11 April 2010


Last week, I was supposed to be away from home for three nights, but bad weather and a missed connnection made it four. That gave us only three nights together before I had to head out again, and now those three nights are gone. Baby girl is upstairs asleep in her bed while I prepare to leave on another trip.

When I travel two or more weeks in a row like this, which happens reasonably often, it's difficult for us. Being apart interferes with our normal relationship rhythms. When I'm away, I tend to work long hours, and then I don't sleep well on the road, so by the time I come back home, I'm sorely in need of recuperation.

Being a Master and a Dom is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. It's also a fair amount of work. (That makes sense; after all, which truly worthwhile pursuits are easy?) So when I have been on the road for three or four nights, working ten to twelve hours a day and sleeping two to three hours, by the time I return, honestly, strapping baby girl down to the bed for a caning -- as fulfilling as that is for both of us in different ways -- isn't the first thing on my mind. What's first on my mind is getting into bed and curling up behind baby girl, her back against my chest, our naked bodies touching from our necks down to our feet, my arms wrapped around her... and going to sleep. That's it.

In other words, when I say that my travel disrupts our relationship rhythms, what I mean is that we have less sex and the sex we do have is more vanilla. When we're in our groove -- when we've been together for a week or two and feeling good -- then we have sex two, three, or four times a day. A typical day like that might consist of:
  • 6:00 or 6:30 AM. Roll baby girl onto her back and force my cock into her as she groggily wakes up. Use her for my pleasure, pounding her deeply. Force her to focus on me by not allowing her to cum. Make her look up at me to see the man who owns her and uses her. Listen to her beg to be bred, beg her Master and Daddy for his cum. Roar as I spurt a load of cream into her.
  • 10:00 or 11:00 AM. Pull baby girl from her chair at the breakfast nook table, drag her to the kitchen, bend her over the granite countertop, and tell her to wait there. Close the blinds that offer a line of sight into the kitchen. Come back and pull down her pants and panties. Force my cock into her and revel in how different it feels in this position. Grab the back of her neck with one hand and hold her head down. Grab her wrists in the other hand and hold them behind her back. Slam into her with everything I have as I shoot my second load of the day into her pussy.
  • 3:30 or 4:00 PM. Lead baby girl upstairs to the bedroom. Undress her and have her wait on the bed for me. Get into bed and kiss her, play with her nipples, feel her moistening clit. Pull the vibrator from the nightstand and push it against her mound. Force her to cum, then rest, then again. Climb on top of her. As I fuck her, rip another orgasm out of her. Another. Another. Pull out (kissing her as I do to ease her pain of losing me) and tell her she's going to get to swallow Daddy's cum. Relax on the bed, baby girl between my legs, her hair pulled back and tied, and watch her begin to suck my cock -- first with just her mouth, then adding her hand; harder and faster at first, then slowing down and going more gently to draw out the pleasure. The moment she feels the first taste of cum hit her mouth, she stops and holds her mouth still while flicking her tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock. When I'm spent, I reach down and draw my hand up from the base up to the tip, squeezing any last drops of semen out for her to lap up.
So that, more or less, is a typical "in the groove" day for us. When I'm just back from the road, we might fuck only once and that's it. And there wouldn't be any obvious D/s aspects -- no cock gag, no restraints, no belt, no cane. And that's not how we like it. So, out of self-interest, and wanting to be the best Dom I can be, I'm working on making my on-the-road schedule a little more sane, so that I'll be more my normal self when I come home.

I did use baby girl this morning. We had both woken up early, me for good, her briefly. I pulled the cock gag out and inserted it in her mouth. She moaned. As I climbed atop her, I looked down in her eyes and said, "I'm sure you have feelings you'd like to share with me. Like, how my cock is hurting your insides. It's just that I don't care right now. All I care about is using you." I fucked her for a while like that and then stopped for a moment. "You're not cumming this morning. This is about me. So I want you to know that when I wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze, it's not to make your orgasm more intense. You're not cumming. It's to make my orgasm more intense." I paused, then continued. "This isn't a game. There's nothing I can't take from you. Nothing. And you're never going anywhere." As it turned out, the gag and the talk made baby girl wet enough that I couldn't cum easily that way, so I told her she was going to be taking a load of cum in her mouth. "But before I do, to remind you of your place..." I trailed off, then reached down, wrapped a hand around her throat, and squeezed. With the other hand, I slapped her across the face, hard, once per cheek. She didn't try to stop me, but she thrashed briefly, as if to escape. "Don't you fucking forget your place," I hissed. "Hold your hands out to your sides." She obeyed and I brought my hand down hard across her face again, this time, twice per side. That done, I reached down and wrapped both hands around her throat. I squeezed hard. Her eyes went dull and rolled back slightly. She accepted her place. Accepted her fate. Accepted that everything she is belongs to her Master. Accepted that there's nothing I can't take from her.

We both needed that.


  1. Thanks for an explanation of what a typical day is like when you're home. I can imagine missing that makes it even more difficult for both of you when you're traveling. Hope you'll be able to cut back so you can meet her needs while using her even more.

    Did you know a couple wrote a book about having sex every day for a year. If you two were together ever day for a year, you could easily match that. You two are an inspiration for all of us in how this lifestyle can be so rewarding.


  2. Hi FD!

    I saw an interview with that couple and found it rather interesting... The two of them had to actively plan out and, at times, struggle to find time to have sex. I give them credit for their experiment and for being game enough to tell the world about it.

    That being said, Daddy and I rarely (if ever!) have to struggle to find time for sex...we usually have to struggle with ourselves to not have sex! I mean, four times a day for three or four days on end can wear you out! Sometimes we have to throw in the towel!

    I don't know if we're an inspiration (although thank you for the compliment!), but we're definitely firm believers in regular sexual contact (at least once a day) in a D/s relationship. Not only is it beneficial to the emotional and physical well-being of both Dom and sub, but it's also necessary. :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)