01 June 2010

A Session to Remember

“The next 45 minutes are yours, baby girl, but at 3:15 I want you in bed, naked, on top of the sheets, and ready for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” And cue the mental tornado…

Daddy had been home for about a week and a half by this point and we had been taking full advantage of our time together. It had been over a month since we’d had this much alone time and we were enjoying falling back into our rhythm. Daddy making love to his little girl, Daddy using his little girl, Daddy fucking and playing with his little girl, Daddy getting his cock sucked daily by his little girl…but there was one thing missing, one thing that we both knew had to take place. A serious bondage and pain session was in order and had been for some time…

Generally, if we only have a few days together, we focus on reconnecting sexually. And although there is always a D/s dynamic to everything we do (even making love), we don’t generally get into major pain sessions if time doesn’t allow for it. Daddy doesn’t want to be rushed or to have external factors force his hand. And, seeing as though he’s an excellent Dom and Master, I can see his point!

Now, back to that mental tornado…

As I lay back on the bed (half an hour earlier than scheduled), I had a pretty good idea that Daddy was going to hurt me…but how would he hurt me? Intense anal training? A rape session? Caning and whipping my ass and legs? Nipple clamps? I would soon find out.

Daddy blindfolded, gagged me, and bound me to the bed face-up by my wrists, and then he went about getting cleaned up and prepared for what he was going to do to me. I could barely hear him approach, but when I felt the first clamp on my nipple, I knew that we had officially begun our session. The terror mixed with excitement heightened every last sensation that he gave me. The second tight clamp was on and I heard the Hitachi come to life. As the deep ache coursed through my nipples, the wand kept me on the edge of orgasm. “Do you like this, baby girl?” he asked. I nodded and moaned in the affirmative. “Yeah, I thought you might,” as he ground the wand into my straining clit and ripped the clamps off, commanding me to cum. But he was just getting started…

The next thing I knew, as I could barely perceive his movements from audible clues, the cane came down on my left breast and then my right. The pain was as shocking as it was excruciating. Daddy has slapped and tortured my breasts and nipples with his hands and with clamps before, but he had never used the cane on them. The pain was almost unimaginable as he brought the vile instrument down again hard on each nipple. I cried out in pain behind the gag, almost screaming, as tears began to well up behind the blindfold. “Yes, I know that hurts you, little one, I want it to hurt.” He brushed my cheek with his hand and brought the wand back to my pussy. Painpleasurepainpleasurepainpleasure…that’s what Daddy likes to give his little girl. He wants me to crave the pain, and to never fear it as punishment.

With the wand pulled away (and after a couple of forced orgasms), I assumed that the caning would resume again…I was wrong. If I thought the cane was bad, the belt was worse. Daddy whipped my breasts and nipples with the belt to the point where I thought I might pass out from the pain. He landed a few direct strikes to my right nipple that I figured had most likely flayed it right off my breast. As the screams subsided, he climbed on top of me and shoved his throbbing cock into his little girl, forcing her open as he got deeper and deeper. When he reached his deepest thrusting point – right up against my cervix – he grabbed on to my right nipple, twisted hard, and commanded me to cum.

The pain was indescribably intense, the pleasure was perfect. The orgasm went straight past the catatonic white light orgasms that he will sometimes get out of me… The scream that emanated from my lungs at that moment was unlike anything he or I had ever heard before, even with the gag in… I wailed, I cried, I thrashed, I came…harder than I ever have before. I went limp.

As Daddy curled up beside me, releasing me from my bonds, and removing the gag and blindfold, he pulled me close to him and told me what a good girl I was. “You took so much pain from your Daddy, little girl. So much pain…but you liked it, didn’t you? We both know you need that, little one, and that I’m the only one who can give it to you…” I closed my eyes, buried my head in his chest, registered the still-searing pain in my breasts, and shook, knowing that I was safe, sound, and centered….and, above all, happy.

I won’t be forgetting this session any time soon…


  1. This was so intense...I am not sure if I wanted the story to end. I hope you are feeling ok now.

    Love ya

  2. wow babygirl, i am sure you are so proud of yourself too accepting the intense pain that your Daddy bestowed on you. i hope you are ok...lupeata

  3. Wow, girlfriend, you can take it! I love the way you two are together. He pushes you right to your limits and it exhilarates you and bonds you closer to him (no pun intended). You two are a match made in heaven. Two pieces of the same soul. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing, darling!


  4. BG: So how are you feeling now after you've had a chance to process the pain? Did he indicate this is just the beginning of the pain sessions he plans for you to show you what a pain slut you are. And will there be another pain session soon or will he give you a break? Sounds like he is taking his dominance of you to a new level and I imagine that you're happy to show him you want to be his pain slut.


  5. with the blindfold on i guess you never know what is coming!! I don't think you would enjoy that much pain if it was from anyone else. ( am i right? ) i have a question BabyGirl..
    Do you and Daddy have any hard limits? Pardon me if you've answered this quesion before,, i haven't read your older posts. Or do you take whatever he gives?

  6. Hello all! Thanks for writing! :) My nipples are almost back to normal now...although every once in a while I'll catch one just the *right* way in the shower spray or while putting my bra on and WOW! A nice jolt reminds me of what my Daddy did to me...it's actually comforting because of (as opposed to despite) the pain. :)

    Hi FD! He hasn't let me know if he has any pain sessions in store for me in the near future, but we'll see! It's so wonderful to get so much time with Daddy while he's home...I'm trying to savor every last minute I get with him - both the pleasurable and the painful moments! ;) Daddy knows what a good little pain slut I am, so I doubt we'll be waiting too long before the next session...

    Hello Alujna! You're very right - I couldn't take that kind of pain from anybody other than Daddy, which is something we discussed very early on in our relationship. And as far as your question, I'm not sure if we've ever explicitly spoken at length about our limits, so your question is an excellent one! :) Aside from the Big 4 (scat, children, animals, and blood), I have no limits with Daddy and take whatever he gives me. Of course, as a skilled Dom, Daddy reads my emotions and my body and pushes me only as far as he feels I am ready to go. It's a wonderful balance that we share and I wouldn't trade it for anything! :)

    Thanks again all, and take care!
    Baby Girl :)