following results: Of the 47 people who voted in the poll, 40% of you discovered your true self as an adult, 21% of you have always known since your were children, late teenage years/adolescence and puberty were almost even with 14% and 12% of the vote respectively, and 10% of you do not identify as Dom or sub, but enjoy reading about it! Thanks all for your participation!)

13 May 2010

36 Hours

When Daddy comes home this weekend, it will only be for 36 hours...then he has to turn around and travel once again. :( Needless to say (but, as always, I'm going to say it anyway!), it simply isn't enough time to tell him how much I love him, to remind him how much he's missed when he's away, to be beneath his strong body and to be reminded of my place, to submit to his Dominance in the most perfect way... It's not enough.

But I'm reminded that some of our readers and some of the bloggers that I read don't have the opportunity to see their Masters/Daddies as often as we see each other. Some Doms are away from their subs for months at a time, some subs may never get to meet their Doms face-to-face, some Daddies are waiting and biding their time until they finally get to live with their little girls... And I am also reminded of the time in our relationship when Daddy and I were separated by thousands of miles, longing to be together, yet knowing that we'd have to wait...and wait some more...

When you step back to get some perspective on the situation, 36 hours really isn't all that bad. The one thing that I do know is this - we won't be taking a single minute of our time together for granted.

See you soon, Daddy! :)

12 May 2010


As Daddy is away this week, I don’t have anything to post about our recent adventures. Generally, when this happens, I tend to look to our past and recall fondly some of our most intimate and sexually-charged moments. With this in mind, one of Neo Dom’s posts got me to thinking about voicing our desires, which, in turn, got me thinking about the very first time that Daddy tied me up and what ensued…

At the time, we weren’t married yet. In fact, we weren’t even living together. He was visiting me for an extra long weekend and, as we still do to this day, we were making the most of our time together. Long walks, touristy fun, lovely meals shared both at home and on the town, and, of course, some amazing sex…ok, ok, LOTS of amazing sex! Again, not much has changed since then! ;)

In our conversations leading up to his visit (and even from one of our first conversations after having met each other), we both knew what was going to take place on his visit. Daddy was going to break me. He was going to tie me to the bed and belt me until I broke down in tears, until I was a quivering wreck of a submissive and a slave, until I was His completely. I had never been broken before, had never endured a prolonged pain session, had never had a belting before, yet I knew that I needed it. I knew that Daddy needed to dominate me in a way that would render me helpless and that would include a great deal of pain. He needed to mark me as his own.

Knowing that my first pain session was imminent was unsettling enough, but oddly, it wasn’t the hardest part for me. The most difficult part of mentally grappling with my fate was knowing that I would be forced to ask Daddy to break me…forced to voice my deepest desire. It was one thing to have Daddy break me and use me as his submissive little one, yet it was altogether another thing to have to ask to be broken. How could I be such a painslut? How could I beg him to hurt me? Why did I need this?

The moment of truth came. I was bound by my wrists, face-down on the bed, and Daddy had his belt in hand. He stood next to me and caressed my face.

“What do you want, little one? What do you need, little one? Tell me.”

I stammered, I choked, I mumbled.

“What do you want, little one? Tell me or I’m leaving you here, bound just like you are, to think about it.”

Now, as terrified as I was to voice my desire to be broken, I was even more terrified at the prospect of having Daddy leave me there, of having disappointed him by not being a strong submissive and a good little girl. We both knew what I needed, now I just needed to tell him. And tell him I did, in a teary-eyed yet firm voice, “I need you to break me, Daddy. Please break your little girl.”

“Good girl.” And the breaking commenced…

More than the breaking itself, Daddy understood (long before I ever did) that he could have broken me however and whenever he wished. But, if he wanted to access the painslut and the true submissive inside his baby girl, then he was going to make her voice her need for pain – beg to be broken – like a good, obedient little girl.

