18 March 2010

Daddy's Hands

When I met Daddy for the first time, the first thing I noticed were his deep, brown eyes – eyes that can cut into your very soul and melt you at the same time. Although I guarantee that I will discuss his eyes in detail at some point, now is not that time. Right now, I want to talk about Daddy’s hands. The night that we met, he reached across the table and drew my hands into his as we talked about ourselves and why we were there. I was immediately impressed with how soft yet firm they were. Since then, I’ve had occasion to experience those hands in many different ways…all of which were intensely erotic and, in some cases, breathtaking. Literally.

When Daddy wrapped his hand around my throat for the first time, the initial instinctual panic quickly gave way to a deep-seated realization…his hand belonged there. First and most obvious, I was his property and, having given up my right to a safe word, I could not refuse him anything…even if I wanted to do so. Yet as he slowly and methodically increased the pressure around my throat, talking me through what he was doing to me and never letting my eyes stray from his, I found something in myself that I didn’t know was there. I found the strength to let go, to completely submit to the will of another, to put my life in Daddy’s skilled hands. I found absolute trust.

Since then, Daddy has held my throat, my very life, in his hands in a myriad of ways. He has squeezed and counted down from 5 or 10, delaying my orgasm for what seemed to be an excruciating length of time. He has grasped my throat while slapping my face and my breasts, keeping my head still for him in order to allow him access to my eyes, my soul and my total submission. He has cradled my neck in his hand, curling up behind me as we fall asleep. He has even had me take his hand and place it on my own throat, acknowledging that I belong to him and that I can only truly be fulfilled if I admit what I most want.

Daddy is the only one who has ever gotten my complete trust and will always be the only one…this being said, I know that I belong in his capable hands.

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