29 April 2010


“Hush.” There’s no other word quite like it, is there? It’s subtle yet more resolute than “shhh”, but not rough or abusive like “shut up”. It’s firm, unyielding, and unequivocal, just like the wonderful man who says it to me. I’ve never told Daddy this (although chances are he already knows!), but when he says “hush” to me, it sends lightning through my body and turns me on in the most squirmy, delectable way.

Daddy doesn’t generally like to silence me, and when you’re married to a woman as witty and charming as I am, why would you want to?? ;) Ok, ok, all goofiness aside, Daddy and I share a perfect partnership and enjoy each other’s company to the utmost. We go on hiking and driving adventures together, watch movies together, tease and play with each other, laugh constantly while we’re together, and talk about how we long to be together when we’re apart. We are very lucky to have each other! :)

That being said, it is always understood that Daddy is in charge at all times – that understanding is part of what makes our dynamic work as well as it does. He does not choose to exercise explicitly his authority much of the time, but we both know that he may do so whenever he chooses. “Hush” forms a part of this authority…

When I’m trying to make excuses for being mouthy or ill-mannered…hush. More words will not remedy the situation. It is time to listen and learn.

When I apologize effusively over and over again about something I’ve done…hush. One sincere apology is all that is necessary. Once Daddy has accepted the apology, we move on. It is over.

When he wishes to use me or rape me as his little whore…hush. He does not want to hear how much it hurts when he pushes his way into my unprepared pussy or when he pounds into my cervix. I am his to use and he’ll use me as he wishes, without any protest.

When he places the cock gag in my mouth, strapping it around my head, his mouth so close to my ear…a whispered hush. I couldn’t say anything even if I wanted to, but that one little word, uttered by the man who is my Master and my everything, centers and calms me. It is time to focus on my Daddy.

I’ve mentioned some other hot-button words before, words that trigger a deep-seated need to submit. Yet when Daddy and I started out on this journey together, I never figured that “hush” would be one of them. Now I don’t know what I would ever do without it…


  1. Baby Girl: It sound like one more way he has of controlling you. He is certainly doing a great job of training you to obey and submit to his wishes. It must make you feel very submissive to know that you will always do what he tells you to and he can just say "hush'' if you're getting out of line.


  2. Amazing how one word can work on some many situations.

  3. baby girl (and Daddy too for that matter):

    In the short time I have been back to Blogoland, I have come to have a great respect for this blog in particular. I especially love to read the blogs of married couples who are so committed to and in love with each other. My lizard and I are crazy about one another, and I can't help but hope that the more I lead her down this path, the further our love will blossom and develop. You have been an inspiration.

  4. Dear FD,

    You've nailed it on the head..."hush" is one of those words that makes the submission well up inside of me and keeps me in check...and it feels absolutely wonderful to obey him!

    Hello Katia!

    I'm often inspired by the little words that have a big impact on our lives, especially as Dominants and submissives. Are there any favorites that you have? :) Thanks for writing!

    Hi Dom Tom!

    You're too kind! Not only do we get a nod on your blog, but also these wonderful comments! :) Daddy and I couldn't be happier, and he's only just begun to scratch the surface of my submission. I am sure that (as you've mentioned about your lizard) as I submit to more of his demands and as he asks more of me, our love will grow ever deeper... Ain't love grand?? ;) Thanks again!

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)