21 April 2010

On Getting Blown in a Hotel

A quick road trip. Stolen moments away from the relatives. A hotel room on a completely different floor from everyone we know. Oh yeah...we're gonna take advantage of this opportunity! :)

"On your knees, little one."

I assumed my rightful position on the floor before my Daddy and hugged him tightly, wanting to feel his warmth and power.

"Can I taste it, Daddy? Can I please taste it? I need it in my mouth, Daddy."

I am blessed with a kind, generous, loving, and firm Daddy/Master, so when I begged for his cock in my mouth, he willingly obliged me. Granted, he loves it when I suck his cock so it may sound like I'm being slightly tongue-in-cheek (or cock-in-mouth?) with my praise...but I'm very serious. Daddy never has to acquiesce. He never has to give in to my petitions. He expects and deserves total submission and hence reserves the right to deny me anything that I may crave, including his cock. But this time, and lucky for this little one, he did not.

With a spectacular view from our hotel window, I greedily pulled Daddy's cock into my mouth after he freed it from his jeans. It sprung to life in my mouth and I sucked his gorgeous cock deep into the back of my throat, holding him there and knowing that he adores being buried in his baby girl's throat.

"Now use your hand, baby girl."

I wasted no time. I wrapped my hand around his slick shaft and blew him like my life depended on it. God, I wanted his spunk in me...coating my tongue...dripping down my throat...filling me up...

As I felt him start to tense up, I slowed down and milked the ending (pun very much intended!)...drawing out his pleasure as much as I possibly could.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. Daddy's gonna cum."

And cum he did. A loud, roaring, tensing, seething orgasm. The first part of his load shot straight down my throat, the rest of it filled my mouth and sated (at least temporarily) my appetite for Daddy's seed in my mouth.

And just to be clear, this is the second time Daddy has cum in my mouth today...the mind reels at what might happen later this evening with our alone time! ;)


  1. Wow, sounds like you've been having lots of fun. :)

  2. ummmm...HOT! Glad you could "steal away" with Daddy :)

    xo, Missy