04 April 2010

A Different Kind of Focus

As you may have seen in Daddy’s comment on my previous post, our evening didn’t transpire as we thought it would… Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew (or thought I did) that Daddy was going to center me with a pain session of some sort. Although I can’t speak for him, I’m pretty sure that Daddy had a very good idea of what he wanted to do to me before he left on his business trip. But after spending an evening on the couch, enjoying a nice dinner and a heartwarming movie, plans changed…

After taking some time to talk about and savor our special relationship (and then a little more time to make out on the couch!), Daddy took me upstairs, not to hurt me but rather to make love to me. As he stood next to the bed, I took care to get his thick cock nice and hard with my mouth. He turned me over onto my back and got on the bed, occupying the space between my thighs. Rather than plunge directly into my pussy, he decided to first claim what was his with his oh-so-talented tongue. Before meeting Daddy, I was never all that into having oral performed on me (although I love giving it!). In the past, whenever oral was on the table, I had to contend with partners who were bumbling idiots, disinterested, and even biters (!)…needless to say, I could take it or leave it, but most of the time I preferred to leave it. Daddy never gave me the option to refuse oral sex from him, and he was convinced that he would be able to change my opinion… Why must he always be right?? ;) I love it when my Master eats my pussy and commands me to cum while his tongue grazes and strokes my sensitive little bud…mmm… I’m getting wet just thinking about it, but I digress!

As I came down from my second orgasm and with my pussy still clenching from the pleasure, Daddy buried his cock in my tight little pussy. We kissed, we talked, we stared into each other’s eyes, I smelled and tasted my cunt juices smeared in his facial hair, we made love, and we came together in a simultaneous surge of ecstasy…

And yet again, Daddy was right… He had centered and focused me, as he had promised to do all along. He also reminded me that pleasure, pain, love, sex, and desire all wind together to reinforce my submission and to strengthen my devotion to Him, to my Daddy. I eagerly await his return from his trip…a very content, obedient, centered, devoted, and loving little girl will be waiting for him upon his arrival.

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