05 July 2010

New Routines

Hello all! Please forgive my extended absence – I feel like I bailed on you without any forewarning, and for that I apologize! There is, however, a reasonable explanation for this recent dearth of postings from yours truly…and it begins with a riddle! :) What do Dolly Parton, Sheena Easton, and I have in common? No, it’s not vocal talent or disproportionate breast size…it’s that I am officially a part of the “9-to-5” gang! Baby Girl got herself a job (and I’m really enjoying it so far…woohoo!) Friendly, helpful coworkers, easy public transportation to and from work, a fun, challenging job…and the paycheck isn’t too shabby either! And I repeat…woohoo!

Unfortunately, though, getting into the routine of a full-time work schedule has left me exhausted and somewhat out of sorts. Over the past few weeks, it seems as though my workout habits, my eating habits, and my blogging habits have been on hiatus…and I’m thinking that it’s about time for me to get back on track! Now, I’m not promising a post every day, but I’m definitely going to try and post as often as possible, considering that the one routine that hasn’t suffered is our sex schedule! (Currently over the course of this long weekend, we’ve already hit 9 times…and counting!)

Although, truth be told, the daily sex schedule has had to shift somewhat…no more random afternoon blow jobs or wild sex…no more Daddy waking me up in the morning by mercilessly pounding into my tight little pussy…I suppose that’s what weekends and vacations are for! But we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to make time for ourselves, time for Baby Girl to meet all of her Daddy’s needs, time to consciously reflect upon the power dynamic that we have, and time to remember that no matter what my role is outside of the house, I am always owned…I am always a slave…I am always His.

It’s nice to be back…and I think I’m going to enjoy getting into this routine! ;)


  1. Yaay! I've missed you. Glad to know all is alright.

    "over the course of this long weekend, we’ve already hit 9 times…and counting!"


    "no matter what my role is outside of the house, I am always owned…I am always a slave…I am always His."

    And what a beautiful thing it is :)


  2. oooooh i knew something was up! congrats on your new job!
    " I am always owned…I am always a slave…I am always His."
    i love the way you put it!
    and glad to see that your sex life hasn't suffered! :)
    hugs Alujna

  3. Good to see that you're back, you have a fulfulling job and you are still owned and a slave.

    Missed your posts while you were gone but it was good to here that everything is fine.

    And congrats on finding a job in this economy.


  4. Congratulations Babygirl on getting a job and whoo hoo your sex life is still growing strong..:)

    lupeata xx

  5. Wow! Congrats!



  6. Carrie did a post the other day asking where you had been. Glad to see you are alive and well. Congrats on the job. I've been away a bit myself and am just now trying to get back in the swing of things. Glad to hear you are doing well and all is good, whether you are here or not. I know we all look forward to hearing from you and reading your post updates.


  7. Yay!!!!!!!! I was worried about you! So happy you're making money and employed and still having dynamite sex with the Man! Yay!!! Congrats to you, my dear and huge hugs your way!!!! So proud of you and so happy for you!!!!

  8. Well, my e-mail account and the tag line both inform me that there are 7 comments in this section, but only 2 are showing up! Strange!

    Anyhoo, regardless of whether or not your comment is showing here, I want to let you know that I appreciate all your kind words and encouragement and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you and with your blogs! :)

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)

  9. check out your email account, but i think everybody is having problems with the comment section! :)

  10. ...yes, comments are problematic for my blog as well.