20 May 2010

Checking In

Daddy’s home! He actually was able to come home a day earlier than we expected and, believe you-me, we haven’t let those extra 24 hours go to waste…whew! Between working out (and I mean literally working out, you pervs!), getting some work done, watching movies, cuddling, and fucking like maniacs (there it is…), it’s been a non-stop whirlwind of goodness around our household! Woohoo!

Other than enjoying our time together, I don’t really have all that much to report today…just thought I’d check in with you all! And, now that I think of it, you know, over the past months, I’ve been feeling a sense of contentment unlike anything I’ve ever known. Yes, I am a happy person and have always been so. Although, as Daddy and I like to remind ourselves, we were happy people before we met one another…but we’re so much happier together. :) When two people mesh together perfectly on so many levels – emotionally, comically, and of course sexually – it’s amazing how life can be sweeter than you could ever imagine…

So to make a long story even longer, we’re doing great! Wow, I sound like the proverbial ray of sunshine here, huh? Well, in the interest of keeping in touch with one another in the Blogosphere, I hope to hear from some of you to let me know how you’re doing as well…take care!


  1. Hi baby girl. I'm so glad that your Daddy got to come home early. :) I'm doing ok today. MUCH better than I did last night. (i wrote about it. not my proudest moment) But I've gotten to talk to Master today several times, and I'm hoping to get back up to see Him as soon as possible,not to mention working hard to be able to move there and be with Him 24/7.

  2. I love it when Omega would travel and come home early! So I can really relate!


  3. Glad you two are doing so well. That's wonderful. :)

  4. BG: You sound so content and so happy. You must love serving him. Life is good.


  5. baby girl--we share a lot in common. lizard and I are very happy together, were both happy before we met, and are doing even better now. We enjoy a romp every now and then (like twice a day when we can get it). I always like hearing about other happy couples--there is hope for love after all!

  6. That's so wonderful to hear! B and I feel the same way about each other. Our relationship brings me a peace inside that I've never known...

    You two really appreciate and love each other. Thanks for sharing! yay. :) xo, M

  7. Hello all and thanks for writing! :) I think my favorite part about a post like today's is that it invites everyone to share their love for that special somebody in their lives...call me sappy, but I could never get tired of telling Daddy how much I love him or hearing those words in return! :) Ahhhh...ain't love/life grand??

    Take care all,
    A very sappy Baby Girl :)

  8. Hi BG,

    No, you arent sappy, its the way it should be for everyone but sadly not everyone can be so lucky as us.

    Like you two, we were happy hard working people before we met and its just got better over the years; to be so comfortable and happy is a blessing.

    Long may it last; everyone deserves good health and happiness but sadly it doesnt happen for everyone:)