07 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! It’s time, yet again, for another Fun Friday Poll! :) This week’s poll has to do with when you first discovered your Dominant or submissive feelings. Now, this doesn’t mean when you started to act upon those feelings, but rather when you first knew that you were wired differently than “vanilla” folks. Thanks for responding and have fun!

As far as last week’s poll about your favorite implements of play and/or torture, restraints and handcuffs came out as the winner with 38% of the votes. Although, and rather close behind, came vibrators or dildos (32%), butt plugs (30%), and belts, floggers, canes, etc. (26%). And, bringing up the rear, were nipple clamps (18%), gags or masks (12%), and “other” (6%). Now I know what you’re saying to yourselves, “Hey, Baby Girl! All those numbers add up to more than 100%! What gives??” Please remember that you were able to vote for more than one option! For example, yours truly voted for both restraints and gags…although, after our recent adventure to the sex toy shop, I’m thinking that the Hitachi Magic Wand deserves a category all its own! ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. These are lots of fun :)


  2. Yep, I agree... love your polls. :)

  3. Ha! Don't burn out the motor on that Hitachi ;-)

  4. Thanks for your comments ... it is nice to have blog firends

  5. Thanks for stopping by, voting, and leaving comments, everybody! :) I'm so happy you were all able to visit and I hope you're having a great weekend! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)