09 May 2010


Daddy knows that I love to have my nipples played with…so I suppose it’s a good thing that he enjoys playing with them, huh? ;) Sometimes he’ll wake me up in the morning by twisting and pulling at them and it takes every ounce of energy that I have to resist cumming right then and there. It’s like they’re hot-wired to my clit and the slightest caress will push me over the edge. Damn, it feels so good to have my sensitive little buds pinched and sucked and twisted and clamped…I could on for days!

The other day, while still on our mini-vacation, Daddy crawled into bed beside me and went straight for “the girls”. Now, normally, nipple play is a quick prelude to a nice, hard fucking, but as it turns out, this was no normal day! Daddy got me to point of orgasm by sucking, pinching, and twisting my nipples…but then he redoubled his efforts and grabbed on to them as if his fingers were clamps and my nipples were his submissive prey.

“I’m going to count down, little one, and you’re going to take it. I know it hurts because I want to hurt you, but then you’re going to cum for me…cum through the pain for your Daddy.”

His words alone could have made me cum, had he allowed it… Christ, this was going to be difficult.

5… He had my nipples tight between his thumbs and forefingers. He showed no signs of letting up on any of the excruciating pressure.

4… A little tighter still. He began to twist them to increase the agony.

3… Another quarter twist and still more pressure. How was I ever going to make it to zero??

2… Even more pressure and twisting, as if it were possible. Daddy used his body weight to hold me in place and to keep my nipples right where he wanted them.

1… My nipples were in a full-on stranglehold. I cried out, I begged for the release that I knew was coming (cumming?)…


The release rattled through my entire body, lingering for a few extra moments of pleasure in my nipples and my clit. The orgasm was simply exquisite and the fucking that ensued in the afterglow was just as wonderful… And it all started with those naughty little nipples of mine… ;)

(*** As an interesting aside, it should be noted that right as I was writing the bullet point for #1, Daddy came up behind me, grabbed my nipples, and forced me to cum for him! He then, of course, dragged me upstairs for a mind-blowing sex/orgasm fest involving the wand, the clamps, and a total of 10 orgasms for his baby girl! Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m spent…at least for now!)


  1. Wow, that is a hot post! Got my cock standing to attention just thinking about it! Lucky you two!

  2. wow, i don't think i can come from nipple play alone...

  3. Hello Zjuzdme!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it (and it sounds like you REALLY enjoyed it!)! ;) hehe! Thanks for writing!

    Hi Alujna!

    My nipples are so oversensitive to his touch that sometimes I think that all he would have to do is look at them and I'd cum! ;) Although there is an interesting addendum to this in my newest post (Nipples, Part II). I appreciate your comments! :)

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)