16 May 2010

36 Hours Later

Well, Daddy is gone once again, and in the wake of his short time at home, he left his little girl fucked, pleasured, sore, and always, always wanting more. I miss him terribly so and wish that I could have had at least one more day alone with him… But on a brighter note, when he gets home later this week, he’ll be here for at least a week and most likely more!

The final orgasm total for our 36 hours together came to 4 for Daddy and 20 for baby girl…and it probably would have been more had Daddy not been feeling under the weather last night. Whew! We certainly enjoyed ourselves, didn’t we? ;)

I suppose my favorite part of the weekend (although it’s always hard to pick!) was when he took me from behind…god, it felt amazing to get used like that! Daddy usually likes to be on top of me when he fucks me, but on this occasion, he ordered me to get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. I knew what he wanted to do and I was thrilled!! Although my preferred position (although it’s never up to me!) is when Daddy is on top of me, looking down on me, and owning me with his stare, I’ve always had a soft spot for getting impaled while on all fours. The way Daddy’s cock slams against my cervix while in this position is as painful as it is pleasurable…and I can’t get enough of it once he starts pounding me!

Right before he put me on my knees, he had been playing with our Hitachi Magic Wand (damn, that thing is good…) and pushing me to orgasm for him over and over again…this, of course, makes my pussy almost impossibly tight and Daddy knows it…and loves it…a lot.

As I waited on the edge of the bed, ass thrust in the air, face pushed down into the comforter, and with the wand pushed against my throbbing, over-stimulated clit, Daddy assumed his position behind me. It was hard for him to enter me at first because my pussy was clenched like a closed fist, but he eventually prevailed and forced his way deep inside of me… He gradually increased pressure and speed, making me moan the way that only a nasty little whore getting fucked from behind can… At one point, he grabbed onto my hips and slammed into me as hard and fast as he ever had. Between screams of “fuckmefuckmefuckme” and “yesssssssss” and with the vibe pushed hard against me, Daddy ordered me to cum…the release was exquisite… Once that orgasm had subsided and he had switched to a more methodical pace, the spanking began. He let loose on my nice, round ass with a battery of spanks and slaps that served to up the sexual ante and to push me, yet again, to the edge of climax. Amazing how Daddy knows exactly what he’s doing, isn’t it?? ;)

He brought my legs out from underneath me and made me stand for him, face buried even further into the bed. The angle was different, but still glorious… I got more and more slick with my juices as he pummeled my insides. I got so wet, in fact, that there wasn’t much friction and that meant that Daddy wouldn’t be able to cum inside me. After a couple last, hard thrusts, my Master grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to the floor, and commanded me to suck his cock until I got a nice load of his cum in my mouth, down my throat, and in my tummy.

After all the fucking and the stimulation, it didn’t take long for Daddy to cum in a roaring climax… We were both sated (for the time being) – Daddy had fucked his little girl into oblivion and had used her the way that she needed to be used.

In 36 short hours, he reminded baby girl of why she had submitted to him in the first place and why she would be his possession for the rest of her life…


  1. Baby Girl: Thanks for sharing the 36 hours with us. They certainly lived up to expectations. You have so much love and lust for each other and you bring out the best in each other.

    And 20 in 36 hours, that certainly must have left you sated. Your sex drive is amazing and he knows how to push all of your buttons. The more you serve him, the more pleasure he gives you. Now that's a win-win situation.

    And it had to be tough for you to see him leave. But you must be eager for him to return for a week. Let's see, 20 in 36 hours and a week lasts 168 hours. Can you keep up the pace? LOL.

    Will be waiting to see what he has planned for you next.


  2. OMG 20......
    well you know what they say, a girl ain't taken until she's taken from the back!
    You left us waitin for more ;)

  3. In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that because baby girl cums on command for me (not for anyone prior to me, this is a new thing for her), 20 in 36 hours isn't... well, it's not a terribly difficult thing for me to do. It's just a matter of deciding that I want to do it.

    Before baby girl moved in with me, we lived far apart and only saw each other every second or third weekend. As a result, we'd spend as much of it in bed as possible. I seem to remember some three- and four-day weekends where she got up into the range of 80-100 orgasms.

    On the other hand, there are days on which I don't make baby girl cum at all, simply because I want her focused on me, and I want to remind her of who comes first, and whose pleasure is paramount. But I enjoy making her cum -- it's wonderful to see the pleasure on her face and to know that I have the power to make her cum whenever and wherever I want, whether she wishes it or not.

    -- Daddy

  4. Very hot and sexy... I love being taken from behind. I love reading your sexy posts first thing in the morning. It keeps me going though out the day :)


  5. I have a question for both of you (or perhaps just Daddy). How did you teach Baby Girl to cum on demand? I'm so curious!


  6. Amber,

    Great question. I keep saying I'll blog about this, and I will, but the short answer is that I started by telling baby girl that she couldn't cum without permission. Keep in mind that, as I noted above, when we were first together, we would have as much sex as we could in a weekend. That meant dozens of orgasms for baby girl, all of them with my permission. She got used to only cumming when I told her she could. From there it was a short leap (shorter than one might expect) to cumming on command.

    It's kind of like learning to juggle. If you just start out trying to juggle three balls, you'll fail. So what you do is you learn to juggle two extremely well. You practice and practice with two until you're sick of it, until you can do it with your eyes closed. Then, when you try three, it's easy.

    -- Daddy

  7. @Daddy: I'll be looking for that blog post. I cannot come on command.

    @BabyGirl: After reading that account of your 36 hours I am spent.

    Glad it was so good for you both.


  8. Thank you for the tips! :)

  9. I have just begun to work with lizard on orgasm denial. She usually only has one orgasm per sex session, although she has had two on occasion, usually only after a long layover without sex. We have sex almost every night, sometimes twice a day. I hope to teach her to cum on command some day, but who knows.

    Every time I read about your hot sex sessions, it inspires me. I do love to take lizard that way too, from behind, and slam my balls into her as I fuck her hard from behind. I like to push her head into the pillows or onto the bed too. She rarely comes likes that, usually only when we are in the missionary position or with her on top.

    Lately I have had her bent over the bed and fucked her from behind. That. too, is fun and gets her juices flowing.

  10. Hello all! I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful, thoughtful comments and I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy having conversations with you in the Blogosphere! :) I, too, am looking forward to Daddy's post about how he trained me to cum on command because, for the life of me, I don't know exactly how he turned me into his perfectly trained little submissive slut...but I love him for it! :)

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)

  11. Wow. Awesome post, Baby Girl. You're on my blog roll from here on out!

  12. Thanks for the kind comments, Michelle! :) I've just added your blog to my list as well!

    All my best,
    Baby Girl :)