12 April 2010

More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes the extent to which my private and public lives do not correlate shocks the living hell out of me…

I’m the one at the party who has already met everyone there within 15 minutes and has gone about making every single person belly-laugh (preferably until they cry) at least once during the evening. To describe my personality as “gregarious” is the understatement of the millennium. If you’re not sure of yourself, I can blow through you like a tornado, touching down without warning and leaving you wondering what hit you. I have little to no concept of an “inside voice.” I’m perpetually boisterous, mischievous, and fun-loving. During my college days (and even beyond), I was widely regarded among my friends as a sort of “man eater”. I’ve been called “larger-than-life” on more than one occasion and have yet to deny the claim. Damn, it’s fun being me!

Now, that being said…

I am a submissive. I am my Daddy/Master’s property. I have no say in our relationship and never will. Being put on my knees to contemplate an impending pain session or to suck Daddy’s cock makes my pussy ache with need. My favorite sexual position is any position that my Master puts me in, any position that enhances his pleasure. I plead, I whimper, I beg, I cry…all in whispered tones. The only time my voice has any volume at all is when I scream out in pain during a belting or caning. When Daddy comes up behind me, puts his hands on my shoulders, and speaks to me about how I am his and how I will be his for the rest of my life, I can barely breathe on account of the arousal…he melts my core. Damn, it’s fun being me…


  1. Very interesting! It is odd, and not only in this lifestyle, but everyone's, how most people are totally different behind closed doors or in their own home, than they are in the public light. you situation is obviously different as to why the change. Yet, so many people do it just because they try to be what they think is expected of them. Definitelt "More Than Meets The Eye". Good post!


  2. Hi DV!

    From what I've read on many other blogs, I am definitely not alone in this somewhat extreme duality.

    I wonder what it is that pushes deeply submissive women to be quite the opposite in their public lives... Overcompensation so as to not divulge one's true nature? A need to let go? A way to regain/relinquish control? I'm not sure, but I find it fascinating!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. This really got me thinking about things... and I'm not sure how to respond, but I'll probably end up posting about it.