Come home soon, Daddy, I have something I’d like to ask you for…

11 May 2010

Missing Baby Girl

I'm writing this from the road -- another business trip keeping me away from baby girl. I've written before of my love for baby girl, and today seems like the right time to do so once again.

You might have noticed that I haven't posted recently. I've been traveling as much as I ever do -- nearly every week for the last couple of months. When baby girl and I got married, it was easy at first. For a variety of reasons, my travel schedule wasn't so bad. I was home most weeks, and when I was away, it wasn't for long. I think we both got used to that lifestyle. But then work called once again, as it always does.

I enjoy what I do greatly, and my employer takes good care of me. I'm glad to be doing what I'm doing. But I don't like being apart from baby girl.

You can't imagine how wonderful a wife, a lover, and a slave baby girl is.

She wakes up smiling every day. I mean that literally: when I go upstairs to rouse her, the moment she awakes, she's smiling, even before her eyes are open. She makes me laugh, hard, over and over again, every day. She's literally the funniest person I've ever known.

She gives the best blowjobs I've ever had, and it's not even close. After she has been at it for a while, and then decides to make me cum, wrapping her hand around my shaft and twisting it up and down like the stripes on a barber pole, in time with her mouth... I've never felt anything like that in my life.

She trusts me completely. We don't have a safeword. We decided some time ago that not only did we not need one, but that having one would interfere with the submission and release baby girl craves. I don't recommend this to others unless they know exactly what they're doing, but it works for us.

She cums on command for me. I mean to write about this more one day, but early on in our relationship, I trained baby girl to cum when I told her to. Now I can make her cum anytime, anywhere, even as I'm driving the car. It's an incredible feeling to know I can order that from her.

She has the nicest, tightest pussy I've ever felt. Partly this is because she has never had kids (and never will), but partly it's because she does exercises to keep it that way. I can't count how many times I've said to her, or thought to myself, "Your cunt feels perfect right now."

So to baby girl, I miss you, little one, and I'll come home to you as soon as I can. You're the best little girl a Daddy could have... and the best wife a husband could hope for. I love you!

10 May 2010

Nipples, Part II

You know, yesterday's post got me to thinking... I absolutely LOVE having my nipples played with, tortured, sucked, etc. Yet if I try to play with them myself, while masturbating, for example, I get little to no pleasure from it at all. Even before Daddy and I started our life together, it has always been this way. I mean, even though I'm not allowed to cum, I still enjoy playing with my clit, so it would stand to reason that I would also like playing with my own nipples.

My "girls" are hypersensitive and respond quickly to cold or to Daddy's touch, but when I touch them, they might as well be dead! I'm not complaining about this fact, but rather I'm curious. In fact, I find it arousing and erotic that only Daddy can make my nipples ache with desire...

Does anyone else have this issue? Is this a by-product of being deeply submissive? Are there any other erogenous zones that you have that only respond to a lover's touch? :)

09 May 2010


Daddy knows that I love to have my nipples played with…so I suppose it’s a good thing that he enjoys playing with them, huh? ;) Sometimes he’ll wake me up in the morning by twisting and pulling at them and it takes every ounce of energy that I have to resist cumming right then and there. It’s like they’re hot-wired to my clit and the slightest caress will push me over the edge. Damn, it feels so good to have my sensitive little buds pinched and sucked and twisted and clamped…I could on for days!

The other day, while still on our mini-vacation, Daddy crawled into bed beside me and went straight for “the girls”. Now, normally, nipple play is a quick prelude to a nice, hard fucking, but as it turns out, this was no normal day! Daddy got me to point of orgasm by sucking, pinching, and twisting my nipples…but then he redoubled his efforts and grabbed on to them as if his fingers were clamps and my nipples were his submissive prey.

“I’m going to count down, little one, and you’re going to take it. I know it hurts because I want to hurt you, but then you’re going to cum for me…cum through the pain for your Daddy.”

His words alone could have made me cum, had he allowed it… Christ, this was going to be difficult.

