04 May 2010

The White Light

Daddy’s cock buried deep in my pussy, impaling me and hitting hard against my tender cervix. Searing pain through my nipples from the clamps. Cock gag filling my mouth, preventing me from talking, pleading, screaming. Restraints holding me fast to the bed. My ankles on Daddy’s shoulders as he looms over me, taking what is rightfully his. A few quick slaps to my face and my sore breasts and my attention is fully on Daddy. His face is twisted into a grimace of domination, force, and pleasure and although he is not a sadist, the expression that he dons is definitely of a sadistic nature. He knows how much it hurts, he knows that every single inch of my body is on fire, dependent upon him for release, he knows where he wants to take me, and he knows exactly how to get me there.

“Are you ready, my little one? Are you ready to cum? Daddy’s going to make you see the white light, baby girl…”

When Daddy gives me “white light” orgasms, I fully understand why the French refer to orgasms as “la petite mort”… These are orgasms that are brought on by intense pain, submission, focus, and build-up. Usually Daddy makes me cum a few times during the session, but then as he increases his force and ups the power of his domination, he doesn’t let me cum again until he’s ready to push me over the edge…into the white light… As he hurts me and uses me and comes close to breaking me, ripping the clamps off my throbbing nipples, pushing me harder and harder, he’ll order me to orgasm…

For a split second, my brain shuts off and everything goes quiet…and then I explode. My body convulses as if hit by a defibrillator (although I can go nowhere because I am both pinned down by Daddy and tied down with the restraints), my pussy clenches so impossibly tight, I lose all sense of purpose and being as I give myself over to the orgasm. My eyes roll back in my head and I see the white light…a blinding wall of white with points of light flashing toward me from all directions… It is at that point that I notice the extreme pleasure that is washing over my body as it releases all of that orgasmic energy… As the pleasure and peace invade me, Daddy holds me tight to his chest, rocking me and comforting me, knowing that he has just pushed me ever so close to the edge…

“La petite mort” indeed…

Is anybody else horny as hell?? ;)


  1. Goddamn.... I want that!! I'm so passing this link along to my Master!!

  2. me, me, me! (raising hand and waving it) sigh.... and Master is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy far away. :( But He has given me several delicious orgasms over the phone today from His voice and commands. I love those... :-) great post.

  3. You have taken the art of lovemaking to a beautiful extreme.

  4. Hello all!

    You know, sometimes it's nice to know that everyone's on the same page! ;) Thanks for all your comments and I'm glad that you enjoyed!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  5. wow, he really knows you damn well if he can build up the pleasure/pain to give u 'la petite morte' or ur very own ' white light'