22 April 2010


Right about now, I would do anything for an entire day of Daddy/baby girl alone time – just one whole day in which Daddy and I could focus on each other and be our unchecked, unfiltered selves. We are connecting in so many small, barely tangible ways that it makes my heart swell with desire and pride in the love that we share. Yet we need some time to reconnect in private and reinforce the D/s dynamic of our relationship.

That being said, I can’t believe I’m writing this. I can’t believe I’m sharing this. I can’t believe I’m going to beg for this. But I am.

And what exactly is this uncomfortable truth? This embarrassing “this”?

I need pain. I am Daddy’s little painslut and I need him to break me. If I got my wish of an entire day with Daddy, I would beg him to use me, to hurt me, to abuse me, to bring me to tears, to push my limits beyond anything that I may have anticipated, and to force me to submit by means of the deep hurt that only one of his pain sessions can provide. I need him to use my body, to spank and cane my ass, to fuck all my holes into oblivion, to put me into subspace, bring me out, and then beat me again, to break me and remind me that I am his little whore and that I exist only to serve him.

The good little girl in me wants to delete every last word of what I have just written…a good little girl would never beg her Daddy to hurt her. A good little girl would never want pain.

But I am a good little girl…Daddy tells me so all the time. I’m a girl who does as she’s told, who obeys her Master, who takes what she is given (both pleasure and pain), who doesn’t refuse her Daddy anything. And part of being my Daddy’s good little girl is taking, needing, and begging for that wretched, yet desired pain.

Please hurt me, Daddy, please…


  1. Baby Girl: Let's hope that once you're alone, Daddy will give you the pain you want and need and crave.

    And I'm glad the good little girl didn't delete the words and let her readers know that she is a pain slut and is begging her Daddy to give you that pain.

    Is Daddy going to post a comment to let you know that he is ready to give you the pain you want?

    We await to hear about the next step in your journey.


  2. I understand exactly what you are saying here. I am apart from my Master right now and I want and need the exact thing that you wrote about. It is a consuming need that is almost painful in itself. I understand.

  3. I just put in a poll question on my blog for just this I love you to put this on the comments there we are so curious of the reasons spankings effect people. Love your post.

  4. I also understand & am feeling the same way, as it's been too long since I've been with my Master. I'm new to blogging, but if you're interested, please check out my page & follow me as well! I'd love to have some feedback & perhaps make a friend or two who are in this lifestyle.
    I have only read a few of your posts so far, but I am enjoying them & I like the way you write! Take Care!

  5. Hi FD! I, too, hope that Daddy will give me the pain that I crave, but as we all know, he alone is the only one who is privy to that information...argh! ;) And as far as writing about what he plans on doing to me...well, I can't decide whether I prefer knowing about his plans ahead of time or reading about what we've done after the fact...I guess we'll find out!

    Dear prima angel and hiswhore,

    Thanks for your comments and welcome to our blog and to blogging in general! :) I've read both of your blogs and am looking forward to reading A LOT more! ;) You know, when I read comments and posts such as yours, I am reminded how lucky I am to have my Daddy with me most of the time. We've had stages in our relationship where this wasn't always the case. Consequently, I will never take our time together for granted! :) I wish you both the very best!

    Dear Muse,

    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your poll! :) Can't wait!

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)

  6. Great post! Love reading your blog.