5… He had my nipples tight between his thumbs and forefingers. He showed no signs of letting up on any of the excruciating pressure.

4… A little tighter still. He began to twist them to increase the agony.

3… Another quarter twist and still more pressure. How was I ever going to make it to zero??

2… Even more pressure and twisting, as if it were possible. Daddy used his body weight to hold me in place and to keep my nipples right where he wanted them.

1… My nipples were in a full-on stranglehold. I cried out, I begged for the release that I knew was coming (cumming?)…


The release rattled through my entire body, lingering for a few extra moments of pleasure in my nipples and my clit. The orgasm was simply exquisite and the fucking that ensued in the afterglow was just as wonderful… And it all started with those naughty little nipples of mine… ;)

(*** As an interesting aside, it should be noted that right as I was writing the bullet point for #1, Daddy came up behind me, grabbed my nipples, and forced me to cum for him! He then, of course, dragged me upstairs for a mind-blowing sex/orgasm fest involving the wand, the clamps, and a total of 10 orgasms for his baby girl! Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m spent…at least for now!)

07 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! It’s time, yet again, for another Fun Friday Poll! :) This week’s poll has to do with when you first discovered your Dominant or submissive feelings. Now, this doesn’t mean when you started to act upon those feelings, but rather when you first knew that you were wired differently than “vanilla” folks. Thanks for responding and have fun!

As far as last week’s poll about your favorite implements of play and/or torture, restraints and handcuffs came out as the winner with 38% of the votes. Although, and rather close behind, came vibrators or dildos (32%), butt plugs (30%), and belts, floggers, canes, etc. (26%). And, bringing up the rear, were nipple clamps (18%), gags or masks (12%), and “other” (6%). Now I know what you’re saying to yourselves, “Hey, Baby Girl! All those numbers add up to more than 100%! What gives??” Please remember that you were able to vote for more than one option! For example, yours truly voted for both restraints and gags…although, after our recent adventure to the sex toy shop, I’m thinking that the Hitachi Magic Wand deserves a category all its own! ;)

Have a great weekend!

05 May 2010

A New Toy

Three words: Hitachi. Magic. Wand. 'Nuf said... I'll report back in a few weeks, friends...

Hehe! Ok, so Daddy and I are on a mini vacation and we took a slight detour on the way from lunch to our hotel to stop by a nice sex shop in order to find a butt plug. And we found a great butt plug... And we found something else too! ;) We've been talking about getting a magic wand for some time now and I'm so glad that we picked it up while on our trip - we've already given the hotel bed a run for its money! It's wonderfully intense, but diffuse enough to not give me any unwanted orgasms (please remember that Daddy controls all my orgasms, so the unwanted kind are simply not acceptable!)...

If you can think of a better souvenir, by all means, let me know!! :)

04 May 2010

The White Light

Daddy’s cock buried deep in my pussy, impaling me and hitting hard against my tender cervix. Searing pain through my nipples from the clamps. Cock gag filling my mouth, preventing me from talking, pleading, screaming. Restraints holding me fast to the bed. My ankles on Daddy’s shoulders as he looms over me, taking what is rightfully his. A few quick slaps to my face and my sore breasts and my attention is fully on Daddy. His face is twisted into a grimace of domination, force, and pleasure and although he is not a sadist, the expression that he dons is definitely of a sadistic nature. He knows how much it hurts, he knows that every single inch of my body is on fire, dependent upon him for release, he knows where he wants to take me, and he knows exactly how to get me there.

