17 April 2010

An Afternoon Drive

After ditching the afternoon portion of our conference, Daddy and I found ourselves driving aimlessly about town, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. Daddy's hand also found its way to my pussy...

Through my pants and while driving, he insistently, intently, and firmly stroked my clit until I could feel my juices begin to run down my slit toward my ass. I began to beg...

"Please, Daddy, please let your baby girl cum."

"Not yet."

"Please, Daddy, please! I need it so bad, Daddy!"

"Not yet!"

I whimpered through the pleasure and the ecstasy denied, knowing that Daddy was on the verge of making me cum and preparing myself for his command.

"Wait for it, baby girl, wait for it..." Another painful pause. "And....CUM!!! Now!!!"

That was all I needed to hear. The orgasm poured out of me in one long moan as Daddy continued to stroke my throbbing clit. As it subsided, he took turns alternating between rubbing my clit and sniffing his fingers.

"You're not finished, baby girl. Stroke your clit for Daddy."

Daddy returned both hands to the wheel and I put my feet up on the dashboard, dropped my pants, and slid my panties to the side so I could feel my wetness and smell the intense hormonal release of my most recent orgasm.

I rubbed my little bud and dipped my fingers into my dripping pussy, offering Daddy taste after taste of my juices and occasionally taking a taste for myself. I stroked my clit a bit harder and faster and Daddy forced me to cum twice more like this, reminding me how happy he was with me...with his nasty little girl.

I'm thinking that we may have to let the car air out a bit before our guests arrive today...there's no way of hiding what happened in that car yesterday!


  1. Very nice! There's nothing like a little action in the car and a place semi-[ublic like that. And feeling the wetness trickle out and taking the journey of gravity. Mmmmm! But yeah, lettng the car air out is probably a good idea. LOL!


  2. Glad to see you got in some fun time before the guests arrived.

    Did the fact it was in the car make it even more erotic for the both of you.

    And what a shame to air out the car. You must love that smell. If only it could be bottled.


  3. That was HOTTTTT! Sounds like some of the road trips B and I have had ;)

    Delicious post!

    xo, Missy

  4. Yes, DV and FD, it's actually quite a toss up for us - to air out or to not air out the car! ;) It seems a waste to let all that sexual energy escape, but at the same time how do we explain the smell?? ;) Quite the dilemma...hehe!

    And yes, the car is not a normal venue for us, so the novelty combined with the intensity of the orgasms made for a very fun ride!

    Hi Missy!

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for visiting! Nothing like a naughty road trip to really bring out the best in us, huh?? ;)

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)