16 April 2010

And Let the Craziness Ensue!

The pace is already starting to quicken around here and Daddy and I are about to rush off to our all-day conference. Then dinner with some friends. Then some preliminary cleaning of the house before the family gets here. Then some more cleaning...and grocery shopping...and sexing (I hope!)...phew! Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this bit of craziness, but I also enjoy the rhythm that Daddy and I share...(i.e. sometimes a little girl needs a good, hard fucking to get her focused and back on track!) *sigh*

Well, just in case I don't get to post or comment on other bloggers' posts for a little while, I want to wish you all well and we'll "talk" soon!

P.S. Because I wasn't able to comment on yesterday's comments, I would like to thank Storey, Florida Dom, Little Butterfly, turiya, and, of course, Daddy for taking the time to write such kind words! :)


  1. Enjoy your busy schedule. It sounds like a lot of fun is to be had. Just try not to get stressed. Take a step back and soak it all in and enjoy every bit of it.


  2. Have a good time and hope there is still some time for sexing. And let us know all about it when you return.


  3. Let me just say that I so enjoy hearing someone else talk about her Daddy. :) Good luck with your crazyness!

  4. I've got to tell you, I think all of us are looking forward to your crazy week ahead more than you are! I hope you will keep us up to date about each scintillating detail of your frustration--there is something very sexy and erotic about not being able to do what you want when you want to. I always love the stolen moments, and even more so the light at the end of the tunnel, pun intended.