“Are you ready, my little one? Are you ready to cum? Daddy’s going to make you see the white light, baby girl…”

When Daddy gives me “white light” orgasms, I fully understand why the French refer to orgasms as “la petite mort”… These are orgasms that are brought on by intense pain, submission, focus, and build-up. Usually Daddy makes me cum a few times during the session, but then as he increases his force and ups the power of his domination, he doesn’t let me cum again until he’s ready to push me over the edge…into the white light… As he hurts me and uses me and comes close to breaking me, ripping the clamps off my throbbing nipples, pushing me harder and harder, he’ll order me to orgasm…

For a split second, my brain shuts off and everything goes quiet…and then I explode. My body convulses as if hit by a defibrillator (although I can go nowhere because I am both pinned down by Daddy and tied down with the restraints), my pussy clenches so impossibly tight, I lose all sense of purpose and being as I give myself over to the orgasm. My eyes roll back in my head and I see the white light…a blinding wall of white with points of light flashing toward me from all directions… It is at that point that I notice the extreme pleasure that is washing over my body as it releases all of that orgasmic energy… As the pleasure and peace invade me, Daddy holds me tight to his chest, rocking me and comforting me, knowing that he has just pushed me ever so close to the edge…

“La petite mort” indeed…

Is anybody else horny as hell?? ;)

03 May 2010

A Submissive Voyeur?

Much like the notion of one’s sexuality falling on a scale (ranging from heterosexuality to homosexuality and the seemingly infinite shades between those two poles, or perhaps using submissiveness and Dominance as the two poles), I feel (and I’m sure that I’m not the first one to think of this) that there is another ruler with which we can measure ourselves: the scale between voyeurism and exhibitionism. I was reminded of this while watching Daddy stroke his cock this morning…

As I first stirred this morning, my hand, as if by instinct, went straight for Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s whole body pressed up against mine always gives me so much comfort…holding his cock in my hand just enhances this feeling. I obey Daddy, I obey his cock. I am a slave to Daddy, I am a slave to his cock. Daddy slaps me, his cock slaps me. So, when you think about it in these terms, it really isn’t all that odd that I would find reassurance from holding Daddy’s cock in my hand.

His dick stirred…and became increasingly hard. And right when I thought that Daddy would force my face down on his thick member, he pulled the sheets off us and said, “Baby girl is going to watch as her Daddy strokes his cock. Tell me all about some of those nasty things that you’d like your Daddy to do to you…” As I whispered in his ear, telling him about the sordid, embarrassing, humiliating experiences that I fantasize about (perhaps more on this later?), he stroked himself faster and faster. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His hand firmly sliding up and down his shaft… Carefully making contact with every square inch of his length… Quickly bringing himself close to climax… God, this was making me hot…

“Get down there and open your mouth. Daddy is going to cum in his little girl’s mouth.”

And cum he did, filling his little whore’s mouth with a load of his cream. I swallowed every last drop that Daddy gave me, thinking about how much I love watching him masturbate.

Now, from what I’ve read it seems that most submissives lean towards exhibitionism as opposed to voyeurism (or at least, deep down, they enjoy the humiliation of being forced to expose themselves to watching eyes). Conversely, most Doms tend to be voyeurs, relishing in watching their subs masturbate, engage in scenes with other Doms, get spanked, whipped or tortured, etc. Psychoanalytical theory (Freud, Lacan, and the gang), although it has, admittedly, fallen out of favor somewhat, will have us believe that the voyeur wields the power (Dominant) whereas the one “on exhibit” (submissive) is a sort of victim, exposed (willingly or unwillingly) to the gaze of the voyeur(s) and seemingly without any agency whatsoever in the power exchange.

But how then can I reconcile my love of watching Daddy stroke himself with my submissive way of life? Am I any less submissive because I like to watch as well as be watched? I don’t think so! In this case, Daddy chose to masturbate and he made me watch him, made me watch the cock that controls me, made me swallow his spunk, made me admit my nasty desires to him in order to please him and to enhance his orgasm. Voyeur or not, I am completely owned by my Daddy/Master and feel no guilt about observing and gazing upon the man that controls me. And after much thought, I simply do not feel that the terms “voyeur” and “submissive” are mutually exclusive.

