26 April 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Daddy and I had less than 24 hours of “us” time between when our relatives left town yesterday and when he had to leave on a business trip this morning… Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway!), each moment of that time was spent enjoying our company and our special dynamic. Like two travelers in the desert, we were drawn as if by instinct to the oasis of each other and then clung on for dear life. Even when insignificant tasks pulled our attention elsewhere, we were constantly aware of each other and made sure that the kisses and affection rained down throughout the day. I know, it sounds too sappy for words, but when you haven’t had alone time for a couple weeks, you realize how much you miss out on the displays of affection that you’re accustomed to. Oh, and of course, there was also the wild fucking…

Truth be told, we haven’t missed a day of sex over the past couple weeks (and, if memory serves, we’ve only missed one day of sex during the tenure of our time together and that was because Daddy was very sick at the time). Most days we had sex more than once, sneaking away from our visitors so that Daddy could use me as he wished…fucking, sucking, pinching, pulling, kneeling. But the quiet, inhibited fucking was getting to us. Yesterday we were finally able to enjoy our intimacy as we have always done…loud, unapologetic, intense, forceful, deep fucking. And the heavenly choirs sang down from above… ;)

Even before our visitors left, Daddy used me twice – once before getting out of bed early in the morning and once again at mid-morning when he pulled my pants and panties down, bent me over the bed, and forced his thick cock into my unprepared, tight pussy. God, it felt good to be hurt and used in this way…but still, so very quiet and restrained (and not in the wonderful gagged/tied up way!)…

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for Daddy to break me as he wished to do, but we did have one more amazing sex session in the afternoon, so amazing in fact that I ended up losing track of how many orgasms Daddy ripped from me and later had to take a nap in order to recover.

To start off, he made me ride him like the wanton whore that I can be, sliding his gorgeous shaft into my already cum-filled pussy, while he pinched and teased my nipples in an excruciating pleasurable torture session. He wouldn’t let go of my sensitive buds the entire time I rode him and commanded numerous orgasms from my ravaged body. He later flipped me onto my back, put my ankles on his shoulders, and pounded my insides so incredibly deep that the ache rocked through my entire body. While my body cried for mercy, I begged him for more, more of the hard fucking that we both needed. He looked deep into my eyes while he thrust, a look of determination and complete ownership on his face. Orgasm after orgasm forced my pussy to clench around his cock, causing me to get a bit too wet for Daddy’s liking. After taking two loads of Daddy’s cum in my pussy earlier in the day, Daddy informed me that I would have the privilege of swallowing his seed…

(I’m going to leave that description for tomorrow’s post because this particular cock-sucking session warrants an entry of its own! ;) )

This less than 24 hour period represents a typical situation of need versus want. Both Daddy and I wanted a good pain session and breaking, for completely different reasons, before he left. But the fact of the matter is that what we needed (as determined by Daddy, the only one with any say in these matters) was to get back to our roots. We needed to feel each other completely in the way that only Dominant/submissive sex sessions can afford. I guarantee that the postponed pain session will become a reality in the near future…now, the only option that I have is to contemplate my fate and squirm at the thought of his hand, the belt, and/or the cane across my ass. It’s actually worse than had it already come to pass, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day…


  1. What can I say??????

    The only word that comes to mind is WOW.

    Those were some wild mind-blowing, pussy-dripping sex scenes. You two are made for each other when it comes to hard, raw fucking that drains both of you.

    And I can't wait for the blog on the cock sucking session.

    I still hope that you put up a sex meter on your site to chronicle how many sessions you have. And how great that you got fucked every day when when you had visitors.

    And then when he comes home, you get the promised pain session. Bet your pussy will be wet the home time he's gone as you think about how he's going to inflict that pain.

    However, he does it, I expect that session will leaving you sobbing and crying with marks all over your body as he delivers that pain. But also expect you'll be flying from the endorphins and the pain will turn into pleasure and you will be begging for more because you know you're a pain slut who's wet and needy while you're thinking about and craving that pain that is to come.

    Just think of the time he has while he's gone to plan that pain session.

    And I'm sure he will want you to tell us all about it.


  2. Hi FD!

    Yes, I definitely forecast some begging through the tears...and yes, it's daunting to know that he has more than ample time to plan for what he wants to do to me... Ahh, the double-edged D/s sword...we want it, yet we fear it, we beg for it, yet it makes us weep.

    We shall see...

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)