13 May 2010

36 Hours

When Daddy comes home this weekend, it will only be for 36 hours...then he has to turn around and travel once again. :( Needless to say (but, as always, I'm going to say it anyway!), it simply isn't enough time to tell him how much I love him, to remind him how much he's missed when he's away, to be beneath his strong body and to be reminded of my place, to submit to his Dominance in the most perfect way... It's not enough.

But I'm reminded that some of our readers and some of the bloggers that I read don't have the opportunity to see their Masters/Daddies as often as we see each other. Some Doms are away from their subs for months at a time, some subs may never get to meet their Doms face-to-face, some Daddies are waiting and biding their time until they finally get to live with their little girls... And I am also reminded of the time in our relationship when Daddy and I were separated by thousands of miles, longing to be together, yet knowing that we'd have to wait...and wait some more...

When you step back to get some perspective on the situation, 36 hours really isn't all that bad. The one thing that I do know is this - we won't be taking a single minute of our time together for granted.

See you soon, Daddy! :)


  1. Love the picture that goes with this post. I have a huge calendar that hangs close to my computer counting down the days until I see Master again. 14 days to go!! I just keep thinking "Just 2 more weeks, just two more weeks" deep breaths Not that much longer now.... and then my mind races to all the things I have to do in such little time. I'm trying to keep myself busy but all I really want to do is pull the covers over my head and sleep until the day he arrives is here!

    Out of curiosity what kinds of things (other than blogging) do you do to keep yourself busy while counting down the days?

  2. I do love to read about your love and devotion to your Dom. It is beautiful.


  3. Baby Girl: Sorry it's only going to be 36 hours but I'm sure you'll make the most of it. So how many orgasms can he give you in 36 hours? Can't wait to find out, but I'm sure he'll keep you wet for hours at a time. You probably won't have much time to sleep. Have fun as you submit to him and let him take control.


  4. hi baby girl,
    make more memories this time, so that the next time he is gone you can kill time thinkin' about them! ;)

  5. I am guessing, though you are usually quite prolific, there will be at least a 36 hour gap in your blog posts. We will all be there waiting with bated breath at the end of that period.

  6. I hope you two have the most amazing and wonderful 36 hours ever. :)

  7. I echo what reina(RT)said.


  8. short and sweet. I'm having a 36 hour visit too! I'm taking the bus tonight...It must be LOVE! ;)

    It's true, when you have such a short amount of time together, you REALLY appreciate it-that's what's important.

    I KNOW you two will and I can't wait to hear alllll about it!
    xo, M

  9. Hello all! Thank you so much for your comments! :)

    Hi ariia!
    I completely understand the "I'm going to stay in bed until he gets here" idea - I mean, we both know that we can't have it that way and that your Master/Daddy expects quite a bit from you over the next 2 weeks, but the idea is tempting! :) As far as what I do when I'm waiting (and not blogging), I'm currently looking for a job, so that takes up a lot of time. I work out nearly every day for about an hour (sometimes more). Reading my Kindle has become a fave of mine over the past few months...and I highly recommend it! And then I also try and keep the house in order (laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.). Those are my primary activities, and something always seems come up to occupy my time and my thoughts...thank goodness! :)

    Dear Carrie and Hedone,
    Thanks so much! :) I love sharing it with all of you! :)

    Hi FD!
    I'm definitely thinking that this might be one of those weekends when we count how many orgasms we both have...at least I hope so! We've got standards to uphold! ;)

    Hello Alujna!
    I'm way ahead of you! :) Getting ready to store all of these memories for later...mmm!

    Hey Neo Dom!
    You guessed it! A 36 hour hiatus seems like just the thing...and when I come back, I'll be a better, wiser, and probably sorer submissive! ;) And I'll be sure to write all about it!

    Hi Heather B!
    Thanks! I hope so too!

    Dear Missy,
    I hope that your 36 hour visit goes wonderfully too! :) We'll have to make sure to write about it later so that our readers get a sense of the urgency of cramming all that love (so to speak!) into a short amount of time! :)

    Take care all and have a wonderful weekend!
    Baby Girl :)

  10. "Cramming all that love..."

    Heh heh.

    See you soon, little one.


    -- Daddy

  11. I thought you'd appreciate that one, Daddy! ;) Can't wait to see you!!!

    Love always,
    Your baby girl :)

  12. FD, to answer your question, baby girl is at 15 so far... but I'm headed upstairs to wake her up for one more session before I have leave. She can report on the final number later on. :-)