19 July 2010

On Being Submissive - Interview

Hello all! My blogosphere friend turiya recently posted an interview with me on one of her blogs entitled “On Being Submissive” (nee “On Being Slave”). The interview can be found here. Please visit to learn a bit more about the relationship that Daddy and I have, and also to let turiya know how much you appreciate her dedication to our collective lifestyles! :) Thank you!


  1. Good interview. Glad I read it and found out A LOT more about you and Daddy. I like that you are a 24/7 yet not so restrictive.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks for doing that interview. It was a nice read and very enlightening. It was nicer to get a deeper and more clear picture and understanding of where you came from to where you are, and how things run daily.


  3. It seems like you have struck the perfect balance. I can see now why you said before that you can identify with my relationship with my lizard. We don't need a lot of rules, in fact I have only one (and it may seem trite but to me is important--no cell phone when we go out to eat together, she must turn her phone off, because I hate eating with my lizard and then she gets a phone call and starts talking to a friend).

    I don't see us ever getting to the point where you guys are, nor do I have that same need to inflict pain, at least not at your level, but it sure is inspirational hearing about your exploits and your relationship.

  4. Hi Baby Girl

    What a great interview. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us a little insight into your life with your Daddy. How lucky you B/both are.

    xx lu

  5. Congrats -- on getting the interview and on doing a great job!


  6. Thanks again for doing the interview. I love doing them... it's a lot of fun to learn about people's different dynamics. And thanks for sending people over to my blog. :-D