09 June 2010

Back to Basics

Ahhh…it’s nice to be back! Back to the daily routine after having a lovely visit with an out-of-town guest. Back to the job hunt. Back to the order of our life together. And, most importantly, back to the way that Daddy and I relate to one another best…in the context of our special brand of 24-7 D/s life.

After a couple days of sexual inactivity or limited activity, Daddy surprised me this morning as I came out of our bathroom. He was already naked and his massive cock was rock-hard, waiting for me. He ordered me back to the bed and, as I got on my back, he pounced on top of me. The passion and need that had been seething under the surface for the past few days finally came out and manifested themselves in the most pleasurable and painful way… Pushing into my unprepared pussy, Daddy ordered me to cum a number of times as he punished my insides with his cock.

Did it hurt? Yes.

Did I feel used? Yes.

Did I feel submissive? Yes.

Did it feel wonderful to serve Daddy in this way? YES!

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics…


  1. I missed your antics too. Love to read about them. I miss your comments on my blog! Kudos to your awesome Daddy as well, he inspires me to ever new heights!

  2. Baby Girl if I was your house guest I would have no problem listening in on you and Daddy. Opps did I say that out loud...yeah I did

    Glad your back

  3. nothing like the distance ( physical or sexual but not emotional- let there never be distance on that one) to make the heart fonder!
    hugs Alujna
    good to have you back :)

  4. Oh glad to hear that things are back to norm Babygirl, and what a come back!!!!..love your journal...lupeata

  5. You and daddy should make all of the noise you want!!

  6. That is exactly what Mine could write about the same usual situation.

    Brilliant !

    I really appreciate !


  7. Wheeeee! Isn't it great to get back to your life as a couple? I'm so happy for you! And so glad Daddy gave it to you good!


  8. "...as he punished my insides with his cock."

    The sexiest line in the story. Simply HOT!


  9. How bice that you served daddy the way he wanted you to.


  10. Mmmmm... most definitely! :-)

    t. x

  11. I've had to put my own blog on private for a while, don't have email to grant access if you're so inclined. Be well

  12. BG,
    miss you ....
    wat happened ? why no more posts?? are u alright?
    hugs Alujna
    take care

  13. Nice blog, I just stumbled across it.

    Back to basics is the best way to start anew.


  14. Hello all! Sorry again for the unexplained absence! Just wanted to check in and thank you all for reading...it's so nice to hear that you enjoy all the deviant and delicious things that my Daddy does to me! ;)

    All my best,
    Baby Girl :)