Any thoughts? :)

02 May 2010

A Marked Face

I rolled over at about 6:45 this morning and realized that Daddy had already gotten up. This is not unusual, considering that he is a light sleeper and we went to bed early last night. I, on the other hand, am a heavy sleeper and could most likely sleep through an armed invasion of our home and even, dare I say, our entire portion of the United States!

That being said, at about 8:15 I stirred yet again and flipped over in bed, my eyes opening just a bit to let the morning light in. But that’s not all I saw. There was a figure looming next to my side of the bed, looking down on me, masturbating... A figure that pounced on me, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the edge of the bed. As he pulled me to the edge of the bed, continuing to masturbate, I recognized my Daddy’s cock, rock hard and straining. He positioned me underneath his cock and, knowing what he wanted of me, I instinctively opened my mouth. He continued stroking his cock as I stared up at it… He was agonizingly close to orgasm and I could feel his release nearing.

He began to shoot his load in my mouth, across my lips, over my face…marking me with his cum as his own. Once he had finished, and I could taste him in my mouth, he used his cock and his fingers to rub his cream into my face. “I love using you, little one…” he whispered to me as I stared up at him. Although I thought this was the end of the session, in one quick move, Daddy had his hand wrapped around my throat, squeezing tightly, and sealing off my air. “Cum! Cum now!” I whimpered and thrashed as the orgasm flowed through me. “Hush. Hush.” I quieted down and focused on cumming for Daddy and on being the good little cumslut that he cherishes and adores…

And now, as I write this, I still have Daddy’s hardened cum on me. It is a mark of pride in being his. I am his property, his slave, his baby girl…and it’s written – literally – all over my face. If it weren’t for my imminent shower, I would leave it there all day long…

30 April 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Well, Daddy is back home again, I have a couple of loads of his cum inside of me, and we're gearing up for a great weekend....ahhhh, all is right with the world! :) I'm always amazed at how a good fucking/sucking session can reset my submission and put me in my place, ready to serve my Daddy/Master...and again, all is right with the world!

I don't have much to post about right now, but I'm thinking about starting a regular Friday poll feature...not too original, but fun nonetheless!

This Friday's poll (found to the right ---> ) has to do with your favorite playtime toys. I know that they all sound tempting in their own way, so please feel free to select more than one, but try to limit yourself to your absolute faves!!! ;)

Above all, enjoy! I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to your responses! :)

29 April 2010


“Hush.” There’s no other word quite like it, is there? It’s subtle yet more resolute than “shhh”, but not rough or abusive like “shut up”. It’s firm, unyielding, and unequivocal, just like the wonderful man who says it to me. I’ve never told Daddy this (although chances are he already knows!), but when he says “hush” to me, it sends lightning through my body and turns me on in the most squirmy, delectable way.

Daddy doesn’t generally like to silence me, and when you’re married to a woman as witty and charming as I am, why would you want to?? ;) Ok, ok, all goofiness aside, Daddy and I share a perfect partnership and enjoy each other’s company to the utmost. We go on hiking and driving adventures together, watch movies together, tease and play with each other, laugh constantly while we’re together, and talk about how we long to be together when we’re apart. We are very lucky to have each other! :)

That being said, it is always understood that Daddy is in charge at all times – that understanding is part of what makes our dynamic work as well as it does. He does not choose to exercise explicitly his authority much of the time, but we both know that he may do so whenever he chooses. “Hush” forms a part of this authority…

When I’m trying to make excuses for being mouthy or ill-mannered…hush. More words will not remedy the situation. It is time to listen and learn.

When I apologize effusively over and over again about something I’ve done…hush. One sincere apology is all that is necessary. Once Daddy has accepted the apology, we move on. It is over.

When he wishes to use me or rape me as his little whore…hush. He does not want to hear how much it hurts when he pushes his way into my unprepared pussy or when he pounds into my cervix. I am his to use and he’ll use me as he wishes, without any protest.

When he places the cock gag in my mouth, strapping it around my head, his mouth so close to my ear…a whispered hush. I couldn’t say anything even if I wanted to, but that one little word, uttered by the man who is my Master and my everything, centers and calms me. It is time to focus on my Daddy.

