25 May 2010

The Great Outdoors

For all you Americans out there, you’re no doubt aware that next Monday is Memorial Day (insert enormous “WOOHOO” here!). For those of you who may not be familiar with the holiday, it is observed the last Monday of May and is widely considered to be the official beginning of summer (insert yet another humongous “WOOHOO” here!)... The Memorial Day holiday tends to inspire many to pursue outdoor activities such as baseball games, barbeques, swimming (when/where it’s warm enough), camping, picnicking, public drunkenness, bonfires, hiking, etc. You get the idea!

Of course, all this outdoorsiness got me to thinking… Can we legitimately include fornication al fresco (a.k.a. scaring the living hell out of Mother Nature with our shameless displays of depravity) among the activities that we enjoy? In all honesty, I have attempted it before, but have never been overly impressed with the results… Sandy bottoms, skinned knees, oddly positioned chafing, over-curious Schnauzers, splinters in the worst possible places…and the list could go on! Am I missing something? Is it possible that fucking in the Great Outdoors is a beautiful thing but that I’ve been doing it all wrong?

Long story short, I would love to hear your opinions about having sex out of doors! :) Do you enjoy it? Is it a novelty fuck? Is it something that you’re planning on doing in the near future? Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, all!


  1. Sex out doors has got to be the most fun you can have. The element of getting cought, being outside your comfort zone, and it always makes for a good bed time story later.

    Great Post today...being from South FL we never have to wait long for it to be warm enough for these types of activites. LOL

  2. If you have the chance: do it. Take a blanket or something with you so you don't have to get scratched.
    My experiences about this:
    http://zjuzdme.blogspot.com/2010/04/sex-in-all-kinds-of-places.html :-)

  3. i would love to play outdoors but have always been too inhibited....Well with now out of the way...lol Master has said that an outdoor flogging is in my future*gasp*..oh no!and this for the girl who wouldn't even have plain old vanilla sex outside!
    loved your post!!

  4. Did you see the Burt Lancaster-Deborah Kerr scene on that beach in Hawaii in "From Here to Eterney?''

    That's the way to do it. I hear they call it Eternity beach in Honolulu. One of my fantasies is to do it on that beach.


  5. definitely something to do... although location must be chosen with great care! the thrill of the air blowing against your naked body alone will arouse you to great heights. although i haven't had sex outdoors myself, i have gone naked outdoors! *wink* And do ensure comfort for the sex like Zjuzdme said, take a blanket or something!
    enjoy :)
    -hugs Alujna

  6. Hello all! Thanks for the input!

    Hi Carrie! Yeah, being from Florida would definitely increase the outdoor possibilities...watch out for those rascally gators though! :) I definitely don't think that I'd like to get caught by them! ;)

    Oh, Zjuzdme, I knew that I would be hearing from you on this one, considering your exhibitionist streak! :) Thanks for the link...you were quite adventuresome! A cemetery?? On more than one occasion?? Wow...you're an outdoor superstar! Thanks for the advice about the blanket too! ;)

    Hi mountain girl! I hope you're able to get over those last few inhibitions quickly, because it sounds like your Master has some big plans for you!! Good luck!! :)

    Hello there, FD! Yes, I have seen that amazing scene...simply amazing... If all outdoor sex were as classic, timeless, passionate, and beautiful, I don't think I'd ever do it indoors again! Great fantasy... :)

    Hi Alujna! Well, with summer coming up (provided that you're not in Australia or South America, that is!), perhaps you'll have an opportunity to give outdoor romping a try! I'd love to hear all about it if you do! :)

    Thanks for your comments all and take care!
    Baby Girl :)

  7. I remember once on the brink of a high bluff... me on top facing out to sea... the wind blowing hard, the spray of the surf rising up and falling down upon us... I lifted up my arms and flew... it was like he was the bluff and I was the ocean crashing against it. One of my most favorite memories.

  8. Gotta try it- as others say, if the discomfort is a worry bring a blanket or something; but there is the element of risk, and the freedom of being outdoors nude... yeah, go for it with an open mind.

    To your questions, yes, we enjoy it a lot; yes, planning on it in the near future, too.

  9. Since everyone seems to be for it, let me take the other side. No Thanks for the damn mosquito bites and ticks in places you really wish you didn't have them. I'll keep to the indoors. LOL!

    Seriously though, I do enjoy some outdoor fun. Nothing like being dressed in what mother nature gave you while in mother nature. :)


  10. Dear xantu,
    I can see why that would be one of your favorite memories! :) What a beautiful, ethereal connection...thanks for sharing! :)

    Hello Lord of Luna Vestales,
    Perhaps you're right...perhaps an open mind, a thick blanket, and a healthy dose of risk is the perfect recipe - we'll see! :) Thanks for the advice...and please enjoy your outdoor time!

    Hi DV!
    Thanks for playing devil's advocate...it looks like I'm in the minority on this one, huh? :) Perhaps Daddy and I will have to give it another go after all!

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)