08 April 2010

A Sweet Memory

There was a major flight delay and now, when Daddy should already be home with his baby girl, we’re still thousands of miles apart…and I miss him.

I miss the feel of his hands on my body… I miss being tied up, teased, and tortured… I miss his playful (and his sometimes not-so-playful) spankings… I miss goofing around and laughing until we cry… I miss being put on my knees and forced to take his cock in my mouth… I miss the intimate discussions in bed about the nature of our relationship… I miss being reminded of my submission and who I belong to…

So until my Daddy comes home, I’ll have to conjure up some sweet memories of all the wickedly delightful things that he’s done to me…and of course I’ll share one of them with you! :)

Daddy came into the kitchen where I was working on our blog and catching up on e-mail. He stood next to me, then bent down to kiss me and whispered in my ear…

“Come with me, little one.” He took me to the middle of the kitchen. “Now, get on your knees and wait for me. Don’t move.”

As I knelt there, trembling and wondering what he had in store for me, he set about closing the blinds in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Once he had completely shut out the “real world”, he stood in front of me and dropped his pants. His cock was already throbbing and rock-hard when I took it into my mouth, savoring the flavor of my Master’s thick shaft. Although he loves it when I suck his cock, Daddy had other plans in mind for me…

Grabbing me by the arm, he pulled me up, spun me around, and bent me forcefully over the granite countertop. Without any ceremony or delicacy, he grabbed on to the waist of my pants and yanked them down to the floor. My full, thonged ass was ripe for the taking, but it wasn’t my ass he was after. He pulled down my panties and thrust a finger into my pussy in order to open me up a bit. Although I was unprepared and dry, being used by Daddy to fulfill his desires has a curious way of making me wet!

As I began to lubricate, Daddy filled me with his cock and immediately started pounding into me. Moaning and crying out, my hips slammed into the cold granite with each thrust. Finding his rhythm, Master began to slap my ass, alternating sides and gradually intensifying the blows. As he spanked me through the fucking, I heard his breathing change and I knew he was nearing climax. He left my pink ass and grabbed onto my hips, ramming his cock deep inside of me and keeping me pinned in place on the counter.

Starting from deep in his chest, I could hear the tell-tale roar that accompanies Daddy’s orgasms. He filled me with his seed and I felt his cock spasm in my tight pussy. As he leaned over me, coming down from his climax, he caressed my back with his hands and kissed me gently…

“We both needed that, didn’t we, little one?”


  1. hi Baby Girl, I really enjoy your post, I know all to well what it is like waiting for your man to come home and not being able to. Hope Daddy is home with you soon
    Lil Sam

  2. Baby Girl: I'm sure you two will make that fantasy a reality as soon as he comes home. You must be wet just thinking about that return so you can once against submit to him and follow his wishes and make him happy.


  3. Hello Baby Girl,

    Thanks for your reply and I have now put your blog on show and a link to your blog on the other side of the page. I have enabled the page so that if you have a picture published when you update it will be shown too if you have a look you will see what I mean (you probably already know that but I didnt!).

    Its not a must of course but if you would consider putting a link to the site here on your blog in the side column or wherever you wish it would help to spread the word for us all. Here it is just in case you do wish to.


    Thanks again Baby Girl and good luck, lets hope we generate some traffic between us!

    Take care:)


  4. Dear LS and FD,
    Thanks for your kind comments! I am happy to report that Daddy is officially home again (if only for the weekend) and we are enjoying each other's company to the fullest! :) I'm sure that I'll be posting something about that "enjoyment" later on! ;)

    Dear Jayne,
    Thanks for posting the link and for setting up such a useful site! :) I have included a link to your site on our blog list - congratulations on the new site! We look forward to visiting often! ;)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  5. Sorry you had to wait for his return longer than you expected, but glad he's with you now.


    turiya (a.k.a. spirited)