I’ve mentioned some other hot-button words before, words that trigger a deep-seated need to submit. Yet when Daddy and I started out on this journey together, I never figured that “hush” would be one of them. Now I don’t know what I would ever do without it…

28 April 2010

Poll Results and a Question

A little over a week ago, I posted a poll in which I asked what subs prefer to call their Doms or what Doms preferred their subs to call them. Voters were asked to choose the name that they used the most or most preferred, although it was possible to choose more than one answer. I would like to thank everyone for their participation - the results are now in and a post is due from yours truly!

The responses were as follows (from most to least popular): Master (54%), Sir (40%), Daddy (36%), a term of endearment such as Dear or Sweetie (6%), or another name altogether (4%). Of the 44 people who voted, no one responded under the “Proper Name” category (I expected as much. I mean, even vanilla couples rarely use proper names to address one another, but I thought there might be one or two of us who preferred it).

Now, more importantly, why would I have conducted this poll in the first place? Great question! ;) Well, it’s like this, see… I follow quite a few blogs and enjoy each of them for different reasons. I read about the exploits of role players, M/s couples, D/s couples, polyamorous folks, spankos, newbies, atheists and agnostics, Christians, veteran and/or searching Doms, confident, bitchy, intelligent, feminist, and/or insecure subs, moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, and an enormous host of other wonderful people engaging in a kinkster lifestyle that the majority of society would simply not understand or would view as a spectacle or perversion. I enjoy reading these blogs because I love the idea of sharing ideas, thoughts, and feelings with an understanding crowd. I’m not a blogger because I like staring at my own navel; I’m a blogger because, at heart, I’m a student of human nature, constantly searching for more information about how we engage with and love one another.

This being said, and part of what I enjoy about the blogosphere, is that there is a strong tendency within our web of communities to respect each others’ kinks, provided that they are consensual, safe, sane, and don’t involve minors (I have yet to discover a single blog that does not have an age disclaimer, advising those under the age of 18 to look elsewhere for their kicks/kinks). Yet in the past couple of months, I have read a number of blog posts and comments on other blogs from people within the community that react negatively to the Daddy/little girl D/s dynamic. This got me to thinking… Are the people who use “Daddy” to refer to their Masters/Owners, etc. really that few in number? Is there something that makes Daddy/little girl inherently wrong beyond the mere taboo? Is the Daddy/little girl dynamic more problematic than, say, the Master/slave dynamic? *

As a little girl and a slave to my Daddy/Master, I obviously have no problem with any of these terms, but there is definitely something about Daddy/little girl that has people in a huff. (By the way, and as a side note, I love Daddy’s very first post in which he describes perfectly the nature of our relationship…I would never be able to say it any better! But I digress…). I’m convinced that people have passed by our blog solely because of the title (although, of course, I respect everyone’s right to choose!). I have engaged in e-mail exchanges with other kinksters who have registered their disapproval with our dynamic. Ok, ok, I understand that the even the implication of pedophilia can be an extremely sensitive subject, but when those involved are clearly and openly over the age of consent (and then some!), where does the problem lie? I would love to know.

So, according to the poll and from my intensive blog reading, I have proof that Daddy and I are not alone! In fact, “Sir” only outscored “Daddy” by two votes in the poll. Yes, I understand that this “proof” is rather skewed (yeah, it’s like giving the scientific method the middle finger!), considering that those who voted are likely followers of our blog and are perhaps engaging in a similar dynamic to ours, but the question still remains… Why, when there are many of us out there, does the Daddy/little girl lifestyle continue to piss people off?

Any comments, suggestions, and ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

* I’m aware of the ongoing ideological and terminological struggle within the M/s community about the use of the terms “Master” and “slave”. To my knowledge, “Daddy” and “little girl” haven’t received quite as much attention in recent blog history.