02 June 2010

Bummersville, USA?

Well, welcome to Bummersville, USA. The weather around here has been perfectly gloomy for the past week. Along with this, I’ve been dealing with The Monthly Grief and hence feeling in a groggy fog for a few days now (although it’s better than feeling in a foggy grog!)… Daddy is nursing a minor injury from running. The house is in need of a major cleaning before our out-of-town guest arrives, who is presumably only coming here in order to squelch our sexual antics. *sigh* But wait…

One would think this combination of malevolent factors would spell doom for our marital bliss, but alas, no! We are indubitably more in love than ever! How maddening! Try as we may, we simply cannot manage to stop loving one another… ;) We wake up smiling, we touch, kiss, hug, and caress each other throughout the day, the “I love yous” are plentiful and sincere, and we are connecting and communicating like a team. My submission is as absolute as his dominance. Each day is better than the last and each challenge is a new way for us to work together and come up with solid solutions. Ain’t life grand??

So, I know that I’m losing some of you with this saccharine-sweet stuff, but my point is a simple one: There isn’t only one person out there for each of us and many of us could find happiness with a host of different folks. But when you find one of the special people who loves you unconditionally, completes your sentences, tells the bad joke before you get a chance to, wakes you up with kisses, touches you in the most perfect, tingly way, and who understands both your beautiful and your ugly sides, you need to hold on to them and love them with everything you’ve got.

You owe to them.

You owe it to yourself.


  1. With our love there is no ugly side. In our three years together, lizard and I just keep getting closer and closer. After our week away from home, we are now ever closer than before, as she continues to trust and submit to me. I always look forward to your inspirational writing and I don't mind the saccharine at all!

  2. BabyGirl, after i started reading your blog... (and quite a few other). I seem to be sighing a lot these days. I wonder if i will ever find a person who does love me in that way! And although falling in love is a 'hit and miss' game and i want to avoid all the misses. And something as ugly as divorce (divorce rates going up!! OR rather shooting up) is something i definitely want to avoid...
    Again another *sigh*
    hugs Alujna

  3. So perfectly said. I too believe that there are many people in life one could possibly be content with...but i think there is only one who matches you in ALL ways, even the unspoken ones... and when you're lucky enough to find that, yes, you're right...hold on and don't let go. (I know I'm not!! :-) )

  4. Exactly! Well said.
    I was happy to see this today.
    While right now I really miss all the variations to our relationship, mostly I miss what you so sweetly verbalized.
    I look forward to those times again someday.


  5. Hello Baby Girl
    That’s exactly what we live, Laura and I. Our relationship Dominant-submissive is enriched with our “saccharine love”. We are together since 8 years and we wish you the same happiness as ours. And Pestange, my young submissive and Laura’s “accomplice”, completes our couple with her character half “little pest”, half angel …
    Friendly from France
    Franz, Laura and Pestange

  6. I kind of touched on this tonight in my blog...lol! I'm sorry things are so crazy, I really and truly understand. Hanging on to each other is the best thing you could possibly do. =)

  7. More couples should be more like you and Daddy's relationship.


  8. Hello all and thanks for writing! :)

    For those of you who have found that special someone in your life, I wish you nothing but the best and all the happiness in the world! :) None of us is perfect, but we just might be perfect for someone else!

    And for those of you who are still searching for someone special, please don't give up hope! It may take a long time, but when you find that person, you'll know that all the waiting and hoping and searching will have been worth it...trust me! :)

    All my best,
    Baby Girl :)