16 July 2010


Since Daddy has been traveling quite a bit lately, we’ve been spending a significant amount of our limited alone time when he’s home, um, “reconnecting” (“reconnecting” = thinly veiled euphemism for fucking…a lot!). We find ourselves falling into our familiar patterns of dominance and submission while we’re at our most intimate and there is much comfort in this… We’re both aware and in tune with each other’s needs and we have wasted no time in making sure that those needs are met!

That being said, there is a particular aspect of our love-making/fucking/sex sessions that has really caught my attention as of late – penetration. Yes, I know, most sexual acts involve some degree of penetration, but how often do we slow down enough to focus on the penetrative act in and of itself? Penetration is usually the means to the end and lends itself to a myriad of sexual delights...especially when the act of penetration is repeated over and over…and over again! Woohoo!

What I’m referring to as noteworthy is the initial entry into the body, and in this case, the initial entry into my pussy. Daddy is rather well-endowed and I’ve never had a child, so I’m nice and tight for him. Of course, this combination proves to be excruciatingly delightful time and time again. When Daddy climbs on top of me and rests the tip of his thick cock against my not-too-slick, waiting and wanting hole, the suspense is more than palpable. He forces, thrusts, and grinds his way into me, both hurting and pleasuring me, all the time reminding me of who I am and why I exist…

“You like this, baby girl. You like feeling your Daddy fight his way into you. You need me to hurt you with my cock. You can’t be complete without this…” And he’s right.

In a way, this penetrative ritual is our sexual mantra, reaffirming our respective domination and submission. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that said mantra also serves to make me crave his cock more than ever! ;)

So, all I’m saying is that the next time you’re with your partner, if you have the opportunity, take a moment to slow down and really focus on and savor that first penetration.

You won’t regret it!


  1. Oh I love this! It totally resonates with me. Great writing (as always) x

  2. hi Baby Girl

    you have given me food for thought!!!

    lupeata xx

  3. OMG I do... believe me I do... Asha gives me no choice. :-D Sounds like your Daddy doesn't give you one either!



  4. I savor your writings on "reconnecting" with Daddy.


  5. I stumbled upon your blog today and was struck by this description of the initial moment of penetration. Did you know that more women rate this as more satisfying than any other moment of sex? I think you captured why. Looking forward to more from you.