28 May 2010

Fun Friday Poll!

Hello all! We’ve made it to yet another Friday and yes, yet another poll awaits us! This week’s poll has to do with orgasms, which is a topic that I’m assuming we all think very highly of! ;) Now, Heather B is running a poll about frequency of orgasms on her blog Satisfaction Through Calefaction (which I highly recommend you check out, if you haven’t done so already!), but our poll is a bit different. This week, I’d like you to think about the longest period of time that you’ve ever gone without an orgasm. Have you been denied by your Master/Mistress for days, weeks, or months at a time? Have you been unable to achieve orgasm for a variety of health or hormonal concerns? Are you a masturbatory fiend who can barely make it 24 hours without popping one off? You get the point! :) I’m looking forward to your responses (and am rather curious to see where the majority sits on this one…).

As far as last week’s poll about sexual practices that we were curious about but had yet to try, it was a tight race from the very beginning. You were allowed to provide multiple responses, so the possibilities were endless and, at least in this case, the end results were pretty even. Bondage/rope play and multiple partner sex edged out the field with 31% of the vote each. These were closely followed by filming your sessions (30%), fisting (28%), figging (27%), D/s or M/s experience (27%), tattooing, piercing, or branding (25%), and spanking, caning, or paddling (25%). A few brave souls – 6 of you, to be exact – selected “all of the above” and 2 of you hadn’t tried and weren’t curious about any of the options listed.

It seems as though some of us have some lofty sexual goals for the coming year, don’t we? :) Let’s have some fun, folks! Thanks for your participation!


  1. This is a fun topic!!..yea orgasms!!..

  2. :) You linked to my blog. I'm blushing. Thanks!

    I really love your Friday polls. I get all excited to see what you'll ask each week.

    As far as this week's poll... although I've gone longer, I try super hard to never go more than 24 hours without an orgasm anymore. Keeps me in a better frame of mind. ;)

  3. I look forward to your Fun Friday Polls too! Because they are...


    I voted, of course! Have a fantastic weekend :)

    xoxo, M

  4. hmm, i think everybody would have gone at least once in their life without an orgasm for 24 hrs.... but hey who am i to say, if there is someone out there, i will be very interested to hear how they managed keep their mood up throughout their life. bottle the secret up and use it in my life! and sell it!! :)
    i voted 1-2 weeks...

  5. Being a masturbatory fiend, I rarely go more than 24 hours without, but a few years back I was prescribed Prosac. Did you know that one of the side effects is inability to reach orgasm? I do now. No matter what I did, or what my husband did, or how long we did it... I couldn't. I wanted to, I felt horny, but no release. I told my Doc, no more! after a month. A MONTH! Not for lack of desire or wanting.

  6. Hi mountain girl!
    Yea orgasms, indeed!!! :) (In fact, I just had a few myself...woohoo!)

    Hello Heather B!
    You're very welcome! :) And I completely understand where you're coming from about the better frame of mind notion...I'm a much happier camper when I've been allowed to orgasm (preferably more than once, but beggers can't be choosers!)...

    Hey there, Missy!
    Thanks for dropping by to vote - you have a great weekend too! :)

    Hi Alujna!
    Yup, I see your point and was thinking the same thing as you...but decided to offer the option just in case there was some miracle worker out there in Orgasmland! ;) We'll keep on the lookout for him/her!

    Hello and welcome, KellyRed!
    Ahhh, I love the candor! :) I have heard that about Prozac and other antidepressants (although generally I hear that it also kills your libido, which didn't happen in your case - weird!)... What I find funny is that it would make me anxious and/or depressed not having orgasms to begin with! Talk about a vicious cycle! I had a similar problem with birth control...no orgasms (and no libido or sexual interest) for nearly 6 months. I was definitely not myself during that period...yikes! Never again...

    Thanks all for taking the time to write and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)