13 April 2010

Is Bond a Dom?

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In a slight (and rather fun!) change of pace, I thought that I’d write about a hypothetical question that Daddy and I have been grappling with for a while now.

To begin with, Daddy and I are big James Bond fans. We regularly quote the films and each have our favorite Bond (well, Connery is obviously our favorite, so that’s not much of a newsflash!), our favorite film (mine is Thunderball or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Daddy’s is You Only Live Twice), our favorite Bond song (mine is “The Living Daylights” and Daddy’s is “Live and Let Die”), our favorite Bond girl (this one requires some qualification, as you’ll see in the ensuing text!), etc. One of the first conversations we had after we met was about our Bond preferences (which, as I’m sure we all recognize, can make or break a relationship) and we’ve had countless chats and movie screenings ever since. But there’s one question that has left us a bit stumped, and it’s the question that inspired the title of this post: Is James Bond a kinkster? Could he be a Dom?

Even if you’re not a fan of the films or the character, chances are you have a working knowledge of exactly who James Bond is and you can name at least a few of the movies or some of the actors who have played the role. You are no doubt aware that bond is an ├╝berman, a man who oozes sexual prowess and command of every situation. Even when staring death in the face, he can always take a moment for a quick quip or a sexual rendezvous. Men respect and fear him and women adore and lust after him. But I repeat, does all this raw sexual power translate into a penchant for domination?

Let’s look at the evidence we have from the films… Bond has taken virginity (Solitaire in Live and Let Die). He has bedded fellow spies (Agent XXX in The Spy Who Loved Me and Holly Goodhead in Moonraker). Bond has sexually tamed some seemingly indomitable women (Pussy Galore in Goldfinger and Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever). Single or married? Black? White? Asian? It makes no difference to him – if you’re hot, Bond is going to sex you up! But, to our knowledge, Bond has never tied up any woman nor spanked/slapped a woman in a sexual scenario (and no, smacking Dink on the ass in Goldfinger doesn’t count!).

Bond might be a lothario, but he hardly seems interested in the D/s lifestyle. Yes, he sleeps with a lot of women, and yes, he is very manly and in charge of his sexuality, but he shows no predilection for taking on a submissive. In fact, there are more scenes with Bond being tied up and tortured in somewhat exotic/erotic fashions than scenes of any of the Bond girls being tortured. Although there are many, I’m reminded of three torture/bondage scenes in particular: the rack in Thunderball, the medieval garrote/iron collar chair in The World Is Not Enough, and the seatless chair in Casino Royale. Obviously Bond was able to escape these scenes intact...that's what makes him Bond! Yet, unless he's the most closeted switch in literary/film history, it's hard for us to imagine Bond embracing a Domly approach to life.

So, based on our lengthy hypothetical conversations, and a careful analysis of the films, we’ve come to the conclusion that, although we very much respect Bond, he is not one of us and wouldn’t want any part of the D/s lifestyle that we enjoy. Pity… ;)

Any thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear what you think!


  1. Two observations and a comment. First, his very name gives it away. Bond, bondage, hmmm, c'mon! Second, you imply that D/s must have a bdsm component. Perhaps by some definition it does, but even I find Bond's dominance of women sexy, and I'm straight up hetero!

    My comment is this post is quite fun and could be broadened to include other past starts--I'd love to see your analysis of Bogart films (he does like to slap women around a bit), Cagney (who had some huge issues with his mother and maybe was just a mysoginist in Public Enemy), and Cary Grant (a real lady's man, well, except, apparently in real life). You've really got my wheels spinning now! Great post!

  2. Good call, Dom Tom! Perhaps this could be the first installation in a larger series - "Is (name) a Dom?" or "Is (name) a sub?"! :) I like it! Although most of the stars that you name hit their peaks before my time, and hence I wouldn't be able to speak intelligently about their Domliness, I have to admit that I've always had a thing for Cary Grant... You should take the idea and run with it! :) Let those wheels spin!

    Take care and thanks for writing,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. No he is a suave its my right kind of guy...........but it must be known that Sean Connery is A Dominant he showed his true colors in an interview several years ago and I was stunned no one went ape on him. I remember one comment was "Well truth be told a woman needs to be slapped around once in a while">

  4. Hi Master's Muse!

    Yes indeed! Daddy and I had a conversation about that very interview last week! And the only reason that I can come up with for people not going ape on him for admitting to slapping women around is that everyone had just assumed that Connery had been slapping women around all along!

    I agree that Connery is much more Domly than Bond. Although it's hard for me to see Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton as Doms in their private lives...ick! ;)

    Thanks for the comments, MM, and take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  5. Ah fun post! Kind of like my recent one about Tiger and Ben and whether they are into BDSM.

    I think Bond is a player. He loves women, he enjoys the chase, and enjoys the seduction of trying to capture them. He makes no bones about wanting a relationship, just an incredible encounter. He does however use his prowess and charm to get the ladies to fall under his spell. That could be considered a form of Dominance. Mental Dominance to make a woman do as he wishes.

    Hmmm...no I have talked my way around it myself. Player or Dominant? I don't know. LOL!


  6. Interestingly, the most blatantly D/s scene I can think of from a Bond movie with a girl in the submissive role is one in which the Dom is a bad guy:

    "Mr. Bond gave you this little toy, I imagine. And Vargas is dead! No, my dear, there is no escape for you. Like your friend, you've been a bit too clever. And now you are caught!

    You've given me much pleasure, Domino. But in return, unless you tell me how much Bond knows, I'll be forced to cause you great pain. This for heat... these for cold. Applied scientifically and slowly. Very, very slowly."

    I probably should have known early on in life from my reaction to this (intrigue) that I was a Dom.

  7. Hi DV!

    I just commented on your Tiger/Ben post...yes, very similar!

    And as far as player vs. Dominant, I think I'm leaning more toward player. After all, as all Doms know, being a good Dom requires skill, patience, time, and effort... Although Bond may be in possession of quite a breadth of skills, he lacks patience, time, and interest in putting out long-term effort. Hardly Domly qualities! ;)

    Thanks for your comments! :)

    And Daddy...you're not playing fair! (Although who ever said that fairness was a part of our relationship??) You know that the Domino/Largo scene makes me incredibly hot and always has...and you're not here with me to take the edge off the sexual tension that's been building up ever since you left!

    Mmmm...tied up, methodically tortured... Some (Bond) girls have all the luck! ;)

    I love you and miss you very much, Daddy!
    Love always,
    Your baby girl :)

  8. I hadn't heard about the Connery interview. I'm surprised his comment didn't get more attention. I think the Bond character is more a player than a Dom but I think even most subs would enjoy a romp with him.

    And Baby Girl, I hope that he's back and has relieved that sexual tension by now.