18 April 2010

A Quick Poll

Hello all!

I've put up a little poll for our readers here (please look to the right!) that I'm hoping will help me to compose a post that I've been grappling with for a good week or so. Your feedback would be much appreciated! Once I've gathered some data, reached some semblance of a conclusion, and composed the post, I'm looking forward to a great discussion (hopefully)...

For us subs, I would like to know how we usually address our Doms. Although you are more than welcome to choose more than one answer, please select the answer(s) that best reflects your form of address.

For you Doms, I'd love to know how you prefer to be addressed by your subs. Again, your feedback would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation!


  1. I call mine 3 names so have ticked them all. What I call him in my head sometimes isnt listed!



  2. I voted! good luck ;)

    xo, Missy

  3. Hehe! Same here, Jayne! ;)

    Thanks for voting, ladies!

    Baby Girl :)