03 April 2010


I know it’s coming…

My body is both tingling with eagerness and trembling with nerves…

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the blogs that I follow, and hence a mere coincidence, but there seems to be a disproportionate amount of posts about spanking over the past 48 hours… Or perhaps, for you intellectual types out there, this represents something more akin to the animistic fallacy (i.e. There’s a spanking coming my way because everyone in the Blogosphere is conspiring against my ass.). Hmmm…maybe not. But regardless of the why, there is indeed a pain session scheduled for me in the near future. All I know is that I will have welts and bruises on me by the time Daddy leaves on his business trip tomorrow morning. The anticipation is killing me…

I feel that I am leaving this entry half-finished and would love to write more on the subject, but I find that my fingers and mind do not wish to cooperate with my efforts. My focus is on what is to come, whatever that may be…

This is the sort of centering and focus that only my Daddy can provide me.


  1. Ahhh...the nervousness, the sweaty palms, the wondering of what and when. You so love it, I can tell. Not only that you know it's coming, which you love so much, but the "anticipation" of it is what makes it that much better. Enjoy it, I'm sure he will! :)


  2. Yes, the anticipation of wondering what he has in store for you, how he plans to have you submit and obey under his control has to make your stomach flip.

    Can't wait for you to share what happened with us.


  3. I'm headed off on a business trip, so last night was our last together for a few days. I had told baby girl that before I left, I would ensure she was in her place... and that I'd leave her with welts to remind her. But then we watched a sweet, sad movie and ended up making out very tenderly on the couch, and suddenly the idea of marching her upstairs for a caning didn't make sense. So I told her that I'd changed plans and that I would play with her like that when I got back. We went upstairs and I went down on her, which she loves, making her cum twice that way before climbing on top of her. As much as I love everything we do, as much as I think her blowjobs are the best I've ever had (and second place isn't even close), for us there's no substitute for missionary-style sex, Daddy on top of baby girl, pounding her cervix. It's something we both need nearly every day. I made her cum a few more times that way before giving her the rare treat of a simultaneous orgasm. We ended up connected and her centered, though in a very different way from where we would have ended up after a caning.

  4. There's a place for tender lovemaking in the missionary position. Not only will she be thinking of that while you are gone but will be anticipating the play when you return. A good combination.

    I'm sure she will be counting the days until you return.