02 May 2010

A Marked Face

I rolled over at about 6:45 this morning and realized that Daddy had already gotten up. This is not unusual, considering that he is a light sleeper and we went to bed early last night. I, on the other hand, am a heavy sleeper and could most likely sleep through an armed invasion of our home and even, dare I say, our entire portion of the United States!

That being said, at about 8:15 I stirred yet again and flipped over in bed, my eyes opening just a bit to let the morning light in. But that’s not all I saw. There was a figure looming next to my side of the bed, looking down on me, masturbating... A figure that pounced on me, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the edge of the bed. As he pulled me to the edge of the bed, continuing to masturbate, I recognized my Daddy’s cock, rock hard and straining. He positioned me underneath his cock and, knowing what he wanted of me, I instinctively opened my mouth. He continued stroking his cock as I stared up at it… He was agonizingly close to orgasm and I could feel his release nearing.

He began to shoot his load in my mouth, across my lips, over my face…marking me with his cum as his own. Once he had finished, and I could taste him in my mouth, he used his cock and his fingers to rub his cream into my face. “I love using you, little one…” he whispered to me as I stared up at him. Although I thought this was the end of the session, in one quick move, Daddy had his hand wrapped around my throat, squeezing tightly, and sealing off my air. “Cum! Cum now!” I whimpered and thrashed as the orgasm flowed through me. “Hush. Hush.” I quieted down and focused on cumming for Daddy and on being the good little cumslut that he cherishes and adores…

And now, as I write this, I still have Daddy’s hardened cum on me. It is a mark of pride in being his. I am his property, his slave, his baby girl…and it’s written – literally – all over my face. If it weren’t for my imminent shower, I would leave it there all day long…


  1. My Daddy's hand around my throat makes me cum instantly too. It's quite a mark of trust, considering I had asthma as a child and if there's one thing I'm terrified of, it's being unable to breathe.

    I love your description of his owning you like this. Very hot.

  2. Baby Girl: Yes, that was another of his great scenes as he continues to keep you under his control.

    But since it was a weekend day, I'm almost surprised he let you shower instead of keeping that hardened cum on your body all day.

    Has he ever done that?

    And when will the pain sessions start?


  3. Great post! Love to read your blog.

  4. Thumbs Up on this one Baby Girl


  5. baby girl--another beautiful post. I love reading your adventures. It gives me both something to reach for and some ideas on how to get there!

  6. loved this! it was wonderful. After my weekend of writing was so nice to read your blog excellent!

  7. Little Butterfly,
    I know what you mean about the trust issues...I have a hard time letting anyone touch my neck, shoulders, or back (and have no idea why!), but now that Daddy owns me, it's comforting to know that he can touch whatever he wants whenever he wants...weird concept, but comforting! :)

    Hi FD!
    Yes, he has, on occasion, left me with his cum hardened on my face for the entire day...out grocery shopping, going out to eat...and with his cum all over me. Yesterday, he specifically told me that I could wash up after some time had passed, but I kind of liked feeling him on me! ;) And about the pain session, I'm having my "out of commission" week (if you catch my drift), so Daddy will generally hold off until I'm 100% again...oh, the agony of waiting! I'll keep you posted...

    Hello Mistress Danielle,
    Welcome to the blog - glad you enjoy it! :) By all means, please add us to your list of favorites or become a "follower" if you'd like! :) Thanks for visiting!

    Thanks Carrie!
    Glad you liked it! ;)

    Hi Dom Tom!
    Frankly, it sounds like you've got plenty of great ideas of your own! ;) Thanks for the encouragement!

    Hello Master's Muse!
    Yes, you did have quite a prolific writing weekend! I've been keeping up with your posts and it seems that everything is going very well! I'm so glad... :)

    Take care all,
    Baby Girl :)