07 April 2010

Wax On, Wax Off

(Photo from www.upthedownstair.net)

In a recent e-mail exchange with one of our followers, the topic of waxing and shaving came up. Daddy likes to me to keep my pussy completely smooth for him and I choose to wax rather than shave because the results last so much longer (weeks as opposed to days). It occurred to me, though, that there are many of you out there, both men and women, who have yet to experience (or never will!) a pussy waxing. I thought it might be fun to describe how a waxing session goes down, so to speak.

I’m often surprised at how D/s situations can crop up in the “real world”…getting your woman bits waxed is just one of these moments…enjoy!

“Please take off your pants and panties, but leave your top on.”

I always feel silly when I’m not wearing anything on my bottom half and yet I still have my socks on, so I decide to take those off too.

“Get up on the table and lie down on your back. Hmmm, you have quite a bit of growth, so I’m going to have to trim you with the clippers.”

This part is actually quite pleasant. The vibrations of the clippers, along with the knowledge that I’ll soon be as smooth as the day I was born make for a soothing experience.

“Good, all done with the trim job…now we’re going to start with the worst part first.”

And she’s not lying. The front part of the pussy (or as I like to call it, the Bermuda Triangle) is the most painful part of the wax job. There is a multitude of nerve endings right there that make it extremely sensitive. (An interesting fun fact for you, though – if you’re ever in danger of losing your hands to extreme cold temperatures, place them on that area of your body because it’s the warmest!)

And back to business…

Using what looks to be a tongue depressor, she smears a strip of liquid wax on my hair…a warm, velvety feel to it… She applies a strip of fabric-like paper on top of the wax, presses down firmly, gets a good angle for some leverage, and then….RIP!!

Damn, that hurts!!! And she’s only just begun… After about four or five more strips, the front area of the pussy is done (and slightly red and swollen). She moves down to the area between my legs.

“Please bend your knee up and lean it out to the side for me.”

My pussy is now completely exposed as she begins to spread wax on my outer labia with me helping her to keep the skin taut…application of the paper…and RIP! She moves methodically over my entire pussy, making sure that nary a hair escapes her. She pays special attention to my inner folds and the area around my clit because they are the trickiest to get at. Once every last pussy hair is attended to, there is still more work to be done.

“Can you flip over for me? Stay on your knees please. Can you spread your cheeks for me?”

As if I wasn’t feeling vulnerable enough before! This, for me, is by far the most embarrassing part. There I am, on my knees with my ass spread in front of a complete stranger, asking her to wax my nether hair (and did I mention that she’s being paid handsomely to perform this service?!)…sweet mercy. More warm wax, strips of paper and…RIP!

All told, she has used between 35 and 40 strips of wax and paper in order to render my pussy and ass hairless. The entire area is tender, puffy, and there are even small droplets of blood in some places where the hair has been ripped out by the follicle. It’s a gruesome process that takes about 20 minutes…but the end result is more than worth it! I’m left with a completely smooth pussy that will stay that way for weeks.

Waxing is definitely not for the faint of heart, but when I see the look on Daddy’s face after I’ve had it done and he gets to play with his sweet, bare little one, I know that all the pain was well worth it…


  1. I've always shaved but I'm going to try waxing next week. your post didnt make me any less nervous, LOL.

  2. So that's what it is like. Thanks for sharing. What women go thruogh for the men in their lives.


  3. That made me cringe as I read it. Waxing always takes my thoughts back to "The 40 Year Old Virgin" where he got is hairy chest waxed. LMAO! I know how tape, or a bandage feels on my hairy arms or legs when you try to remove it. I can't imagine doing it to my privates. OUCH!!!! Good bless you and Daddy! He has a special woman that will do that for him. :)

  4. Storey, you'll be just fine! :) Remember no red wine beforehand and, if you can, take a couple ibuprofen about a half hour before you go in...it'll help! That is, if you're interested in dulling the pain...hehe! ;)

    FD, I'm glad you liked the description and yes, it's one helluva wild ride! Ouchie! ;)

    DV, two words for you...KELLY CLARKSON! (I love that movie!)

  5. oh my gosh! I have never gone in for a waxing, but I am always tempted to try it cause shaving is annoying. Yet, I am so bad with the idea of pain in that area....eeeesssh. Hopefully one day I will get the nerve. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've waxed there before... I tend to get Asha to do it for me... hehe a kinda foreplay. Mostly I shave in between waxes though because we don't always have time for it. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to have a complete stranger do it.



  7. baby girl, I have never tried waxing, but will be now, yes we sure do alot for our men, but they are worth it
    hugs to all
    Lil sam

  8. Alondra Luna and Lil Sam, I went to get waxed again last night...and yup, still painful! And yup, still worth it! :) I hope you enjoy the results once you try it...and it's true what they say - once you've waxed, you'll never go back to shaving! :)

    spirited, I am really impressed that Asha does it for you! I've never had a man try waxing me before, although I get the impression that it was because they were all kind of squeamish about causing me pain. Though perhaps with a Dom/Master, that factor isn't really all that important now, is it?? ;)

    Thanks all for writing!
    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  9. Yep... Sadistic Dominant = Loves to rip hair out and watch subbie squirm.


  10. Loved this wax post. The kneeling up is definately the worse part. I no longer get waxed as i had IPL treatment and now no longer have any pubic hair. Its brilliant.